Best Free TV Streaming Sites in 2021

The development of websites that offers streaming services for TV shows has brought a significant change to our schedule of entertainment. Since you can now stream TV shows from any location, you don’t have to stress yourself on thinking about a cheap cable TV package that will be economical based on your income. All these sites require from you is an excellent internet connection and a unique mobile device or PC. There are many sites available online that have a lot of exciting programs. You can either pay or watch them free. Most of these free TV streaming website has over 100 live channels. The sites collaborate with TV networks, movie studios, and digital media companies to generate revenues through advertisements while running their programs. Programs on most of the TV streaming sites are watched in HD format.

Summary of Best Free Tv Streaming Sites in 2021

The features of the best free TV streaming sites discussed in the section above are listed in the table below.

TV Streaming SitesFeatures
YouTube1. You can search for your favorite TV channel.2. It supports a lot of devices.
StreamFlixPro1. It has a beautiful and user-friendly interface.2. You can stream TV shows in HD format.
Wizler TV1. You don’t have to subscribe to access its features.2. It does not display ads.
Pluto TV1. It supports a lot of devices.2. It has a lot of channels.
Airtel TV1. It has a clean and user-friendly interface.2. It has a lot of channels you can watch.
Free TV1. It contains FTA channels.2. It displays a few ads.
Hulu1. The TV shows are streamed in HD format.2. It has both a free and paid version.3. It has a lot of movies and TV channels.
YuppTV1. It collaborates with other media companies to earn revenue.2. It supports other devices
Showbox1. It has a lot of new and old channels.2. You can stream video and Tvshow in HD.
Streema1. It offers its services in different languages.2. It supports a lot of platforms.3. Channels on the site are well organized.

Best Free Tv Streaming Sites in 2021

To enjoy the programs available on the TV streaming website, you need to know more about the features of the TV streaming sites through which you can stream TV shows free of cost. Today, I will be guiding you through various websites whereby you can stream TV shows and other exciting programs.Also Read: Free Steam Gift Card

1. YouTube – TV Streaming Site


YouTube is a fantastic website that is dedicated to hosting a lot of multimedia content. The site has a well designed and fascinating interface that makes it easier for both new and existing users to operate. You can watch a lot of TV channels free on YouTube. Also, you can promote videos, songs, TV shows on YouTube. The site has a search window where you can input the name of the TV channel you want to watch and search for it. Once you have the site in the search result, you can tap the play icon to watch all programs on the TV channel. With YouTube, you don’t have to register an account before you can access its full features. YouTube supports platforms like web, Android, iOS , and many more.

2. StreamFlixPro – TV Streaming Site


StreamFlixPro is a well-designed website that has a user-friendly interface . The site also has a wide variety of TV shows in its database. StreamFlixPro does not disturb you with ads when you are watching your favorite TV show on the website. A unique feature of the site is that all TV shows and movies are streamed in HD format . Also, new programs are added every day. Apart from TV shows, you can also stream movies on the site. However, you need to sign up for the website before you can access the features on the website. Registration is absolutely free .

3. Wizler TV

This is a website that is trusted when it comes to streaming of favorite TV shows online. The site has a lot of channels with programs like sports, news, movies, kids, entertainment , and lots more. Wizler TV presents you with schedules on the present and upcoming programs. The site does not display ads while you stream your favorite programs. Also, you don’t have to register an account before having full access to the site. Furthermore, Wizler TV offers you free premium TV channels with its video player loading up quickly, just like that of YouTube.

4. Pluto TV – TV Streaming Site


This is a TV platform that offers its users a great streaming experience. The site has more than 100 TV channels you can watch free. PlutoTV earns its revenue from video ads between programs. Aside from TV shows, the site also offers movie lovers a lot of movies they can access effortlessly. With PlutoTV, you enjoy better live TV show experience on all devices. PlutoTV has also developed an app for devices like RokuApple TVAndroid , ChromecastiOS , and lots more.Also Read: Amazing Games Like Skyrim You Should Try in 2021

5. Airtel TV – TV Streaming Site

Airtel TV

Airtel TV is an amazing OTT service based website. The site has a lot of TV Shows, Movies, and Live TV. Airtel TV website has a clean and easy to use interface. It has more than 100 live TV channels . Most of these channels are Sony, FTA , and Zee based channels . With Airtel TV, you can stream programs on your favorite channels in HD format . Once you select a program on the site, it loads up quickly, just like what is obtainable on YouTube. Programs available on channels in the site include news, sports, entertainment, music, movies , and many more. Furthermore, it offers a lot of US and UK TV shows. However, to access a lot of channels on the site, you need to sign up to have an Airtel SIM card .

For more details about Airtel TV, you can visit the video below.

6. Free TV – TV Streaming Site


This is an online TV that is free and easy to navigate for both new and existing users. Free TV has a lot of TV channels that can be streamed online at no cost. The site does not have a premium version . Also, most of the channels available on the website are FTA channels . Free TV is accessible to users on different continents of the world. All channels on the website are legal and are arranged into a genre . However, few ads are being displayed intermittently for the purpose of earning some revenue for Free TV.

7. Hulu – TV Streaming Site

Best Free TV Streaming Sites in 2021: Hulu

Hulu is a well-designed website that was hosts a lot of TV channels. The site is designed with a fascinating and easy to navigate interface. So if you are a new user, you have nothing to worry about. When you visit Hulu, you have access to stream over 150 movies . Also, you have access to watch TV shows and other entertainment programs. All TV shows, old and new movies, and infotainment programs are streamed in HD format . Hulu also offers paid services. In the paid service, you subscribe to Hulu TV service at $7.99 .

8. YuppTV – TV Streaming Site


YuppTV is a free TV streaming site that allows users to watch over 100 live channels at no cost. It has a well-designed interface that attracts new users to visit the website. The site works in collaboration with digital media companies, movie studios , major TV networks, and publishers to earn some revenue through video ads . Programs available on the TV channel include news, sports, music, gaming , and many more. To make YuppTV accessible to a lot of people, YuppTV has designed an app that supports Roku, iOS, Android, and other small devices. The site also offers its users an excellent video quality. You can also download your favorite program on Windows and Mac and watch offline at your convenient time.Also Read: Free Sites Like Omegle for Random Online Chatting in 2021

9. Showbox – TV Streaming Site


Showbox is a website where you can enjoy TV shows and quality movies at no cost. The site has a lot of content in its library, with new channels and movies consistently added. Showbox has amazing and well-designed graphics. It also has high-quality videos for its users to enjoy free. All features on the site can be accessed without creating an account.

10. Streema – TV Streaming Site


Streema is another website through which you can watch your favorite TV channels live. The site has a large collection of content for its users to access free. These content are well categorized based on countries, genres, cities, and languages . When you choose a channel on Streema, it pops up an interface where you can start watching the channel. Streema also allows you to have access to radio channels. The service of Streema is available on platforms like web, iOS, and Android .


Free TV streaming sites are available to give you a great TV show streaming experience. While some sites have illegal channels and programs, the sites discussed above are those ones you can visit to enjoy legal TV channels with fully loaded programs you won’t want to miss.

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