Best Ways to Check Hard Disk Health on Windows
Best Ways to Check Hard Disk Health on Windows

Best Ways to Check Hard Disk Health on Windows

No one conversant with computers and other smart devices disregards the importance of hard drives. A lot of system users consider their system's hard disk to be the most important part of their computer. The reason is obvious. The hard drive is the place in your computer where all your vital information is can be traced to. It is indeed the soul of your system. A lot of your system's components are replaceable when they get damaged and the integrity of your system would remain intact. But some other components are not easily replaceable. 

The hard drive falls among this category. If you don't have a very good back up for your information, slight damage to your hard drive can be injurious to you and your business. If you are a student or an academician, it can mean a loss of your valuable project! This is one of the major reasons why the safety of your PC's hard drive should be your utmost concern.

List of Best Ways to Check Hard Disk Health on Windows

With the rapid increase in the complexity of technology, there are multiple ways you can secure the health of your PC. Many computer manufacturers have their in-built methods through which they can check and diagnose hard drive errors. This article is an answer to some of the ways through which you can secure your hard drive's health.

The Manufacturer's Hard Disk Tools

The Manufacturer's Hard Disk Tools
The Manufacturer's Hard Disk Tools

A lot of hard drive makers are thoughtful enough to offer a lot of free tools for checking the health of your drive. You can use these tools to also monitor the performance of your device's hard drive. These tools will provide you with first-hand information that is helpful to you. It is paramount that you know the producer of your hard drive to use this tool effectively.

Your drive's maker may be different from your PC's maker. So if you are skeptical of this part, hold down the Win key on your keyboard and search for " Device Manager " on the search bar. This will pop up the result which is traceable to your system's " Control Panel ".

After clicking the device manager option, you can safely unstick the " Disk drives " selection. This procedure will enable you to articulate a note of your drive's model number. Copy your drive's model number and look it up on the internet. Your search results will indicate the maker of your drive if done accurately. After you know the maker of your hard drive, you can visit their official website. Check for their customer support section and get information regarding the utility of your hard drive. You should be careful enough to make sure that it tallies with the model number of your drive. These are a lot of top makers of hard drives in the industry. Below is a link to some of the top hard drive makers.

These brands have their point of differences but their uniqueness is important for their modus operandi. But one thing is certain; they offer some of the best services out there for hard drives. This is a go-to option for you as you will surely love it.

The Windows CHKDSK Tool

If you are using a Windows machine, then you are one step ahead using this in-built window's functionality. With the Windows CHKDSK Tool , you'll have the benefit of scanning your device's hard drive at the drop of a hat. These scans are necessary to search out errors and show you the segments of your drive that is bad. After scanning, it'll help you to fix the errors detected via the scans. It can also notify you in case there is a more complex problem so you'll know your next line of action.

If you want to opt into this option, go to the device manager and right-click on the "Disk drives" select option. Then " Properties " and choose the " Tools tab " option. This will open up an option with the " Check now " notation. Click it. This will result in the opening up of a dialog box with a dual option for scanning and fixing errors. You can also choose the " Start " option to help you get a comprehensive report of your device's drive error.

This is a fundamental tool that highlights the importance of fixing errors and searching out problems on your hard drive. It will bring to your knowledge the need to fix bigger problems to guarantee the safety of your hard drive.

The WMIC Tool

The WMIC Tool is a command-line tool. It allows you to carry out a lot of administrative functions like routinely checking for the health of your hard drive. It is a very powerful tool that makes use of the S.M.A.R.T feature (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology). This feature permits you to observe the general status of your hard drive. You can also perform other simple functions via this command. Options like " OK " and " Pred Fail " add some icing to the cake. Even though this tool is very important, its concept is very simple. It is especially useful to windows operators because it is an in-built function of Windows systems.

To use this tool to test for problems on your hard drive computer, press the Win + R buttons. This will open up a small dialog; the Run dialog. Inside this dialog, there are many options in a search bar in the dialog box. Clear the default option and type in " cmd ", click on " OK " afterward. This will lead you straight to the windows command prompt

In the Windows command prompt, type in


and then press the "Enter" key on your keyboard. This will open up the WMI interface and when this interface is fully ready, type in the words.

disk drive get status

After that, press the " Enter" key on your keyboard again. This will clearly show you the status of your device's hard drive.

Other Third-party Tools for checking your Device's Hard Drive

You can also make use of other third-party drive health checking tools. These tools will provide you with more information. A lot of these tools also offer the " S.M.A.R.T " feature like the WMIC tool discussed above. The information they provide you with is very detailed and goes a long way to help.

There are a plethora of other third-party service providers like IOLO System Mechanic Pro , HD Tune , PassMark DiskCheckup , Samsung HUTIL , Seagate SeaTool , CrystalDiskInfo , that you can use to at your convenience. These tools will offer you some of the best services when it comes to checking for the overall health of your hard drive. They also offer some of the best utility services out there. You may like to opt-in for any of these services and enjoy top-notch services.

The CrystalDiskInfo Tool

If you are a lover of simple-to-use software, then this is a nice option to consider. It is one of the most powerful hard drive utility tools out there. One likable thing about it is the fact that it is not heavy. Most of the questions you are asking all have their answers in this tool. The health status of your PC, the maker of your PC and other things like temperature all can be detected using this tool. Spin-up time, write/read error rate and other useful information are also measurable using this tool.

To show how light it is, the tool is only 4 MB heavy, i.e. it's .exe file. The normal installer for this program has ads which may be annoying to you. If this is the case, make use of the " Customer Installer " selection to help you avoid the ads. After you are done with the installation process, go ahead and launch the program. Inside this software, you'll be provided with the information about your drive. One major upside about this tool is the frequency with which it checks your drive. It will notify you if it gets to detect anything wrong with the health of your hard disk.

There are other third-party drive tools that check for the health of your drive. Tools like HDDScan and Hard Disk Sentinel also function well like CrystalDiskInfo. Although it is obvious from your first visit to their site that their mode of operation is different, we recommend that you check them out too. In some ways, these tools are sophisticated with some other features but CrystalDiskInfo is a better alternative for users who like it simple.

Conclusion of Best Methods for Checking Hard Disk Health on Windows OS PC

It is common to see most PC owners with issues about the system's storage device; most notably Hard drive. The tools we discussed above are some of the best ways you can use to check the health of your computer's hard drive. The developers at Windows were careful enough to incorporate some in-built functionality. These functionalities can assist you a lot. But in the absence of that, other third-party service providers will help you keep your hard disk safe.

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