What do turtles eat?

what do water turtles eat

Pig-nose turtles are opportunistic omnivores, with herbivorous tendencies. Their principal food is the fruits of shoreline trees, although they also eat their leaves and flowers as well as algae and other submergent plants. Animal foods include insect larvae, mollusks, and crustaceans. Fish and mammals are also eaten, but probably as carrion. What do Australo-American sideneck turtles eat? Most species are omnivorous … Read more

Common Diseases of Canaries

canary feather cyst

Whether you have canaries at home, or if you are thinking of having them, it is very important to know what are the most common Canarian diseases . Here we will tell you the symptoms of each one, and how they are treated. However, remember that any abnormality that you observe in your canary, the … Read more

What Do Canaries Eat

do canaries need grit

The first thing you should know if you wonder what the canaries eat is that most of their food is made up of different seeds. We also explain the importance of fruit and vegetables for this type of bird, and what supplements are essential for your health. The feed for canaries is a very complete … Read more

Care Guide for Lovebirds

love birds food

When it comes to a lovebirds, we will have to give extra attention. These parrots need company and love. These are two essential requirements in the  care of lovebirds . So, in addition to basic care, this bird needs a sociable environment. It is extremely important that you can interact with you and your partner throughout the day. They need to … Read more

40+ Best Hamster Cage Reviews

ferplast hamster cage

Hamsters are lovely and very adorable pets. These pets are just one of the few creatures that children can easily care for. In fact, if you ever need to nurture your children’s love for animals, hamsters are your best friends. That is why you also need to provide them with a home where they can thrive and be … Read more

Top 10 Most Expensive Cat in the World

Cats are considered to be one of the best friends of people. However, some cat breeds are much more expensive than other ones. Let’s see top 10 most expensive cat in the world that can blow your minds with their price: Peterbald Cats The Peterbald is a refined cat with a long elongated body with … Read more

Best Parrot Cage Reviews

People who are accustomed to having birds and parrots in the garden or some area inside the house choose to acquire special cages. Therefore, this time we will talk about several that serve for parrots, which are also optimal for other types of domestic birds. However, before making the purchase of a cage of these, … Read more

Vaccinations for Ferrets

recommended ferrets vaccines

Like dogs, cats or rabbits, ferrets must also follow an annual vaccination plan to avoid being exposed to dangerous diseases. Although in many autonomous regions of Spain ferret vaccines are not mandatory, it is recommended to put them in order to prevent infection . Also, if you are going to travel outside the country, you do need to have your ferret vaccinated and … Read more

Races of Guinea Pigs

Races of guinea pigs

There are 13 recognized breeds of guinea pigs , although the vast majority of pets are crosses between two races of guinea pigs or descendants of mestizos. Not for that reason they stop being beautiful and some adorable companions. The races are distinguished mainly by the type and color of hair , although there are also some genetic differences between … Read more