Best Minecraft Mods to Change or Enhance Your Gameplay in 2022

Minecraft mod, also known as Minecraft modification is a process of adding blocky landscapes and custom items to Minecraft. With Minecraft, you have a change in interfacetools, and also add hours of exploration to your game. Different minor tweaks have been done to improve the mods and completely overhaul them. As much as you could experience a good feel of gaming with the Minecraft mods, it is consistently updated with new versions. The new version always contains new features that will make you feel you must add them to your Minecraft mod collections.

Summary of Best Minecraft Mods to Change or Enhance Your Gameplay in 2022

The table below summarizes the features of the Minecraft mods discussed here.

Minecraft ModFeatures
OptifineIt has a graphic and visual effect.You can turn off the particle effect.It has dynamic lightning.
Just Enough ItemsIt adds recipes and blocks to the game.
Inventor SorterIt sorts out inventory and records items.
Useful BackpacksIts recipes are made of wood, skin, and leather.
DecocraftIt has items that can be used to furnish houses in the mod.
GalacticraftYou can pimp out your spaceship, fighting the mobs in Mars, and building your moonbase.You can explore new planets and the entire solar system.
Conquest ReforgedIt has ancient buildings.
Bacteria modYou have both destructive and creative bacteria.
Pam’s HarvestcraftIt gives Minecraft a balanced diet.It contains items you need for a cooking game.
BiosphereIts environment comprises a small moon and biomes.
BoozeIt has all materials and pieces of equipment used in the distillery.
JourneymanIt helps travellers to identify different waypoint and their destinations.
CaterpillarYou can kill a mob and redecorate your base.You can become virtual labour.

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Best Minecraft Mods You Can Use in 2022

Today, I will be elucidating the different Minecraft mods you can choose for your game

1. OptiFine – Minecraft Mode Link


For those who are new to Minecraft mod, OptiFine is one of the best choices they can start with. It comes with a lot of changes in particles and visual effects. This change improves the performance and efficiency of the mod. When you install OptiFine, you can customize the graphics and visual effect settings of the mod. This will enable you to set the visual and graphic effects to what you desire. Optifine also has features whereby you can turn off all particle effects. You can also enjoy using the mod by making use of the new setting added to Optifine. Some of these features include dynamic lightning and fast render effect.

2. Just Enough Items (JEI) – Minecraft Mode Link

Just Enough Items (JEI)

Just Enough Items is also known as JEI. It is a great addition to Minecraft collections. The mod adds new features to your game. It is an important addition for those that are interested in adding new recipes and blocks to their Minecraft. When the JEI is installed in your game, the whole right-hand side of the screen of the game is taken over by the icons of the recipes. All you need to do to see the creation process is to click on the block or the item you want to preview.

3. Inventor Sorter

This is a straightforward mod with a simple interface that is built into Vanilla Minecraft. The Inventor Sorter is an addon that has two useful features that can be used to organize inventories. It sorts the items in the inventory into ways. Firstly, it automatically sorts the items with a simple click in the middle of the mouse. Secondly, when you are looking at items in the chest, you can scroll down the mouse to move all the items into your inventory simultaneously.

4. Useful Backpacks – Minecraft Mode Link

Useful Backpacks

The Useful Backpacks mod is one of the best mods that offer backpack items to your Vanilla Minecraft. This mod adds small, medium, and large-sized backpacks items to the game. Each of the chosen backpacks has its special crafting recipe made with materials like wool, string, and leather. The recipes can be balanced with the remaining game through the use of BackPacks. This will make the inventory management of items not too difficult or easy for new users.

5. Decocraft – Minecraft Mode Link


Minecraft can give you a feel of what decorations can look like in your home, room, or cave. This can be experienced with the Decocraft mod. This mod gives you an amazing interior design in your house. Decocraft has craftable items that can be used to furnish your home. The items include silverware, glass walls, and bedside and table lamps. Also, it has a shower and seesaw for the playground of your home.

