Best Free Movie Streaming Sites in 2022

There are many avenues through which we can enjoy our break or leisure time. One of these ways is watching movies. Movies are created, directed, and produced by artists so that their intended viewers can immensely benefit from the message they pass across. They may be dramas, action, comedies, and horror films. Watching movies performs a lot of functions in our daily life. Movies can relax your mind during your leisure time. It educates and creates awareness about the happenings around us. Also, movies contribute significantly to our happiness by making us laugh in difficult times. Through film, you can have thrilling experiences about life processes and also have a clear perspective about life. Movies can either be free or purchased. While it may be a bit difficult to spend your hard-earned money to pay for movies to watch, there is a well known free movie streaming site through which you can stream your favourite movies freely.

Summary of Best Free Movie Streaming Sites in 2022

The table below summarizes the pros and cons of the online streaming sites discussed here.

Movie Streaming SitesProsCons
Crackle1. Its video quality is excellent.2. It supports a lot of devices.3. It has a large collection of movies.1. It displays ads.
YouTube1. Viewers can comment on movies.2. It has an extensive collection of movies.1. Some movies on the site are not streamed in HD.
PlutoTV1. It supports a lot of devices.2. You can access a lot of movies on it.1. It displays ads.
ConTV1. It is free.1. The site is not available in all continents of the world.
Tubi TV1. It streams movies in HD.2. It has subtitle features.1. It displays a lot of ads.
Popcornflix1. You can makefrom movie scenes.2. It has a movie site for kids.1. There is no subtitle feature.
Yidio1. Available movies can be sorted based on release date and popularity.2. You can buy or rent movies.3. You can filter movies by MPAA rating and genre.1. It displays ads intermittently.2. Movies are not streamed in HD.
Vudu1. It has quality movies.2. It has recent and popular movies.1. Not all movies are free.2. You must create an account.
IMDb TV1. It contains free movies and TV shows.2. It shows subtitles.1. You must create an account to access its features.2. It displays a lot of ads.×280&!5&btvi=2&fsb=1&xpc=jcQQTWGjM8&p=https%3A//

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites in 2022

Today, I will be guiding you through the various website through which you can stream videos at no cost.Also Read: Best PowerPoint Alternatives To Present Better in 2022

1. Crackle – Movie Site Link


Cracke is a well-designed website that makes the streaming of movies easier for all movie lovers. Crackle gives its users complete access to an extensive collection of quality movies in its database. You can also watch TV shows on Crackle. On the Crackle website, you will find a selection of new and old action, anime, comedy, romance, and many more. These classes of movies are free to watch. With Crackle, you can stream your favourite video in HD resolution. Crackle supports AndroidPlayStationChromecastRokusmart TV, and many more.

For more details about Crackle, kindly visit the video below.

2. YouTube – Movie Site Link


YouTube remains a fantastic website whereby you can stream movies free. The site has a lot of incredible movies in its library. On YouTube, you can have access to watch animations, drama, documentaries, action, horror, and many more. All you need to do is to go to the search interface, enter the name of the movie you want to watch, and click on search. Next, you will be provided with a list of suggestions where you will be privileged to choose `your desired movie. The website also allows you to stream TV shows at no cost. Also, you can download your favorite video in different formats from the YouTube website. You can also sign up for the site. This will grant you access to follow channels and enjoy the latest uploads of videos. YouTube supports other Mac OS, Linux, Android, and other devices.

3. Pluto TV – Movie Site Link


Pluto TV is a free movie streaming website that acts as a gateway to your access to online sources. The streaming site services are like that of a traditional television where you get to watch current programs by tunning into their services. With Pluto TV, you can access a lot of content providers at no cost. Once you open the Pluto TV homepage, you see a lot of TV channels that can be streamed live for your viewing pleasure. Also, you can stream movies like action, comedy, romance, horror, drama, and many more. You can access both old and newly released movies on Pluto TV. To watch any of these movies or programs is to click on any of your favourite channels and play. All new content on PlutoTV is streamed in HD, while old content is played in SD. PlutoTV is supported by Android, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox One, iOS, Chromecast, and many more.Also Read: Best Sources for Covid-19 Information

4. CONtv – Movie Site Link


CONtv is a fantastic online movie streaming website that gives you a splendid movie experience. The site has an extensive collection of movies you can stream at no cost. Movies available on this website include horror, animation, cartoons, sci-fi, action, fantasy, and many more. The vast majority of the movies available on CONtv are streamed with HD resolution . You don’t need to create an account before accessing the content on the site. Just visit the website, search the movie you desire to watch with its title then start streaming. CONtv supports the Android, web, and iOS platforms.

5. Tubi TV – Movie Site Link

Tubi TV

If you need old and recently released movies, you can stop by and check Tubi TV. The site allows you to have access to different types of movies like action, thriller, documentary, cult classic, horror, and many more. Tubi TV website has a well-designed interface that makes the homepage look attractive when you visit the site. Most of the recent movies on the site can be streamed in HD format while older movies are streamed in SD . You can access the content and features of the site without creating an account. All services on Tubi TV are free. The site supports platforms like Android, iOS, Chromecast , PlayStation 4Amazon Fire OS, and many more.

For more information about Tubi TV, visit the video below.

6. Popcornflix – Movie Site Link


This is an excellently designed free movie streaming website that offers its users full access to their desired movies. Popcorn flix is amazing and more accessible because of the attractive UI design. The site contains a lot of action, documentaries, horror, sci-fi, romance, thriller, mystery, comedy, and western movies. While the recent collection of these movies can be watched in HD format, the old movies are available in SD. You don’t have to create an account before streaming videos on the site. All you need to do is to search for the movie you want to watch and click on the play icon. Popcorn flix supports Android, Amazon Fire, Roku, iOS, Roku, web, and Apple TV.

7. Yidio – Movie Site Link


Yidio is a fantastic online movie streaming website that has several categories of movies you can watch. The site contains a lot of movies like animations, family, suspense, western, and many more. To view a movie on Yidio, just use the search engine to search for your favourite movie. You can also sort movies on Yidio by genre and ratings. Also, you can sort movies on the site based on release date and their popularity. Through Yidio, you can find movies on other websites. Yidio supports platforms like Android, web, Roku, smart TV, and many more.Also Read: Best Credit Monitoring Services of 2022

8. Vudu – Movie Site Link

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites in 2022: Vudu

Vudu is a brilliantly designed online movie streaming website that parades a lot of interesting and educational movies. With Vudu, you can watch movies like animations, documentaries, horror, anime, action, comedy, and romance in the genre section. All you need to do to access movies on the site is to create an account. Even though Vudu offers free and subscribed services, you must register to access any of them. Some movies available on Vudu can be streamed with a full HD experience. You can also rent or buy movies on the Vudu website.

9. IMDb TV – Movie Site Link


This is a great online streaming site that has a large library of movies for you to watch freely. The site also has a lot of movie information. On IMDb, you can search your favourite movies based on popularity, genre, rating, and release date. While streaming movies, the site has a feature whereby you can turn on subtitles and allow them to show up. Also, you can change the quality of the movie and set it to full-screen mode. The site is supported by platforms like web, iOS, Roku, SmartTV, and many more.


watching a movie makes your leisure time a fun-filled one. The sites discussed above are available for you to stream your favourite movies free. The concise information on each of the sites can act as a guide for you when choosing the site to stream your favourite video. Read through the features and choose the perfect fit for what you need.

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