A list of all the best dynamic DNS providers that are 100% free
A list of all the best dynamic DNS providers that are 100% free

Best Dynamic DNS Providers for Free

Before you delve into this article with full concentration, let us explain a few, simple things. A dynamic DNS is known as a service that is used to map internet domain names to a device that supports dynamic IP addresses. While most computers are connected to a router via DHCP, this means that the router randomly assigns them IP addresses. This implies that an IP address can be altered and adjusted almost at every whim. Because of this, ever-changing behavior it is made very difficult to connect from the outside world. This is where Dynamic DNS comes in. Because it is used to solve the problem by constantly updating your DNS service with whichever IP address is assigned to you at that time .

List of Best Dynamic DNS Providers for Free

Now that you have more of a hold on matters, let's continue with how this article can help you run a home network safely. You can do this by getting to know some of the best dynamic DNS service providers that are available on the market. Oh, and did we mention that they are all available for absolutely free? That's right, the answer to all your personal DNS server queries, costing a low, low price of $0.

1. FreeDNS


Offering its very minimal and simplistic interface and web design. FreeDNS aims to be one of the quickest and easiest ways for you to set a dynamic DNS server for yourself. Lucky for you FreeDNS also offers what seems to be an innumerable number of domains that you can choose from. You can opt for the one that suits you best, suits your needs best and even suits your geographical best. All these from the thousands of domains they have available for you to use. Not only can you take advantage of their personalized domain offer but you can even use your own personalized, custom created domain name. This makes your DNS server truly your personalized creation created by you, for you.

At the time of writing this, FreeDNS is one of the most popular DNS service providers in the market. They are so popular in fact that they are now dealing with over 7 billion requests per month for DNS servers. These requests come from all over the world and FreeDNS obliges them.

To learn more and possibly even get registered, just go to their website and sign up using your own username and password. Then, go where the website leads you and you'll have an account and a DNS server in no time!

2. Securepoint DynDNS

Securepoint   DynDNS
Securepoint DynDNS

The next completely free name on this list is the German based DDNS service provider known as Securepoint DynDNS . Their website has been expertly designed to catch your eye. And, one of the first things you will notice is the offer of there being 5 hosts and 150 domains being offered. Those are one hell of some numbers. What is more is that their programs will fit effortlessly into your devices firewall system so as to not cause any problems. Not only if your firewall safe, but it also into the devices of other manufacturers. This is great because while most foreign programs do have a tendency to cause somewhat of a rift, this service is designed to keep things running smooth. You have their guarantee that it will not cause any hindrance to your device.

This service is marketed and advertised as a 'secure point' provider. But, there are options available wherein you can turn this 'secure' feature off. This gives you and your DNS server more freedom and more flexible choices.

Like most names on this list, becoming a registered user of this service is no big hassle. It is easy and quick and largely anonymous. Again, the more the element of anonymity, the more the freedom associated with your DNS service. To sign up, you need the basics: username, password, email address to confirm you are an actual real-life person. The works. When done with this part of the registration, you should now expect a confirmation email which will give validity to your registration. After that, you will become a proud member of the Securepoint DynDNS ! Congratulations!

3. Dynu

Best Dynamic DNS Providers for Free: Dynu
Best Dynamic DNS Providers for Free: Dynu

This option, unlike the others on this list, is not entirely 100% free. Hear us out. This service offers both a free and a paid version with more exclusive features being offered with the paid service. The free service might not have these, but you can be sure that it offers an unbeatable DNS uptime service that is both reliable and diverse in its servers. This is amazing seeing as how it doesn't matter where you are in the world, their provided domains are sure to remain top level and will work no matter what.

Talking more about the free version, it is free to download Dynu 's DDNS client service which is designed to act as a side agent, updating all your records of DNS if and when your IP changes. While the free version does have some restrictions i.e. the services offered for just one subdomain , the paid service grants you access to unlimited subdomains and a sense of freedom that comes with it.

4. DynDNS service

DynDNS  service
DynDNS service

Another German DNS service provider, this one though, offers its services for free. But, at the same time, it does have a paid option. This paid service, does come with a bunch of additional features not included in the free version. It's amazing you will love it.

To get access to this service, you need to sign up and register. The only requirements are the usual username, password that will get you a free account on their website. It is worth noting that the free version can support up to 3 domains!

5. DNSdynamic

This is one of the unique services which will let you register an almost unlimited amount of hostnames on their website. With a huge range of domain selections being offers, and most of them being .com domains too, this is one of the most helpful sites out there. So you don't have to worry about inly using the . org domain anymore. Whatever you want your domain name to be you are free to add that .com at the end and make it sound 10 times more official and appealing!

For their Linux and Windows clients, the IP address can and will be updated automatically by the free VPN service that they offer ! Their website also offers an easy to operate and user-friendly interface designed to help you get your DNS server today!

The one downside can be the complications that present themselves when setting up this DNS server. If you're using the free service, you may need to keep a keen eye on that data-protection policy. It can be quite tricky according to some users. But, overall, one of the best DNS server providers which is why they made it to this life after all!

6. Afraid.org


Though the name might sound a bit odd to some people, Afraid.org offers all kinds of hosting on their website. This dynamic DNS providing service has rich features that are sure to stand out from the majority of the other options on the internet:

· Free shared hostnames

· Free URL forwarding

· Free subdomain hosting

· Free domain hosting

All these and much more are in store when it comes to this service provider!

Setting up and registering is a breeze and is sure not to take you more than 5 minutes (3 if you're really good ). After you have set up your account, DNS is almost as fast as lightning. They have a multitude of domains, which, if numbered come to around 90,000 when counted ! If this isn't convenience at its finest, we don't know what is!

7. DuckDNS


Designed using Amazon's renowned infrastructure, DuckDNS is incredibly powerful for being relatively simple and having been run by 2 software engineers. This option comes with a healthy amount of tutorials written in MS Word that will help you set up DuckDNS on a multitude of platforms. These can include Windows, iOS, Linux, all the big names in operating systems.

As for you, your account is allotted 4 subdomains on DuckDNS.org. Remember, this is free, and that's all you get for the price of paying absolutely nothing. You can get more though, but only if you can make donations to the team behind DuckDNS.

8. No IP

Best Dynamic DNS Providers for Free: No
Best Dynamic DNS Providers for Free: No

This option is very versatile in its packages as it offers two paid ones and only one free one. Because you are here for all the free options we will detail the free package only. The free package allots you a restricted amount of three hostnames . A limited handful of domains and a requirement of confirming of your account every thirty days or so . If you fall short and do not confirm your account's validity as soon as possible, it will get deleted almost immediately.

There is also this detail of the free version having a continuous swarm of ads. You have been warned .

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