Best Discord Bots To Enhance Your Server in 2019
Best Discord Bots To Enhance Your Server in 2019

Best Discord Bots To Enhance Your Server in 2019

Best Discord Bots To Enhance Your Server in 2019 - Discord is currently the fastest growing gaming platform. Currently, it has more than 130 million registered users. It has become the most popular gaming chat platform. Gamers are using discord to communicate with other gamer friends. Thanks to Discord, it has become easy to coordinate with your team players.

Why a Need for Best Bots for Discord in 2019

The best thing about discord is that it is highly customizable. You can set up your discord server on discord. If you already own a server, then you must already know about discord bots. These bots help in maximizing the productivity of your server. You can deliver important notifications and data to your friends. Discard bots helps in giving more control to the user. These bots can automatically manage your server. Thus, you don’t have to worry about manually managing your server. There are currently hundreds of Discord bots available.

List of Best Discord Bots To Enhance Your Server in 2019

In this article, we are going to talk about 11 Best Discord bots which you must use.

1. GAwesome Bot - Bot Link

GAwesome  Bot
GAwesome Bot

GAwesome Bot is the best discord bot available right now. If you want a bot which can do everything, then GAwesome Bot is perfect for you. You can easily customize it. It is currently one of the most powerful bots available. You can use it for moderating your chat. It also features many other users. These features will help you in attracting new users. This bot can automatically ban, award member with ranks or kick members. You can also use it to generate memes, conduct giveaways and polls.

The best feature of this bot is its extension system. You can ask it to show results from Youtube , Reddit, Google, or even Wikipedia. It also allows you to organize your chat RSS feeds.

You can add GAwesome Bot from the title link.

2. Dyno Bot - Bot Link

Dyno Bot
Dyno Bot

Dyno Bot is the first bot which you should add to your server. It is a powerful bot which let you control its features. You can use its dashboard to control all its features. It provides many features to its users like auto-moderation. This feature will let you mute or ban spammers from your server. Dyno Bot can also now detect raid spam or mass mention in your server. Thus, it will keep your server secure from spammers.

You can also use it for announcing something in your server. It also lets you customize the announcements for specific actions like when people leave or join. You can also use it to assign roles to other users. It will also post AFK status automatically.

The Cleverbot Integration is the best thing about Dyno Bot. You can use it for posting Google searches, game stats and stream music from YT.

3. Tatsumaki - Bot Link


If you are a twitch streamer, then Tatsumaki is perfect for you. Almost every twitch streamer uses this Discord bot. It offers tons of customization feature to its users. You can use moderation commands to keep your server clean. It will also display welcome messages to new users. This bot is not limited to Discord only. You can access it from a separate dashboard also . Thus, you can change its settings without opening Discord. You can also use it to search on Google and use RSS feed.

The best and unique feature of Tatsumaki is its incentive system. Your server users can earn levels and XP by being active. This helps in making your server more active. Every user can see their experience points. Thus, it will inspire your users to interact more with other users. This ensures that people will come back to your server. You can also use real money to customize the cards.

4. MeMezBot - Bot Link


Everyone loves memes in 2019. The internet has become a paradise for meme lovers. If you are also a meme lover, then MeMezBot is perfect for you. You can use it to share memes with your community. Most of the memes are “dank” memes. Thus, it will help in making your server active. If you don’t like dank memes, then it can also post boring memes.

This bot will also bring well-known memes like doggo, cute cats, Pepe the frog, and many other memes. You can use several commands to make the conversation interesting. MeMezBot can also tell you a story about someone life or its mama. It can also post random sounds on your channel.

5. Discord Dungeons

Discord Dungeons is another very powerful Discord bot. This bot only runs by discord commands. Thus, the users can control it by passing commands. It will post according to the commands that you pass. After adding this bot you can run it from anywhere. Thus, you can even access this bot from your mobile phone.

This is the best Discord bot for gamers. It is regularly updated with new content. Thus, you will always have unlimited fun with this bot. The app will keep all your information in secured databases. The developers make sure that they are taking regular backups. Thus, you will never lose your progress. You can play with your community members. It also allows you to compete with your friends.

