Best Android Browsers For 2020
Best Android Browsers For 2020

Best Android Browsers For 2020

There is an unlimited amount of information and data available on the World Wide Web. This information can be accessed through the use of software applications. These software applications are called Web browsers.

Why a Need for Best Browsers for Android in 2020 ?

A Web browser is a link between the World Wide Web and your Smartphone or mobile device. They gather information from the Web and then display them on your Internet-connected device. This is done through the use of URLs (Uniform Resource Locator).

In most cases, we access the Web through the use of Desktops and PCs. But the advancement of mobile Operating Systems has improved its use in smartphones. With a Smartphone, you can now access the Web and also perform some PC oriented functions.

There are several Web browsers available to download on the Android Store. But bear in mind that not all the Browsers provide quality features. So how do you know which browser to choose? The good news is that we have taken time to review the Web browsers available for Android devices. Afterward, we came up with the list of Android browsers that'll give you a seamless experience. These Android browsers are the best to use if you want to search the Web.

List of Best Android Browsers For 2020

Take a relaxing sigh as we delve into the list of the best Android browsers to use in 2020.


Chrome     Browser
Chrome Browser

The first on our list today is the Chrome browser. Chrome browser sits at the very top among the best Web browsers for Android. Chrome is owned and managed by the renowned Google Inc. which gives you the idea of a perfect browser. Chrome browser has a platform that serves over 1.5 billion people worldwide. In the browsing sector, Chrome holds the biggest share of the market.

Chrome has a security feature that gives you top-notch protection from any form of attack. This security feature gets updated regularly keeping your private data safe. One of the outstanding features present on Chrome is the ability to block unsafe Websites.

Chrome has a warm interface with an outstanding design that makes your browsing experience smooth and worthwhile. With Chrome, you can stream videos and audios of almost any format. This gives you an edge on sites that require adobe flash player features. Chrome has an embedded search engine. You can also find this on other renowned web browsers. There are other additional features you can enjoy with the use of the Chrome browser. Below are those features.

Additional Features of Chrome Browser

· Chrome processes data at a quick rate and also loads information on time.

· Chrome protects your data and provides you the advantage of safe browsing.

· Chrome is capable of translating any of your Web pages that are displayed in a different language.

· Chrome has an intuitive ad-blocking feature that gives you a seamless experience.

· You can choose to save your Web pages for offline usage.

· Presence of a Download Manager for managing downloaded files.

· Ability to synchronize through other Chrome platforms.

· Chrome has a private browsing mode (Incognito Mode) and a data saver feature also .

Opera Web

Opera Web     Browser
Opera Web Browser

Opera browser dates far back as the time of java. Bear in mind that the Opera browser was available for java phones at that time . Interestingly, the Opera browser still retains its relevance by making some of those java features available on the Android Operating System.

The Opera browser is an outstanding browser that contains the features of a fully functioning Web browser. It also comes in handy in the download section. Downloading with the Opera browser is quite easy and fast given the nature of its design. Opera browser has a blazing fast Web processing feature that stands out among its peers. Its user interface is simple and provides you with lots of suggestions while surfing the Internet.

The Opera browser supports all formats of media files and also options to download videos. Opera browser comes in two versions which are the full Web version and the lite version (Opera Mini). Your data and personal information are safe with the Opera browser. There is an embedded ad-blocker in the Opera browser. There are some additional features listed below.

Opera Browser Additional Features

· Ability to save pages for offline use.

· Availability of Adobe flash player feature.

· Availability of data saver and ad-blocker features.

· Private browsing is also available on the Opera Web browser.

· The presence of news feeds on the home page for easy access to happenings around the world.

Samsung Internet Web Browser

Samsung Internet     Web Browser
Samsung Internet Web Browser

This is yet another Web browser with good quality features and top-notch experience. Samsung Internet browser serves over 500 million people with a 5% share in the browser market. It makes use of the Blink Engine provided by Google. This means that blazing-fast data processing is assured . As the name goes, all Samsung phones have the Samsung Internet browser pre-installed. Samsung Internet browser can also be downloaded from the Android Store.

Samsung Internet browser requires an Android version of 5.0 and higher to work perfectly. This means that devices with older Android versions cannot use the app. It also has a feature that allows you to make payments via the Web. Using Samsung Internet browser for the first time is hassle-free as it supports AI assistance that helps you navigate easily on the browser.

