Top 7 Best Free Movie Sites to Please Your Movie Experience
Top 7 Best Free Movie Sites to Please Your Movie Experience

Best Free Movie Sites for Watching Movies & TV Online in 2019

Long gone the days where people had to spend money for watching movies. Nowadays you can watch free movies on various streaming websites. It’s true that nothing can beat the cinema.

Why Looking for Best Free Movie Sites for Watching Online in 2019

However, free online movies have their own charm. Movies have become an integral part of our modern culture. The film industry has been exploding. This is because the interest of people in this kind of entertainment has significantly increased over the past few years. However, many people despite their interests don’t want to spend money on movies. Many people prefer watching movies via free streaming websites. There are two kinds of streaming websites. In the first kind, the website owner requires users to sign up to enjoy their services. While the other streaming websites have no such policy. They don’t require users to sign up.

The free feature of various websites doesn’t come with no inconvenience. First, there are many ads appearing during the movie. This usually annoys users a lot. It also ruins the tempo of a user while he is enjoying a movie. You can get rid of these ads if they annoy you too much. The most effective way for this is by installing an ad blocking extension to your website. This will block any types of ads reaching to you. Another issue with such websites is their low streaming speed. Most of these websites cannot control the amount of traffic on them. This slows down the streaming speed for each user. While searching for any streaming website make sure it is credible and trustworthy. This is because more often such websites turn out to be scams. They can also bring viruses with them. Below is a list of credible, free streaming websites you can definitely consider for enjoying good quality movies.

Enjoyment of Watching Movies Online for Free

Best Free Movie Streaming Site
Best Free Movie Streaming Site

You will find many streaming websites on the internet. However, not all of them are credible. They often claim to provide different exclusive services. In reality, such websites’ owners seldom fulfill their promises. Thus, finding a credible streaming website is not an easy thing to do. A lot of streaming websites don’t even work when you open them. Even if you somehow successfully open them, they still cause a lot of inconveniences. For example, their speed will be too slow. It might also happen that their interface is too hard to understand. On top of this, the web page will be bloated with several ads. They will pop up now and then. This annoys users a lot.

A lot of free streaming websites provide different servers to their users. You can choose any of them for watching movies. Each of the servers has its own features. For example, subtitles, sharing options, et cetera. Some servers can only provide options for setting up the movies based on your personal liking. Not all servers provide a similar video quality for their movies. Some servers upload movies in HD or HQ quality. However, that’s not the case with every server. Sometimes servers can also upload pirated movies. The quality of such movies is low. Some servers have good quality but a lot of ads. Thus, users have to compromise at some place. It’s very hard for them to find an ideal server with maximum advantages.

Users’ internet connection also means a lot. They won’t be able to enjoy streaming without a good internet connection. Second, a lot of streaming websites don’t provide an option to download a movie. Thus, you cannot possibly watch it in offline mode. Hence it won’t be wrong to say a good internet is a key for watching online movies. You must have fast internet to watch movies without wasting your time on buffering.

List of Best Free Movie Sites for Watching Movies & TV Online in 2019

Below is a list of top-rated streaming websites. You can consider one for watching movies. These are all credible websites. They are also free of any kinds of viruses. Thus, you can enjoy without worrying about any damage to your system. Let’s have a look at them.

Netflix -Movie Site Link


Netflix is the most popular streaming website so far. It provides exclusive video content you cannot find anywhere else. It allows you to watch both movies and TV shows. Each of the uploaded movie or episode is complete in its length. Netflix also allows its users to download movies and episodes. They can then be viewed in the offline mode.

Netflix is one of those streaming websites where you have to register first. For this, you need to make an account. The website owners provide 30 days for newbies. They charge none money during this period. Thus, users can get an idea of the services before signing up. They don’t have to sign up blindly without knowing what services they will get. Netflix comes in three kinds of packages. These are basic, standard and premium. The premium package has the best quality. It also has some exclusive movies and TV Shows you can’t find in the other two packages. The premium package is free of any kinds of ads.

Hulu - Site Link

Top 7 Best Free Movie Sites for Your Entertainment: Hulu
Top 7 Best Free Movie Sites for Your Entertainment: Hulu

Hulu is one of the latest websites. It has a collection of all the trendy and popular movies. It also uploads TV shows. Each month Hulu adds a great number of movies to this collection. Hulu’s users rarely get bored with its collection since there is so much to watch. Hulu operators upload movies of many genres. For example mystery, drama, horror, comedy, thriller, suspense et cetera. The website also provides a list of upcoming movies it will upload. This tempts the users even more. Thus, they stay connected to the website.

