15 Best Screensavers for Windows 10, Turning Up the Heat on Mac Users
15 Best Screensavers for Windows 10, Turning Up the Heat on Mac Users

15 Best Screensavers for Windows 10, Turning Up the Heat on Mac Users

Saving is always considered as a great option, whether in money or anything else. So, choosing a screensaver can help you a lot. It saves energy when your computer stays idle for too long. But selecting a screensaver for this only? No, now you can choose a screensaver for not only reducing the screen timings. But on a greater part, adding some more art and beauty to your computers.

Why Windows 10 Screensavers ?

Windows are more prone to viruses than Mac. It makes the user dread of any new software or program they install in their computers. But, not when you are at the right place to get the best screensavers for free.

Today I will discuss the 15 best screensavers. Those, which I personally love. Not only this. But are free and safe to use. Grab your seatbelts, because the journey is going to be full of adventure and fun.

But, before I start. Take notes of installing and changing a screensaver on your computer. It is simple, just download any screensaver (src) file, right click on it and it's installed. For exe files, you need to follow their own particular instructions.

Changing a screensaver is too easy. Just right-click your desktop, click "Personalise -> Lock screen -> Screen saver settings" (at the bottom). Here, you can find the time duration and kind. Yes, how long and which screensaver should stay.

List of Best Screensavers for Windows 10 PC in 2020

Let's get back to the ride of finding out best screensavers in town.

Fliqlo - Screensaver Link


Looking for a perfect clock-style screensaver for your computer? How about a gothic and bold clock, ticking and toking on your screen. Fliqlo, is one perfect clock-themed screensaver, blessing your screen. Having a dark background and bold digits. It gives the reminiscence of old-school art form. The one you will absolutely love. The flipping clock, reminds you of how quickly your moments pass and will never come again. If you are into aesthetic minimal art. Fliqlo is one made for you.

Aerial - Screensaver Link


Remember? As a windows user, we always used to envy Mac users. As they had the finest aerial views of the world's most beautiful cities given in Apple TV media device. But, jealousy is no longer of use. Aerial for windows is now in function. It gives you the scenery of some amazing cities. Making your soul soothe, every time you look at it. If you are a bird of urbanization. Aerial is the one for you.

Polar Clock 3 - Screensaver Link

PolarClock 3
Polar Clock 3

Finding three in one deals at one place is always a great option. But, when the clock itself presents to you, the best deals. You'll surely like that. Polar clock presents you the best 3 in 1 deal. It not only tells you time in 3 segments. The seconds, minutes and hours. But tell you the week, month and the year in which you are. The colorful circular pattern looks aesthetic. It gets completed when the time, date, week, month and year get to their maximum. Available in many languages and custom colors. You can customize your clock for you.

Living Marine Aquarium 2 - Screensaver Link

LivingMarine Aquarium 2
Living Marine Aquarium 2

Aquatic life is greatly loved by all of us. Many of us adore the colors of nature underwater. Having a personalized live aquarium can be a good option. The screensaver provides you with 18 different and colorful varieties of underwater life. It has the 3d feature. So, it's true, you can get the feeling of being there without being there. The customized graphics setting allows you to have the kind of aquarium you want. So now, you can refresh after a hectic day just by looking at the screen.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Screensaver Link

TheWizarding World of Harry Potter
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

This is the kind of screensaver every potterhead wants. The hottest in the best collection. This takes you back to Hogwarts. The high quality graphics of Hogwarts and Harry are the best blessing for any potterhead. You can once again become a part of this magical journey by just looking at your screen.

Helios - Screensaver Link


When chemistry matches with art, Helios is formed. This amazing screensaver displays ions and matter. The color pattern of the particles and their arrangement in repeated order relaxes you. The movement can be controlled through customized settings. The most interesting thing is you can not only select. But can set the frame of the particle movement. If you enjoy the chemistry of particles in its most beautiful form. Helios can be an option for you.

Stranger Things - Screensaver Link

Stranger Things

If you loved the Netflix original, you are going to love the screensaver where Mike, Dustin and Lucas are finding out the strangeness happening around them. The amazing graphics from the origin are enough to get the nostalgia. The green and red combination of the graphics make your screen appear grand and mesmerizing. For the diehard fandom of the original, this can be an addiction.

