Best PowerPoint Alternatives To Present Better in 2022

When anyone talks about creating presentations for business purposes, a meeting or a lecture, the first thing that comes to mind is PowerPoint. PowerPoint is a software that is created and managed by the Microsoft Company and is loaded with lots of design, icons and layouts and templates that are just great for professional use. It has become very popular over time, and has carved out a name for itself in the field of presentations. But we’ve got a question; have you ever thought if there was an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint ? Or are you still making use of outdated, ‘usual’ presentation styles, with highly regular bullet points? You might have noticed quite a few times that Microsoft PowerPoint has got its limitations. And if you would like to scale up your presentation and communicate your thoughts in a more ‘creatively professional’ manner, we surely don’t want to keep you waiting! That’s why, in this article, we’ve come to you with the best alternatives to the Microsoft PowerPoint software that would match your requirements.

Which Presentation Application or Software is The Right One For You?

Think about it; words alone would not help in ensuring that your presentation stands out. This means that it is necessary to note what your criteria and preferences are. Oh, and one more important thing you’ll need is a creative idea in order to perfect your presentation.

Best PowerPoint Alternatives To Present Better in 2022

Prezi – Alternative Link


The Prezi presentation works with a different kind of approach in that it’s got lots of designer templates, as well as several millions of re-usable presentation templates. Presentations made with Prezi are more high-end and engaging than that of Microsoft PowerPoint. What’s more, you’ll enjoy an even better user experience. Its got numerous features, including the zoom and pan out, making it more impressive. You could consider it as one of those amazing, useful alternatives to PowerPoint that help to convert your ideas into presentations.Also Read: Best Credit Monitoring Services of 2022


  • Easily customizable design templates and graphics, with reusable presentations.
  • Zoom, the pan features to emphasize your important points.
  • Cloud-based tool with 14-days demo.
  • Amazing branding, very handy, and easy collaboration.

Keynote – Alternative Link


Do you use the Apple Operating System on your computer? If your answer is yes, then you will be familiar with the Apple Keynote app which has got excellent features: customizable themes, high-level layout, friendly UI, and much more. Even more, you can easily access the online versions through any available web browsers, on other Apple devices.


  • It gives you real-time collaboration, making you access your presentations anywhere, anytime on your iOS devices, iMac, and mobile phones.
  • Lots of themes are available (30+) to create a professional presentation.
  • Apple pencil feature available to create beautiful illustrations and diagrams.

Google Slides – Alternative Link

Google Slides

From its name, you can infer the value of this product. It is one of the best alternatives out there to Microsoft PowerPoint and it helps to provide seamless collaboration between users and editors for file sharing.

Rich template collection, predefined templates, themes, charts, fonts, and numerous sleek transitions are available on Google Slides to make your presentation stand out, and your ideas equally vibrant.


  • Very scalable and flexible.
  • It is very reliable, due to its high-grade security and cloud-based intelligence.
  • It is available in just one package which can be used to sync with Google Drive, and is also accessible with your Google account.

Visme – Alternative Link


This is another top-notch application and software that is built for professionals. It has got an awesomely rich collection of professional tools and templates, including drag-drop features that help you create the ultimate, ideal presentation that you have in mind, with the capability to display infographics and data on the slide decks.

Simply put, Visme is a presentation tool that is cloud-based and helps make work much easier by adding URL functions that are auto-generated for collaborative purposes.


  • Files such as audio, objects, videos, and charts can be added to your presentation to make it much more engaging.
  • It features optional password protection for professionals in need of extra security.
  • Assets such as images, fonts, templates, and icons are available in their hundreds.

Slidebean – Alternative Link


Slidebean is another special, powerful software for creating presentations that suit your taste. Slides can be created in as little time as a minute through the use of artificial intelligence. It designs presentations seamlessly and automatically, one of its features that made it earn awards and renown over time.

Note that with Slidebean software, which is an online presentation service, you’ll be required to add your own content, and then it will make an appropriate, dynamic presentation without any need for setups or a designer. Let’s look at its features below.


