Best Sources for Covid-19 Information

The pandemic situation around the world has become a major talking point on a global level. It all started with few cases in Wuhan, a city in China but have since been spreading like wildfire in some countries around the world such as ItalySpainIran and the United States.

Why a Need for Best Sources for Covid-19 Information

From the latest statistics, the United States is the worst-hit country in the world. This explains the reason why we felt it’s important to keep citizens aware of how dangerous the corona virus can be.

Many countries around the world are on indefinite lockdown, to help curb the spread of the virus while affected patients are getting treated in isolation centres.

The reality of COVID-19 has already hit nations and their citizens around the world and they now understand why they should stay at home. Certain people are still complacent or ignorant about this whole pandemic though, so it’s necessary to read this article for better understanding.

The World Health Organization released in a statement that the corona virus outbreak has ravaged well over 100 countries across the globe, making it one of the most deadly pandemics in recent times but we won’t go into details.

The purpose of this article is to point readers to sources and sites to get the latest information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

A-List of Best Sources for COVID-19 Information

Here is a well-researched list of the best sources for Covid-19 information

1. Government Agencies

2. Streaming and Cable Networks

3. Social Media Platforms

4. Public Health Awareness WebsitesAlso Read: 35+ Best Anime Streaming Sites in 2021

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Government Agencies

The government of a nation is an authority that has to be reckoned with. On several occasions since the virus outbreak, the POTUS Donald Trump has addressed the nation to enlighten the US citizens and its inhabitants about the pandemic, as well as putting out necessary information and guidelines to help curb the spread.

When the corona virus outbreak started spreading across the country, the United States Government had to restrict movements and enforce a total lockdown in all states. Major sporting events like the U.S Open and N.B.A was suspended. High Schools, Colleges and Universities were shut down while major companies and organizations had to stop operation for few weeks.

Initially, it all started by restricting crowded gatherings like parties, sporting events and concerts. Then, travellers and tourists entering the country had to be isolated for 14 days to ensure they don’t put other citizens at risk of contracting the virus.

So to get the latest update about new cases of COVID-19 as well as death and recovery numbers, one needs to keep close tabs on the information released by the government.

There are several government agencies dedicated to tracking and giving out the necessary information about the pandemic such as

We will recommend checking out the CDC site for all the latest information on the coronavirus pandemic. You will get to know more about the testing procedures and the number of cases daily in the U.S. You will get to learn about symptoms and testing as well as additional information on safety precautions.

This is an agency in the U.S that aid and responds to disasters when resources are no longer sufficient. Get updates of cases of COVID-19 here and guidance on economic support and recovery.

Streaming and Cable Networks

One of the major means of getting information about COVID-19 is listening to and watching the latest health news on your Television. Since the start of the corona virus outbreak, several news organizations and cable TV channels have been covering the pandemic and doing a good job to push the awareness of social distancing and self-isolation. You will get to understand the symptoms and people who stand at higher risk of contracting the virus from their various broadcasts.

You can stream the broadcasts on some of these stations from your mobile device or a PC. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on TV. Recently a COVID-19 Tracker Project was started to keep track of all the latest events related to the pandemic in one place. Make sure you check it out.

Examples of these Streaming and Cable Networks are:

This is the best cable network in the world. This American based international television channel is one of the best sources for COVID-19 information. You can also stream news updates and programs live on your smartphone, PC or Mac. We highly recommend this source.

This is a radio channel that allows you to stream their programs online. It’s a 24hours per day channel that ensures you get all the necessary updates around the world. You can listen live to hourly news and stream about everything you need to understand about this global pandemic.

You can check for the latest numbers of cases in the U.S.A, deaths in U.S.A, cases worldwide, and deaths worldwide on this page. You will get to read and know more about the corona virus every day of the week by signing up for Daily-Rounds and Morning-Recaps. This is a daily updated newsletter!Also Read: Best Rainmeter Skins To Jazz Up Your Desktop

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Social Media Platforms

Social Media platforms are the biggest source of COVID-19 information on the internet. This is due to a large number of users across the world. You can get the latest updates on COVID-19 on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Twitter is the best of them all, so if you don’t already have a Twitter account, go sign up for one already.


This is the best source for corona virus pandemic information. There are millions of users around the world and it’s the fastest medium for spreading information in our world today. On this platform, you can get the latest updates about the pandemic before official sources release their information.

There are certified public health experts, medical doctors and scientists that provide detailed insights on the current pandemic ravaging the world. Ensure you follow them to get the latest information about the COVID-19 outbreak.

Many of these public health workers and scientists also do researches about the virus with the aim of finding a solution such as vaccines to help cure affected patients. As many are too busy fighting the virus at health care centres, they might not keep up on Twitter as you’ll expect. So, ensure you follow as many as possible.

Suggested Twitter Accounts to follow

Prof and Virologist at Geneva Centre for Emerging Viral Diseases

Infectious Diseases Writer

New York Virologist

Asst. Prof at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

Public Health Awareness Websites

You can get the latest information on how to protect yourself from this virus by visiting the website links listed. The purpose of these websites is to:

  • Get fact sheets of the corona virus cases.
  • Get news release updates about COVID-19 regularly.
  • Understanding the concept of social distancing.
  • Know more about patients and their road to recovery.
  • Learn more about the experience of health care workers on the frontline.

Notable mentions for public health awareness are;

State Health Departments

There are health department across states in the United States that takes care of every health issue within a state. Ensure you bookmark the website of the one in your locality. Their duty is to track and curb the spread of any disease and also find a solution if possible for dwellers within the state. An example is the Florida Department of Health platform.

World Health Organization

There have been misconceptions and theories about corona virus but WHO recently set up a page to help teach people to know more about corona virus and also learn about the common myth and misconceptions surrounding it. This misconception ranges from not embracing the 5G mobile network or exposing oneself to a high temperature or the sun will help prevent the virus.

You can also get genuine information about COVID-19 from news outlets such as:

  • The Atlantic
  • New York Times
  • The COVID-19 Tracker Project
  • COVID-19 Center for Systems Science and Engineering Dashboard

These Public Health Awareness Websites can be very helpful.


This guide will enlighten you about self-care and assist you in seeking appropriate medical care during this global pandemic. It will ensure you take extra precautions. Some health care researchers have dedicated their time and resources to track all the information about COVID-19 and you can check out the latest data and cases on several dashboards to stay updated.

As of the time of this writing, the coronavirus death toll has surpassed 50,000 people across the United States of America. Learn how to protect yourself from getting infected by the corona virus and also learn what to do if you ever fall sick by getting information from the sources listed in this article.Also Read: Best Android Browsers For 2021

Tell us about your experience during this lockdown and share more links or websites that could serve as a good source for COVID-19 information in the comment section.

Please ensure you practice social distancing and stay at home!

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