Japan Spring - Screensaver Link

Japan Spring

Mount Fuji, the old snow-bearded mountain in all its beauty gives a scene of spring in Japan. The Sakura or The pinkish cherry trees and the serenity of spring can be a good option for a nature lover. A digital clock also tells you time at a corner. The beauty of spring in Japan and soothing effect brings a trance. If you love pinkish and quiet environments. Japan spring is your companion.

MSN fireplace

The screensaver provides you with a continuously burning fire under a classically carved mantelpiece of brick. As the screensaver is designed by MSN, owned by Microsoft. So, it has their logos at the corners of the fireplace. With an all-black background, this looks mesmerizing. This could be your default screensaver for freezing-cold winters. If you want a great warm-up sensation during winters, it can be your choice.

Flux - Screensaver Link

15 Best Screensavers for Windows 10, Turning Up the Heat on Mac Users: Flux
15 Best Screensavers for Windows 10, Turning Up the Heat on Mac Users: Flux

With a gothic background, and colorful particles sparkling up the screen. Flux is one amazing screensaver, which involves particles transition. The amazingly created particles move continuously with a rhythm. The paces are customized. You can adjust the screen timing. The most amazing feature is you can select the type of patterns you want on your screen. Currently, the screensaver gives you four patterns. Hypnotic ", "Insane", "Galactic" and "Sparklers". The flux of particles can be a good idea if you love 80's retro-styled backgrounds.

Wildflowers 3d - Screensaver Link

Wildflowers 3d
Wildflowers 3d

Are you the one addicted to nature and the blossom of the season? Wildflowers 3d is made perfectly for you. It brings you amazing and colourful flowers. All scattered roughly over your screen present to you colour and beauty. Sound effects produce relaxing wind. The wind mixes in quick rhthym with the bees slowly carrying out pollination. All this makes you one step closer to the nature. You can't help loving the colour, pattern, bloom and beauty, all displayed at a single place.

Aqua Surface 2 - Screensaver Link

Aqua Surface 2
Aqua Surface 2

When the chemistry of liquid meets with dark and modern art form. Aqua Surface takes birth. The screesaver comes with a view of water wave crashing through a surface. The crash appears realistic and one believes liquid sipping out of the computer. The screensaver is based on the idea of how time flows quickly like water. It gives a circular clock at the bottom right corner. Here, time, days and dates continuously flow in the circle and complete just before the hour or new time of day begins. If you love serenity with some action. It's the one for you.

3d Pipes - Screensaver Link

3d Pipes
3d Pipes

Life is a collection of mazes. Some easier, some a bit complex. Pipes 3d in its colourful amazing graphic property, pipes gives amazing visualization of maze arrangement in colourful combination. The 3d effects makes the maze a more realistic one. You can easily set up the arrangement and custom combination of pipes in the settings. The pattern moment can also be controlled. What're you waiting for? Make pipes, your signature screensaver.

Euphoria - Screensaver Link


If you are get excited by colours. The various patterns they form in their own way. You want to feel relax after a tiring day at work. If you want to get peace of mind. If colours help you in lowering your stress. Download Euphoria. This screensaver provides you with fixed patterns called wisps in their various arrangements. Different colours with ordered arrangement of wisps gives you the realistic effect with screen movement. So, become euphoric with this awesome screensaver.

Cosmic Voyage - Screensaver Link

Cosmic Voyage
Cosmic Voyage

From my childhood, I was highly interested in space and heavenly bodies. With time, this interest grew more. So, I thought of having something from our space. Cosmic Voyage was the ultimate solution. I found myself travelling to space. Finding new galaxies, super nova's and heavenly bodies is one amazing task. Cosmic voyage takes you to an adventure right in the outer world. The screen saver gets perfect with amazing graphics and the animation effects. You can give it a shot to be your next screensaver.

So, tell us which one is going to be your choice, this spring-summer? Helping your windows screen to be more than just a "screen". Because, for others its a screen. For you, its your own kind of digital world.

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