Safety and reliability are features to reckon with in using Samsung Internet browser. This feature helps in the protection of your data and personal information. So there is no need to panic because Samsung Internet browser will give you an excellent experience. There are some more features of the Samsung Internet browser listed below.

Samsung Internet Web browser Features

· Presence of a Reader Mode.

· It gives you the option to save power by enabling the Power Saving mode.

· It provides Biometric Authentication and a payment system.

· It allows you to use the SPen on devices that support SPen .

· It has ad-blocking features and allows your Web pages to be displayed in a Virtual Reality manner.

· And finally, it has KNOX support.

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus     Browser
Firefox Focus Browser

Imagine surfing the internet as you like without the fear of compromising your data or personal information. Is that not awesome? Yes. of course .

Interestingly, that is what Firefox Focus is all about. It is a Web browser created by Firefox. Firefox Focus is a real-time privacy browser that allows you to surf the Internet in an Incognito mode. It has a powerful ad-blocker feature and also blocks unsafe sites.

There are so many features that make Firefox Focus stand out. One of these is the .'no cookies'' feature. This means that the cookies of the browser are destroyed anytime you exit the browser; passwords are also destroyed alongside. Firefox Focus is a lite browser but very efficient with irresistible features. If you want to surf the Internet without anyone watching, then I strongly recommend Firefox Focus Browser.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge

If you want to have the experience of Windows famous browser on your Smartphone, then install the Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft Edge browser is an Android-based app that brings you the experience and feel of the renowned Internet Explorer for Windows.

Microsoft Edge browser is blazing fast when it comes to processing data. This means that your Web pages appear before you in no time after searching a Web address. Google's Blink Engine is the major Web processor used in the development of the Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft Edge browser provides top-notch performance and smooth experience. The interface is user-friendly and similar to the renowned Chrome browser. Its ad-blocker feature is powerful and can be toggled on and off.

There are other fine features provided by the Microsoft Edge browser; they are listed below.

Microsoft Edge Browser Features

· It has a Hub View and Data feature. This means that you can switch between the two modes available.

· Availability of powerful ad-blocker.

· Clean and user-friendly interfaces.

· Fast Web processor.

UC Browser

UC Browser
UC Browser

UC Browser is an Android Web browser. It is often known as the most popular browser available for Android. Going by the record, the UC browser has over 500 million users around the world. We all know that for an app to have such amount of users, then it must be among the best. UC Browser has loads of features that make the user experience seamless. These features include a powerful ad-blocker, a download manager, multi-tasking, turbo browsing, and lots more.

Another intriguing aspect of UC Browser is the data saver feature. With this feature, you can surf the Internet with a little amount of data. It controls the rate at which the Web page is being buffered. UC Browser offers loads of interface features that make it stand out among the rest. One of these features is the Night mode. With the night mode toggled on, you can view your Web pages conveniently at night with no need to stress your eyes.

UC Browser is fast in processing Web pages and also provides security features like Incognito mode, data protection and lots more. If you wish to surf the Internet at a fast rate with easy navigation, then I strongly recommend UC Browser. Below are the additional features of the UC browser.

UC Browser Additional Features

· Easy to use navigation cards.

· Smooth download feature.

· Availability of night mode.

· Embedded news features and Web page suggestions.

· Finally, the Incognito browsing feature.



When you talk of the beast of Web browsing, then you must have Firefox browser in mind. Firefox browser is a powerful Web browser available for Android. It offers one of the best Web page displays. You can access Web pages as though you're using a desktop. Interestingly, the Firefox browser has integration with Mozilla. That means you get to enjoy additional features from Mozilla.

Firefox is a unique browser that offers the best features you can ask for in a Web browser. Its interface is charming as well as intriguing. With the Firefox browser, you can synchronize among several platforms especially your PC. This means that you can continue your browsing experience on any other device that has your Firefox account.

Firefox browser has a clean interface with great gesture experience that makes you come back for more. Talking about price, the Firefox browser is free and easy to download. If you wish to satisfy your craving for a top-notch and seamless browsing experience, then Firefox is your go-to browser. Below are additional features present on the Firefox browser.

Firefox Additional Features

· Availability of encryption software that ensures the safe and protected browsing.

· Presence of quick access to visited Web pages.

· Fast Web processing feature.

· Unlimited access to Mozilla add-on store.

· Presence of Incognito mode for private browsing.

There you have it; we have reached the end of our list for the best Android browsers in 2020. what are you waiting for? Download one of these browsers today.

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