What do Ferrets Eat: Best Ferret Food Reviews

Appropriate Food for Ferrets

Ferrets are strictly carnivorous animals , just like cats. This means that they must obtain their energy from proteins of animal origin and fat and are unable to digest large amounts of carbohydrates. Dog feed is not suitable for ferrets because its composition is deficient for them, even those of very good quality. Until a few years ago there were no … Read more

Coexistence of Rabbits With Other Species

Coexistence of rabbits with other species

All those who have several pets know how important it is to get everyone to get along. This can be the difference between a peaceful and entertaining family life and the eternal torture of having to take care that no door is left open and disaster occurs. This is not different when you have members of different … Read more

How to Educate a Rabbit?

communication with your rabbit

If you want to educate your rabbit it is important that you know some things about their behavior. In principle your main motivations are your inclination to gnaw and dig, your need to communicate with you and establish a social structure. A young rabbit has a lot of energy and an endless need to explore, that’s … Read more

What do Rabbits Eat? Best Rabbit Foods Reviews

rabbits eating

Rabbits have become one of the favorite pets of people, because they are tender and adorable. And, in addition, they are ideal if you are looking for a docile and small animal that does not occupy much space, makes you company and is easy to take care of. Rabbits are perfect for children to learn to take care of animals and … Read more

Exotic Pets: Which is the Best?

A very frequent mistake is to acquire a pet impulsively because you saw one that you liked or you thought it was great and then realize that their care is very complicated, expensive or not what you expected from a pet. Here we will give you a brief description of the different animals called exotic, … Read more

Indoor Rabbit Cages Essentials

best indoor rabbit cage

Indoor rabbit cages are an important requirement for any house rabbit pet.  Traditional wooden rabbit hutches are really designed for outdoor use. As such, they tend to look totally out of place indoors unless they can be kept somewhere well away from normal household living areas. Here you can find some important points about choosing wire … Read more

Rabbit Hutch Accessories Your Rabbit Might Need

indoor rabbit hutch furniture

Once you get a rabbit hutch for your bunny, the time will come to shop for rabbit accessories to make your hutch as comfortable as possible for your bunny. The problem is that there are so many items that may catch your eyes, all sold as must-have items for your rabbit. Which should you buy and which should … Read more

Wooden Rabbit Hutch or Rabbit Cage?

how to build an indoor rabbit cage

If you’re looking for a home for your bunny, you may be wondering whether a wooden rabbit hutch is a better buy than a rabbit cage. In this article, I’ll do a short comparison of these two options so you can see what each one will be like for your pet. The good news is that you have a lot … Read more