Best Free Offline Music Apps Works Without Wi-Fi 2021

Today, music has become an integral part of our daily life. Music is one of the most comfortable media through which you can convey political, peaceful, informative, and educative messages to the world. It can also reduce depression, stressstrengthen your memory and learning, and improve your health status. Many mediums have been developed to make the playing of music more accessible. One of these ways is through music apps. With the music app, you can listen to music from any location, either offline or with an internet connection. Considering the poor internet connection in some areas, coupled with the fact that some of the apps consume data, listening to music offline may be the best choice.

Summary of Best Offline Music Apps for Free Without Wi-Fi 2021

The features of the music apps discussed are summarized in the table below.

Offline Music AppsFeatures
Spotify1. It has an attractive interface.2. It has high-quality sound output.3. You can create your customized playlist folder.
SoundCloud1. You can upload audio with a duration of 6 hours.2. It has both free and paid versions.3. It has enhanced analytics features.
Deezer1. It offers both music and radio services.2. It contains a lot of music.
Google Play Music1. It has high-quality sound output.2. You can upload a lot of songs on it.3. You can stream and upload your favorite songs.4. YouTube is integrated into the app.
Gaana1. It is easy to access.2. It contains engaging music content.3. It has music, podcast, and audio stores.4. It contains Bollywood and international songs.5. You can synchronize your songs across other devices.
Slacker Radio1. It has excellent audio quality.2. It can download songs automatically.3. It can be used with thedevices.
Musify1. You can play background music with it.2. You can access the same account with three devices.

Best Free Offline Music Apps Works Without Wi-Fi 2021

There are lots of music apps through which you can listen to quality music offline. Today, I will be guiding you through the various music app through which you can listen to your favorite music offline.Also Read: Best Credit Monitoring Services of 2021

1. Spotify – Offline Music Link


Spotify remains one of the best offline music apps through which you can stream your favourite music offline without any form of interruption. When bilking, reading, or relaxing, you can listen to soul-enriching music. Aside from music, you can also access digital comics and podcasts. The interface of the app is well-designed to make its use more straightforward for you. Spotify has a high sound quality. To use the app, you will have to download it and sign up for an account. Next, go to the playlist you want to download and mark them. Then all the selected playlists will be downloaded and saved. With the app, you can make your playlist folder where you save your favourite songs. In the music folder, you can add about 3,333 songs to enjoy offline. The Spotify app supports Android, iOS, and Windows OS.

2. SoundCloud – Offline Music Link


SoundCloud is a popular app that is widely used by over 170 million people to stream music offline. For you to access the features of the app, you need to create an account. This will allow you to download your favourite songs at no cost. Also, the app has an interface dedicated to searching for your desired songs. Once you have the songs you want to listen to, just tap the “heart” icon to add the song to the like section. All music in the like section can be listened to without streaming. All you need to do is to navigate your way to this section. Apart from the free version, SoundCloud has a paid version called SoundCloud Go. With the SoundCloud Go version, you can save and listen to a whole playlist. Through the SoundCloud Go version, you can automatically download your favourite songs by setting the download option to auto-download. SoundCloud is available on iOS and Android.

3. Deezer – Offline Music Link


When you desire an efficient music app with broad coverage, you can choose Deezer. The music app is used in over 185 countries in the world. Deezer has a music collection of over 50 million. You can get almost any kind of song you desire. To use the app, you need to download it and create an account. Then go to the menu and click on settings and choose the offline mode. With Deezer, you can have access to the lyrics of any song you play. This enables you to sing the songs while playing them. Apart from listening to music, Deezer also has an interface where you can listen to live radio. The app has both free and premium versions. With the free version, you can access limited audio tracks, but you can access unlimited audio tracks with the premium version.Also Read: Best Sources for Covid-19 Information

4. Google Play Music – Offline Music Link

Google Play Music

Launched in 2011, Google Play Music is a popular music app among android users. The app is available in the vast majority of Android devices by default. With the Google Play Music app, you can upload over 50,000 songs to your music library. Then, you can stream the uploaded music from your library at any time you desire. You don’t have to connect to the internet to stream music with the app. To access the offline features of Google Play Music, log in and search the music you want to play. Next, tap the icon with three dots and play the song. Google Play Music app has free and paid versions. With the paid version, you can download unlimited songs when you subscribe.

For more details about the Google Play Music app, check the video below.

5. Gaana – Offline Music Link


Gaana is an incredible free music app that currently has over 7 million users. The app contains songs from Bollywood and English artists. Apart from music, the app also allows you to have access to podcasts and audio stores. With Gaana, you can create a comprehensive playlist for your downloaded songs. Then you will be able to play the song from any location and at your convenience offline. To access the app, you need to create an account. Then search for your favourite songs and download it. Next, create a playlist for the songs. You can play the song from the playlists. Gaana music app has a feature that allows you to synchronize your music across five devices. The app has both the free and Gaana Plus plan. Subscribers of the Gaana Plus plan can stop the display of ads while using the app. While using the Gaana music app, you can select the network with which you can download your favourite songs. The app supports Android and iOS devices.

6. Slacker Radio – Offline Music Link


Slacker Radio is a great app designed for streaming music offline without any stress. The app allows you to download music and stream it offline. With Slacker Radio, you can create playlists from the downloaded songs. The app offers you excellent audio quality while playing your downloaded songs from the playlist. Aside from music, the Slacker Radio app can be used to create a radio station. As a radio fan, you can use the app to tune in to your favourite radio station. To access the app, download the Slacker Radio app, and sign up for an account. Next, search for your favourite songs in the playlist using the search interface in the app. Slacker Radio has a feature whereby you can instruct the app to download your favourite songs automatically. Slacker Radio is unique in that it can use it with the internet of things (IoT) devices like your home appliances and cars. The app has free and paid versions. The paid version stops the display of ads while using the app.Also Read: Best Minecraft Mods to Change or Enhance Your Gameplay in 2021

7. Musify – Offline Music Link


Musify is a fantastic music app that has offers its users music streaming services at no cost. With the app, there is no limit to the number of music you can download and play. You can also access newly released music. The app has a massive amount of songs. You can play background music with the app. Musify has an interface whereby you can search your favourite songs by entering the name of the song or the artist and search. Also, you can create multiple playlists for your favourite songs. Musify supports Windows, Mobile devices, and TV.

For more details about Musify, kindly check the video below.


Music enriches the soul, refresh the brain, and can pull you out from depression. Streaming music with a music app makes it easy for you to enjoy your leisure time with favourite songs. The apps discussed above can be used to download, create, and save playlists of your favourite songs. Kindly read the features and choose the best you can download on your mobile devices.

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