Best People Search Engines to Find People Easily in 2019
Best People Search Engines to Find People Easily in 2019

Best People Search Engines to Find People Easily in 2019

Best People Search Engines to Find People Easily in 2019 - On one of those days when the name of an old schoolmate or colleague pops up in your head, how do you contact them? You met someone recently but were able to get only their name, nothing else, what do you do?

What Created the People Search Engine Apps?

Let’s take a wild guess. You go on Facebook to search for them. If you are very lucky, you’d find them on the first page of search results. If you aren’t, you probably give up on finding them and get on with life. Only it’s not that easy sometimes. There are times when it is very hard to concentrate just because you couldn’t find who you wanted to. Well, all that is in the past now. Finding people has become a lot easier with the presence of people search engines.

It works just like how Google, Bing and other popular search engines work. This time, though, it’s not any random topic you’d type into them. You only have to type the name of the person you want to find and let the search engine work its magic. It might seem too good to be true but it is indeed true.

Many other situations call for the need to use people search engines. You may want to check out your new colleague at work. You may want to verify if the new person you’re talking to is a catfish or not. We wouldn’t know for sure what you need them for. One thing we can all agree on, though, is that there’s only so much the regular search engines can do. There’s also only so much social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn can do. You won’t find someone who never created an account there. Hence, you should keep reading to discover the best people search engines out there.

Best People Search Engines You Should Use in 2019

The information you would find on these people search engines vary. As you read on, you would discover this. Some only tell you about the employment of a person. Others let you know where they went to school, their assets, as well as their business interests. It’s pretty interesting. Note that some of these search engines work better in certain countries than in others. In no order, here are the best people search engines that would make finding people easier a lot easier.

1. Whitepages - Engine Link

On this search engine, you would get lots of valuable information about the person you’re looking for. You would get not only professional information but a social one as well. From the person’s addresses to contact details to their properties, the list is endless. You may even get to see their criminal records if they have any. You just need to have the name of the person and if possible, their location and you are good to go. To make things even better, it is available for download on both Android and Apple devices. So, whenever you want to find out about someone, just whip out your phone and access the app.

With a free account, you get to access details such as location, mobile number, and addresses. However, if you want more details about the person, you can upgrade your account to a premium one. The subscription starts from as low as $19.95 per month. This search engine works best in the United States.

2. Spokeo - Engine Site


On Spokeo, the social media info and public records of that person are at your fingertips. You can make use of the person’s name, location, and email address to find them. Anyone that you have works just fine. The results you’d get are curated from well over 60 social media platforms and other online profiles. It would bring you results from dating sites, blogging platforms, shopping sites and so on. What this means is that the amount of info that you’d get is dependent on how many social sites the person uses. You can only use this search engine if the person you’re trying to find is based in the US. You can filter your results by narrowing the search to only the necessary states. You can find the criminal history records of the subject too. There is also a paid subscription from as low as $4.95 monthly. This makes it quite cheaper than many other search engines on this list. The catch, though, is that you cannot make more than 100 searches in a month.

3. Pipl - Engine Url


This is a very popular people search engine. It sure deserves this as it’s one of the few people search engines that work for almost every country. Whatever info you have on the subject – name, location, email, phone number – is what can be used to look for them. It gives very precise results under a few seconds. It claims to be the most comprehensive people search engine on the web and this isn’t a false claim. What’s more, using it comes at no cost if you’re using it for yourself. For a corporate purpose, the cost is $99 per month. This price allows for 200 searches.

4. PeekYou - Engine Website


This is yet another people search engine that is free and gets a good job done. It curates its results from more than 60 online platforms like news sources, blogs, or websites. As with the others, you have to enter the name, phone number, location or any other info you have into the search bar. Though you can search the world, it works best if the subject is resident in the US. Expect to get details on every public record there is on the subject.

5. BeenVerified - Engine Link


This one is perfect for finding people with their employment history. You can also use it when you’re about to start a new job. Check out the other members of staff of the company and know a little bit about them. You would get details such as social media presence to address history to public records. You can download the BeenVerified app on both Android and Apple devices. You can get basic info about an individual with only a free account. However, if you want a more detailed report, you have to upgrade your account. There is a trial period where you pay $1 for 5 days. The full subscription comes at $26.89/month. You can find people from across the globe but the search is more specific and accurate for those in the US.

6. Instant Checkmate - Engine Link

Instant Checkmate

This search engine works for only people residing in the US. You’d get the age, addresses, and court, criminal records of the subject. You’d also get info on the assets and marital status of the individual. Instant Checkmate curates its results from various sources. It makes use of both the country, state, and federal data sources. It also includes results from the various online sites the subject has a profile on. To get all these, you have to subscribe at a fee of about $35 for a month. You can choose to go for the three months subscriptions if you’d be using the search engine for a long time. It would help you to save money instead of having to pay every other month. A major con is that if you want to download these reports, you would have to pay an additional fee. It might be pricey but the results are definitely worth it. You can download it on Android and Apple devices.

7. Intelius – People Search, Lookup Phone Numbers, & Background Checks - Engine Link

Intelius – People Search, Lookup Phone Numbers, &Background Checks

This people search engine has a very expansive database. Hence, you are sure to find even the dodgiest person on this site. You can only use this search engine for those in the U.S.

There are different types of subscriptions for you to choose from based on your needs. The first month of subscription, though, comes with 50% off the regular price which is $19.95. On Intelius, you can get social media info, records of properties, criminal records, etc.

It also provides info on the educational history of the individual. Whatever reports you get, you won’t be able to download it. The search engine reports data in a very unique way. It makes use of a spidery graph to show the connection between the different people that are in the report.

8. Zabasearch - Engine URL


On this people search engine, you don’t have to register for an account before gaining access to it. It is a very convenient search engine to make use of. It puts together info from different public sources. So, you can find the subject with either their name, location or phone number. The search is often accurate. Though, it depends on how much info that is online on the subject you’re searching for.

9. PeopleFinders - Engine Link


The name says it all. This search engine helps you to find whoever you want to find. It gives very comprehensive, accurate results and is relatively affordable too. It costs about $25 per month which is a good deal when compared to some other search engines. One major con, though, is that it does not include social media details. Other than that, it does a pretty good job.

10. Mylife - Engine Site


Here, you get to know there is to know for free. All you have to do is to create an account. If you’re wondering why the name says ‘Mylife’, here is the reason. On this search engine, you can correct and monitor the background reports of yourself. When you search for yourself, you can edit and delete any info that you wouldn’t want to be put out there. That is if you are in the US, though as it works for only US-based individuals. It gives a lot of unique info about a person. This includes their political party, interests, and relatives, amongst many others.

Conclusion of People Search Engines for Free to Find People Easily in 2019

Finding people has never been easier. With the 10 people search engines above, you can get it done under a few minutes. The good thing about this post is that you don’t have to stick to just one search engine. If one fails to give you the information you desire, you can simply hop onto the next one. There’s no way you won’t have a detail or two or even ten about an individual with these sites. Everyone has data with the government and with certain organizations. Just have the right name and get right to it.

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