How to Make a Deer Feeder

how to make a deer feeder

Are you an active wildlife enthusiast? When was the last time you hunted for or took care of a wildlife deer? What equipment do you have that aid you in this activity? Whether you’re a professional hunter or just someone on a lookout for a new hobby, you will need good gears. Using the right … Read more

How To Wash A Cat Without Water

Having a cat as a pet you probably know that they are self-cleaning. Felines hate water baths. They take care of their body hygiene. Though there are some circumstances that they get too dirty to clean themselves. Just imagine a cat getting into wet paint. Of course, you do not expect it to lick the … Read more

No Bake Dog Treats

Not everyone is a great chef when it comes to kitchen matters. Though it’s fun and more so healthy and safe to make your treat for your pooch at home. Making no-bake treats at home saves you time and money. The treats take a minimum time to prepare with simple and readily available ingredients. 7 … Read more

How Long Do Cats Sleep At Night

Cats naturally sleep a lot. They can easily puzzle those unfamiliar with these feline friends’ lifestyle. They can sleep anytime, any day, any place under any circumstances. However, their crepuscular nature makes make them more active early in the mornings and late evenings. Fortunately, the domesticated cats adjust sleeping routines and sleep more at night. … Read more

How To Exercise Your Dog

A dog should exercise daily. The exercises are to make them pant and not exhausted. As the dog owner, you need to be very creative and come up with different games to play in the form of exercising. The daily exercises should include but not limited to playing fetch, Frisbee and swimming. Alternate the exercises … Read more

How Cold Is Too Cold For A Dog

In winter the temperatures can be dangerous for dogs. So dog owners are advised to monitor their dogs’ body conditions. Dogs usually show signs when feeling cold. Those signs include cracked or bleeding paws. Cracked paws are an indication of cold weather injury. So, when is it too cold to take your dog for a … Read more

How To Make Your Home Pet Friendly

indoor rabbit hutch furniture

When planning your home, put your pet into consideration. Have their needs too in mind. Ensure your home is comfortable for both you and your pet. Get to know the protective measures to take and the common household to share. Planning goes a long way in helping you to streamline your daily routine, save time … Read more

Top 10 Cool Dog Products

Treading Dog Products 1. Rub-a-dub-dub Dog’s body, heal thyself with a massage and a bit of Canine Myofunctional Therapy (CMT) from KarmaK9 Dog Massage Each session brings relaxation, stress relief, recovery and a healthy dose of support for the SPCA. 2. The Canine Clothing Did we all notice the cold? Snowflakes in places that would … Read more

Pick The Right Cattery For Cats

Disturbing your cat’s regular routine by taking them to a cattery will certainly cause your pet some stress. Being prepared and knowing you have placed your cat in the best boarding environment possible will enable you to have a worry-free holiday. When you’re first in the market for choosing a cattery it can be quite … Read more

The History of Welding

Have you ever looked at the frame of your car, a shipping container, or even something as simple as a fire extinguisher?  Have you ever seen the rippling metal between the joints on these everyday items and wondered: How did they do that? Who first thought about trying to weld bits of metal together? Welding … Read more