CouchTuner Discussions, Features, Benefits and Alternative
CouchTuner Discussions, Features, Benefits and Alternative

5+ Best Free CouchTuner Alternatives 2019

5+ Best Free CouchTuner Alternatives 2019 - Nowadays, TV and electronic media has become the main source of entertainment. People are not using radio or books as entertainment. Instead, they like to relax with a nice movie or series. Along with being a form of entertainment, these movies and series have also become an essential part of every conversation. Back in the day, people talked about the weather. Now, they talk about the trending show or newly released movie.

What is CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is a website where you can watch movies and TV series for free. This site has been in operation since 2010. It has plenty of TV shows and that is why it is popular among people who watch these shows.

CouchTuner is actually a pirate website so the media that streams on the site is pirated. Most top rated shows are present on the website. You can easily surf through the website and choose the TV shows of your choice.

Like all other pirated websites, CouchTuner is also not legal. The TV shows present on the website are there illegally. The legal repercussions for watching content on the site depend on your geographical location.

If you are living in the US, 6 strike laws affect you for streaming pirated media. Your ISP can cripple your bandwidth if they catch you watching content on the site. British government has targeted CouchTuner in the past since sanctioned spying is huge in England. In some regions, you may even face criminal charges for using pirated sites.

Is CouchTuner Safe?

When you are watching or downloading content from pirated sites, there is always a threat of malware and viruses. This is true in the case of CouchTuner too. However, most of the times, the site has been reliable. In some instances, users have been affected by malware. If you want to stream safely:

· Do not click on ads

· Enable antivirus in your computer

There are many ads on the website that will ask you to sign up for access or update your software. These ads are misleading and they are just there for making money. Do not click on these ads as they pose a threat to your computer. There is no account needed for CouchTuner so do not click on any ad asking you for a sign in account.

Benefits of CouchTuner

If you want to watch shows on HBO, you will have to pay for cable every month. Similarly, you have to pay for a Netflix and Amazon Prime subscription in order to watch all the TV shows there. This is how those sites make money from their shows.

However, the benefit of CouchTuner is that you get everything for free. You can watch your favorite shows for free, without paying a subscription fee. Most of the high-rated shows are on the website so you will have no trouble looking for them.

Another benefit of CouchTuner is that you do not have to make an account. There are many websites online that stream content for free but they ask you to make an account. For this, they may require your debit card information too. If you do not want to provide all of that information and just stream content whenever you want, CouchTuner is good option. However, it is important to remember that it is a pirated site and you are putting your computer’s safety as risk.

Features of CouchTuner

There are many features of CouchTuner that have been updated since 2010. The site is very basic will the main shows portrayed on the home page. There are plenty of links on the front page. When you enter the site, you will see a menu bar on the top with the following options:

· Search TV shows

· TV show List

· New releases

· Home

· TV News

You can either search for the shows in the search bar. Or, you can simply scroll through the list and select the show that you want to watch. The TV shows are arranged in alphabetical order so you can easily find the one you are looking for.

The website also shows you the top trending shows. These are the TV shows that everyone is watching and talking about.

Along with that, there is also a list of All-time favorite shows that are classics or relevant in all times.

No log in

One of the best features of this CouchTuner is that you do not need to log in. simply, come to the website and watch any show you want to watch. There is no need to go through the hassle of making an account and logging in every time.

New Releases

The newly released shows are also present on the website. On the home page, you will find the links to all the episodes that were released that day or the previous day. This makes it easy for you to find a specific episode that you were waiting for, the whole week.

Free List of Best CouchTuner Alternatives 2019

Even though CouchTuner has been popular for a long time, its quality has been decreasing. Many people complained that they can no longer watch their favorite shows because they are not available on the website. There are many alternatives to this site, where you can stream TV shows.

Daily TV Fix

This website is for those people who cannot live without watching the episodes of their favorite shows as soon as they are released. You can stream media files online on this website.

The filter for searching TV shows is quite comprehensive so you can find any show easily. The newly released episodes are on the home page so there is no need to search for them. Dozens of episodes are added every day. The forum on this website is quite active.

People talk about their favorite shows and request the site owners for episodes. You might find people with similar interests on the forum.

Fast Movies

Fast Movies
Fast Movies

This website is suitable for people who want to watch movies and TV shows both. There are hundreds of free movies and shows on their website, available in HD. The content is arranged by categories so you can check in the genre that you like.

If the movie or show you are looking for is not present on the site, you can request it from the owners. It will be uploaded as soon as an online copy is present. You have to register for this site. When your account is ready, you can stream free content as much as you like.

Openload Free TV

Openload Free TV
Openload Free TV

This is another website where you can find all the movies and TV shows that you want to watch. This site has TV shows from 1998 to present so you will definitely find the classics too. The media is arranged:

· In categories

· Alphabetically

So, you can search for any show easily. Or you can simply type the name in search bar that is present on the right hand corner. If you do not want to miss out on any episode, you can activate email notifications. The website will update you when the episode or show you requested is available.



PutLocker is another popular website which has a huge collection of TV shows and movies. You will find all the popular and unpopular movies here. There are many mirrors so you can choose any one of them.

This website is different from others because it streams shows from all around the world. You will be able to find shows from India, France, Thailand, Korea, China and other countries. Whenever you search for a movie or a TV show, you will see the description along with it too. So, you can choose whether you like the plot or not. All the new movies and latest TV series are available in HD.



No log in

Log in required

Streams TV shows only

Streams shows and Movies

English shows only

Streams TV shows from different countries

Very little information

IMDB rating, country, duration shown

Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher
Movie Watcher

A lot of people find it a real nuisance to register for free sites or make an account. If you are of those people, you will find Movie Watcher to be suitable for your taste. The website has TV shows and movies with different genres, including drama, fantasy, music, horror, crime, game show, mystery, reality, adventure, action, film-noir and many more. The media is sorted according to:

· New Releases

· Most Popular

· Genres

· Years

You will be able to find something for your taste on Movie Watcher. All the shows and movies are rated so you can decide based on their ratings too. If you want to learn more about them before watching, you can read the description.

Netflix and Amazon Prime

If you are willing to pay for the shows and movies that you want to watch, the best thing to do is to get a subscription. You can get a monthly Netflix subscription which you can share with two or four people, depending on your package.

If you get an Amazon Prime subscription, you will be able to get fee shipping on your orders. However, you will have to pay for these subscriptions on monthly basis. It is up to you which medium of entertainment you go for.

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