Johnson Weld is a company that strives to inspire and educate the current and next generation of welders. They are passionate about welding, which they believe to be an essential trade skill that will never go out of style. Our goal is to help people discover their passions in life by sharing knowledge with others.

Johnson Weld is welding equipment and product review website that helps people find the right welding products for their needs. Whether you are just getting started in the world of welding or have been doing it for years, Johnson Weld provides helpful information on all aspects of the trade including reviews, how-to articles, and guides to help you be more efficient. The goal behind every article is to give readers an inside look at what they need to know about the industry without being bogged down by too much technical jargon or difficult instructions. It’s also important for us to provide useful tips on how to save money when buying new equipment so we’ve recently added a section with these kinds of articles as well.