You can add Discord Dungeons from title link

6. GameStats - Bot Link


Just like its name suggests, GameStats is for managing your profile stats. You can use it to create your profile stats. It can read stats from multiple games like PUBG, CSGO, Dota, League of Legends, etc. It will keep track of your gaming stats. You can also share your stats with your friends. Thus, this bot also gives you bragging rights.

You might take some time to learn this bot commands. The commands of this bot are a little different. But, you will love this app after learning these commands. For starter , you can create your profile by “. gs profile” command. If you want to add a new game, then type “. gs add uplay ”. You can use “. gs account” to check all the games supported by GameStats .

You can add GameStats from the heading url.

7. Typical Bot - Bot Link

Typical Bot
Typical Bot

Don’t fall for this bot name. This bot is just opposite of typical. It is one of the most powerful discord bot available in the market. This bot is also very easy to use. You don’t need to learn a ton of commands to use this. This bot allows you to moderate your server. You can use it to kick, soft-ban, or ban people from your server.

It also allows you to play music from Youtube . You can also play mini-games in this bot. Only admin or DJ can play songs in your server. Normal users can’t play music in your server. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your server getting spammed from music. It can also show you random dog or cat pictures from the internet. You can also use it to post important information and random jokes.

8. TriviaBot - Bot Link


Most people use discord only for voice chats or for discussing some game. But, you increase discord functionality by adding TriviaBot in your server. This bot will let you have unlimited fun with your community. TriviaBot is a multiplayer game. It has more than 3000 different questions and 24 categories. These questions will test the limit of your knowledge. The category varies from science, technology, manga, anime, film, and television.

This is the simplest bot in this list. It contains only 3 simple commands. You can use “trivia help” command to check all commands. If you want to start the game, then just type “trivia start” command. You can also select the topic by typing “trivia categories” command. This app will teach you a lot of new things. You can play this game with your gamer friends. If you don’t like intense games, then you can try this game.

9. Pokecord Bot - Bot Link

Pokecord  Bot
Pokecord Bot

Pokecord Bot will let you play Pokemon game on your server. It is the best time killer. Random Pokemon will appear on your server. The first one to catch it will become the master of it . You can also battle with other trainers. Your Pokemon will become stronger with every victory.

If you love Pokemon, then this bot is perfect for you. There is already huge hype for this bot. This bot is also the most famous Discord bot on this list. It has more than 750k downloads. Almost every discord server uses this bot. You must use this bot to make your users active.

10. Serum

Serum Bot is the most interesting bot in this list. Serum Bot is the Discord bot version of Siri. This bot has very limited commands. But, you can activate those commands via voice. Thus, you don’t need to spend your time writing long commands. This bot is not powerful like other bots. But, it offers voice assistance .

This is perfect for gamers. You need not minimize your game to type commands in discord. You can directly execute commands via your voice. All you need to do is say “Hey Serum” on your microphone. After that, you can give any command to this bot. This bot is currently offline. You can use it again once it is online.

11. GuildedBot - Bot Link


This is the final Discord Bot in this list. But, it is also the most important one for gamers. If you like playing games like PUBG, DOTA 2 or LOL, then this bot is perfect for you. Most multiplayer games require you to have teams. Thus, it is important to find more gamers on Discord. This bot will help you in finding new players. It will automatically recruit new players in your guild or server. You can complete the mission and play with them. It also allows you to create schedules.

It also allows you to manage all your guild activities from its dashboard. You can also access your dashboard directly from the Discord bot. This bot also offers various discussion tools. Currently, GuidedBot supports the following games: Call of Duty, Minecraft, Destiny, PUBG, Dota 2, LOL, WoW, Overwatch, and CS: GO. The developers are adding new games every day.

You can add GuildedBot from the heading link.

Conclusion of Getting the Best Discord Bot for Your Server in 2019

Discord bots are very important for your Discord server. They can enhance the functionality of your server. You can do a lot of cool things with these bots. If you have a big community, then you can’t manually moderate it. Thus, it is best to use discord bots. You can use various discord bots to add games to your server. This will make sure that your server is active.

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