Hulu functions just like Netflix for signing up. You must register first to enjoy the services. Nonregistered users will not have the privilege to access Hulu’s collection. Hulu also provides a trial period during which users can stream movies for free. There are no ads in a paid Hulu account. Both Hulu and Netflix are tough competitors of each other.

Amazon Prime - Site URL

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime

You might have heard this name. It’s a very popular website. You can watch both movies and TV shows here. Amazon Prime has additional features as compared to Netflix and Hulu. Apart from movies and TV shows, this website also allows you to access some premium channels. You would have to subscribe first to enjoy the services of Amazon Prime. This website also provides some entirely different features. For example free shipping, pay deals et cetera. Amazon Prime has special offers for students. They can get a trial period of almost 6 months. This is one of the best offers for students they can easily avail. You can’t find this deal at any other streaming website. To enjoy this offer, students must provide their .edu emails. The website owners with the help of this email make sure that the applicant is really a student. This is to avoid any fraud that people can do for getting this service.

Best Free Online Movie Sites

Streaming websites are great for enjoying movies in free time. It is the most convenient and cheap way of leisure. The credit of this goes to technology. Without internet and technology, it would have never been possible. In the past, entertainment was expensive. Only rich people could afford to have such privileges. Nowadays everybody can afford entertainment in the form of movies and TV shows. With the help of the internet, everything is just a click away from your reach.

YouTube and Dailymotion are great options for streaming free content. However, they rarely upload a full-length movie. This is because a lot of payment and advertisement are there. They are not allowed to upload any movie without having copyrights. Uploading a movie for free and making it available for public use is illegal. There are a lot of legal complexities that must be looked into before uploading a free movie.

There are certain precautions you must take care of while signing up at a streaming website. Make sure that the website uploads its content legally. It must have copyrights from the original creators. At illegal websites, there is always a risk of having your ID tracked by the government. In return, you may get a penalty for accessing an illegal website. Thus, it’s better to use a VPN. This will help you watch movies in a relatively safer way. Another precaution, in this case, is adding an ad blocking extension to your browser. Many times trackers reach to you in the guise of ads., it’s better to access credible websites than to get trapped in any kind of risk. Use websites like HBO, Netflix, and Hulu et cetera for safe streaming. Below is a list of free movie websites. They are all credible and trustworthy. Have a look at them and then decide which one you will use.

Hooq - Movie WebSite

Top 7 Best Free Movie Sites for Your Entertainment: Hooq
Top 7 Best Free Movie Sites for Your Entertainment: Hooq

The demand for free movies isn’t only coming from big countries like the United States and England. People all around the world want to access free movies. They also want the representation of movies from their country or area. Hooq is an initiative. It is an Asian-based website. It was first launched in East Asia and India. This website has a versatile collection of movies. It shows movies from different parts of the world. For example America, Europe, and Asia. Hooq has most of the traffic from Asia. It keeps on updating its library to include all the trendy and popular movies. You can find a movie in the search section of the website. You can also find it in among the recent releases. You can search for movies by their title, release year, or genre. This website is especially great for Asians as their content gets a representation. This kind of representation is very less in Hollywood based websites.

Viu - Movie URL

Top 7 Best Free Movie Sites for Your Entertainment: Viu
Top 7 Best Free Movie Sites for Your Entertainment: Viu

Viu is a good option for experiencing movies from different parts of the world. It is like Hooq as in the representation of movies. This website was first launched in Hong Kong on October 26th, 2015. Thus, it is a very latest website. It has reached a good status within a short time. People have recognized this website among big names like Netflix and Hulu. It uploads movies from different countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, India, Japan et cetera. This website allows you to access movies by their genre. It allows both free and paid subscriptions. The paid (premium) subscription has amazing offers. It has all the content available in HD and HQ quality. For those who don’t want to spend any money, a free subscription is the best. If they want some additional features, they can easily get the premium account. A premium account with its mind-blowing offers is worth spending money on.

