WeldingPicks stands on the idea of sharing necessary welding knowledge every welder has to know. Here, I along with my team write to help learn about the interesting trait of welding. The team conducts regular research on different welding products on the market.

We inspect the product, interview professionals and other users, gather true and honest feedback and reviews to come up with the most accurate possible notions to help you pick the right thing.

Words from the Author

I’m Wayne Warner.

Having my major in mechanical engineering, I had my hands on experience in welding equipment and workshop chores back in 2013.

Since the first day of my welding classes, I felt welding as more of an art and precise craftsmanship.

Trust me, it’s not just a boring workshop job, rather, it’s way beyond the sparking of electrodes.

But, yeah! A welder has to know a lot of things to be a perfectionist and a welder people will die to meet for getting their projects done. This learning starts from welding introduction and basic safety lessons to high-end heavy machinery handing in action.

With my major in Mechanical Engineering and real life welding workshop experience, WeldingPicks will be helpful for the professional and DIY welders around. This is what I’m working on.

To join me and contribute your welding know-how via WeldingPicks, contact me at; wayne@www.johnsonweld.com or weldingpicks@gmail.com