  • Professional tools, templates, themes and designs to meet your professional requirements.
  • Easily create amazing presentations in just a minute.
  • Images can easily be recognized from your library and then aligned properly.

Haiku Deck – Alternative Link

Haiku Deck
Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is an easy to use presentation software that comes with lots of templates. Its main objective is to focus on one slide at a time.Also Read: Best Sources for Covid-19 Information

Therefore, it helps users to pick cool images from a mega library, while making available consistent editing and formatting on your presentation, thus enabling you to present your information more clearly.


  • This presentation software is cloud-based, and it enables its users to access edited files between devices that are connected.
  • Haiku Deck presentation software can create batches of slides much faster than other applications.

Libreoffice Impress – Alternative Link

Libreoffice Impress

Talk about a free, open-source application for your presentation. Libreoffice Impress is an awesome alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint.

It enhances the look of presentations due to its diagrammatic and drawing tools which are similar to those in PowerPoint. You can easily add bullets and other features such as tables, audio, video, and other multimedia files. Slideshows can be easily controlled, arranged and rearranged in a sequence.


  • You can add amazing 2D & 3D photos or images to your slides.
  • Slides can be displayed sequentially.

Libreoffice Impress provides you with a versatile reserve of templates and themes, outlines, and inline notes.

Powtoon – Alternative Link


One of the unique aspects of this awesome, free presentation software is that it allows you to easily create videos in just a minute. Powtoon is an online software where you can make beautiful animations and create stories for a presentation. This means that you can expect a perfect job on your slides if it is done with Powtoon.

In addition, you may also use your library to make a great presentation using Powtoon’s excellent characters, features, and templates and then freely upload them. Besides PowerPoint, it is one of the best apps for presentations, and this makes it a great alternative.


  • Includes drag-drop to easily add features, items, as well as navigate your presentation.
  • Powtoon can also integrate your presentation script into an animated video clip.
  • You can easily create presentations in as little time as a minute with this free online tool.

Glisser – Alternative Link


Glisser though the last for this list, cannot be overlooked or skipped, as it is a highly recommended presentation tool and alternative to PowerPoint. Speaking of the most popular presentation software in the market, Glisser ranks first place, as it won the Expo 2019 Tech Competition due to the engagement platform on its audience.

Glisser is certified (ISO 27001), and provides its users with maximum security. This means that your data is completely secure, and you’ll have a great user experience as well. You can also share your presentation with other colleagues, and bring in interactive features into your slides.


  • It is very secure and is compatible with any Internet-enabled device.
  • It is award-winning and renowned, with an ISO 27001 certification.
  • Makes for real-time collaboration and audience interactions with accurate analytics.

Top 3 Offline PowerPoint Alternatives

Canva – Alternative Link


In search of a free, simple application that can be used to make presentations? Canva has got you covered, as it comes loaded with lots of designs and templates to help you express and explain your imagination and words through an explicit presentation. You can also edit existing images, and make it more befitting for your project.

This app is definitely worth considering, as it is a free, offline tool that offers you amazing presentations without any hassles.Also Read: Best Minecraft Mods to Change or Enhance Your Gameplay in 2022


  • Its got several hundreds of templates and layouts.
  • Drag-drop features and other features make it easy to use.

BEAUTIFUL.AI – Alternative Link

BEAUTIFUL.AI provides its users with the ultimate simplicity of use; you can use this tool to create detailed, intensive slides and presentations in just about a minute. All you need do is incorporate those ideas and innovations of yours, pick any suitable template, and instantly build your presentation.

You’ll definitely have a wonderful experience using this application. Let’s see the features.


  • Create standard, high-quality presentations in no time.
  • Slides can automatically adapt to your content.
  • Lots of templates, icons, and images are available as well.

SlideDog – Alternative Link


SlideDog is the handiest, appropriate software for you if you are creating mainly multimedia presentations. SlideDog is similar to PowerPoint in that you can easily switch between multiple presentation files.

PDF files and other multimedia content can be incorporated into your slides, and the quality is not harmed.


  • Customize top-notch multimedia slides and presentations.
  • File sizes can be compressed during upload, without harming the quality.

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