Iflix - Site Link

Site Link
Site Link

Iflix is a very popular website. It provides movies and TV shows from various online sources. The website has different categories. You can find these categories at the main homepage of the website. The movie library is very extensive and provides content from different parts of the world. You can easily search a movie either by its title or genre. The website keeps on notifying users about any important news or upgrades. However, to access any movie or TV show on this website, you must register first. You will not be able to access the collection of Iflix without registration. You must give your email id and other mandatory details for registration. The website owners try their best to provide freshly brewed content to their users. Most of the users come to this website to find versatile movies and TV shows. Iflix is free of any types of scams and viruses. You can trust this website and use it without worrying about any safety issues.

Best Free Movie Download Sites

There are actually two methods of watching free movies with the help of internet. One is streaming, and the other is downloading. Many people prefer downloading as a convenient method of watching movies. This is because many people cannot afford a good quality internet. The slow speed of the internet makes it very difficult to watch a movie online. The buffering will be so frequent that you would get annoyed. Thus, in such cases downloading is a great alternative.

Just like free streaming websites, there are many free downloading websites. Each downloading website has its own features. Most of the downloading websites contain several ads. They will pop up now and then. This interrupts while you are downloading a video. Don’t click these ads. Most of the times they are viruses and trackers. They can damage your system. Similarly, they can hack your confidential information. As far as trackers are concerned, they are mostly from the government. Their purpose is to monitor any illegal activity. You would be at high risk of getting exposed by clicking an add carrying a tracker. You can minimize this risk by using a VPN. Another way can add an ad blocking extension to your browser.

You must make sure you are using a legal server for downloading. Downloading links can lead you to illegal servers. This is your responsibility to check it first. The best thing is to use credible websites. The site owners do not pack such websites with any harmful ads. Using legal websites is the best solution to enjoy legal content without getting in any problem. Below is a list of downloading websites. All of them are legal to use. They bring none viruses to your system either. Let’s have a look at them. You would have to try them first to see which one is most convenient for you. These websites are great for entertaining yourself in free time.

Vudu - Movie Download Link


You can directly access this website from your browser. Each content present on this website is legal. It allows you to download both movies and TV shows. You can use the search button of the website to find a movie by its title. You will most likely get over one search results. Click one option among these search result. Each option will tell you the size and requirement of the movie. Your system must fulfill these requirements to play the movie. So choose wisely. Make sure that your system has enough space for playing it. Once you click a movie, downloading will start.

YouTube Premium - Site Link

YouTube Premium
YouTube Premium

There is no website safer and more convenient than this. It is the most commonly used medium for downloading movies. YouTube also allows you to stream video content. It is free of any kinds of viruses. Though its free package has ads, they are not harmful to your system. Nowadays a YouTube mobile application is present by default in phones. This facilitates things even more. YouTube’s free package allows you to download selective video content. You can enjoy this in offline mode. That is with no internet connection. In a premium YouTube package, it allows you to download any movie or TV show. Unlike the free package, this option is present on each video. The premium package is also ad-free. On top of this, the premium package allows you to watch YouTube original content.

Best Free Movie Sites Reddit

Reddit is an effective platform to discuss a lot of things. So why not discuss free movie websites here? This is a good way of taking some useful information. This platform allows people to share their experiences. You can learn from others' experiences. It will then make you able to take the right decision about choosing a free movie website. The thing is, there are several such websites present on the internet. Second, there are so many risks involved in streaming and downloading movies. You don’t know which site is right and which one is wrong. The knowledge of others' experiences will help you take the right decision.

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites Reddit

Reddit allows you to discuss your issues related to free streaming and downloading websites. You will get to know the different websites you have heard about before. This increases your exposure. You can also share your experience of a certain website. This will help others to build a better understanding of certain websites. The website owners will brag about themselves. This will happen since everybody wants to promote their website. However, you will get the real insight from users. You would develop an idea about a website when users will share their experience.

Conclusion of Best Movie Sites for Watching Online for Fre in 2019

There are several ways of enjoying movies with the help of internet. For example, you can stream or download movies. This choice depends upon your internet quality. Most of the people with slow internet speed prefer to download movies. Streaming is not their cup of tea since they get annoyed by buffering. Streaming is an instant way of watching movies. Whatever you choose, just beware of accessing credible and trustworthy websites. Click none ad on such websites. Such ads can transfer viruses to your computer. They can also be trackers installed by the government. The government checks your activities via such trackers. For safety, you can use a VPN. You can also add an ad blocking extension to your browser. This will block all kinds of ads. You can share your experience of a website at Reddit. It is a platform where you can discuss anything.

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