6. Galacticraft – Minecraft Mode Link


When you need a mod that can make you explore the planet, you can go for Galacticraft. The mod has features that allow you to explore new planets, solar systems and to collect resources from any of the planets visited. You can also build energy sources to survive in the galaxy during your visit to the planet. With Galactocraft, you are afforded gameplay chances like pimping out your spaceship, fighting the mobs on Mars, and building your moonbase. The interface of the Galacticraft is simple and easy to navigate. With Galacticraft, you can travel in a linear progression whereby you can see your final destination on the new planet easily.Also Read: Best Free Property Management Software 2022

7. Conquest Reforged – Minecraft Mode Link

Conquest Reforged

The Conquest Reforged is a mod that makes you have a flashback of some of the historic landmarks. These include buildings like the St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Pyramid of Egypt , and other beautiful edifices you have seen or heard about in time past. The mod has a lot of outstanding textures that can mimic the design and style that are in correlation with those of ancient times. Conquest Reforged mod is a perfect mod for architects and other individuals involved in the building profession

8. Bacteria Mod – Minecraft Mode Link

Bacteria Mod

Just as we have the general knowledge of the destructive and creative nature of bacteria, you can have a feel of it in the Bacteria mod. It has always been one of the top-ranked mods because of its concept and design. In this mode, the simulation is done in a way that you culture different types of bacteria. Each of these bacteria will perform both destructive and creative tasks. Then you release them into the simulated world to see observe their impact.

9. Pam’s Harvestcraft – Minecraft Mode Link

Pam’s Harvestcraft

If you are interested in having a mod that will introduce the needed variations into your Minecraft diet, you can choose Pam’s Harvestcraft. This mod adds over 1100 new food items to your diet. It also includes about 60 crops, tofu for vegetarians, and about 17 types of fish. Additionally, it adds about 36 fruit items into the diets of your Minecraft. The main goal of this is to give your Minecraft mod a balanced diet. Pam’s Harvestcraft works alongside the Cooking for Blockheads mod. The Cooking for Blockheads mod forms a well structured multiblock kitchen by adding five new blocks to the existing kitchen blocks. The block has kitchen utensils, a table, sink, fridge, tool racks, and oven in them. This feature makes Pam’s Harvestcraft mod look more like a simulated cooking game.

10. Biosphere – Minecraft Mode Link


The biosphere is a mod that helps you fulfil the dream of living in a glass toppled sphere that is connected to the outer world by a wooden bridge. The biosphere mod comprises a small moon and different biomes. With the Biosphere mod, you can attempt going to the moon thereby making your gaming experience fulfilled.

11. Booze – Minecraft Mode Link


Booze is a mod simulated to contain plants and all the necessary materials needed to craft a distillery that can produce alcoholic wine and whiskey . The materials available in the distillery include yeast, barrels, wine, hops, and other important tools needed for your Minecraft mod to have a sense of complete distillery. The distillation process of producing the wine is simulated to be like its been done in real life. However, it may take many in-game days to have the wine produced by your Minecraft. Through this, you can appreciate how wines are been produced in real life.Also Read: 15 Best Screensavers for Windows 10, Turning Up the Heat on Mac Users

12. Journeymap – Minecraft Mode Link


Journeymap is a mod simulated to mimic a real-life condition whereby you are travelling from one location to another. The mod maps the world of your Minecraft as it travels. On your journey, you can mark interesting waypoints and other destinations you won’t want to forget in a hurry. The journeymap mod has a unique feature that lets you know something dangerous is approaching you from behind. At the end of your journey, you can view the resulting map as a mini, and large screen in-game map.

13. Caterpillar – Minecraft Mode Link


Caterpillar is a Minecraft mod that explores the world of automated digging and tunnelling machinery. This mod will give you a feel of how you can kill a mob and redecorate your base meticulously. You will have to build your base yourself. By so doing, you spend more time in virtual labour. Each of the pieces of equipment you use has its benefits. So once you study them you won’t get stuck while executing the task.


The Minecraft mods discussed above are some of the brilliantly simulated mods you can choose for a splendid gaming experience. Go through their features and know what they will add to your gaming and real-life knowledge. This will help you choose the best Minecraft mod that is a perfect fit for your quest for knowledge.

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