8+ Best CrashPlan Alternatives in 2020
8+ Best CrashPlan Alternatives in 2020

8+ Best CrashPlan Alternatives in 2020

8+ Best CrashPlan Alternatives in 2020 - Nowadays, data is the most important thing in the world. It is always a good practice to take regular backup of your data.

Why a Need for CrashPlan Alternatives in 2020

You can easily restore your data in case your hard disk crashes. It may take some time to take back up of your data. But, it will be beneficial for you in the long run. It has become mandatory for everyone to take a backup of their data. The best way to back up your data is by using cloud solutions.

There are many companies which let you take backup of your data by cloud technology. Crashplan was one of those companies. But, sadly has already shut-down. If you were a regular user of CrashPlan, then you might have already received an email about their closure. They gave 60- days free extension to their users. Thus, every CrashPlan user is looking for a good alternative. There are various expensive options available on the internet.

List of Best CrashPlan Alternatives in 2020

But, most people can’t afford it. Hence, we have compiled a list of 8 best and affordable CrashPlan alternatives.

1. BackBlaze - Alternative Link


BackBlaze is one of the best cloud backup services available in the market. It has a very simple user interface. Thus, anyone can use it. BackBlaze deserves the top spot in this list. You can buy their service for $50/year. CrashPlan used to charge $59.99/year from an individual user. Thus, BackBlaze is cheaper when compared with CrashPlan .

The best thing about BackBlaze is its user experience. In CrashPlan , you need to specify the exact file of the path you want to backup . Thus, you need to do dig deep inside your computer to find files. But, in BackBlaze you can directly specify the format of the file you want to back up. BackBlaze will automatically find the file on your computer. You can also exclude folders if they have the same file with the same format.

BackBlaze is also very secure. They offer 128-bit encryption. On the other hand, CrashPlan used to have 448 -bit encryption. You may think that CrashPlan has better security. But, it is very hard to compromise BackBlaze security. It uses CrashPlan approach for making sure that your data is safe. They encrypt all your data in their data centers. Your data will only get decrypted when you are downloading it. It also allows you to set up .-factor authentication. This feature was missing in CrashPlan. Thus, BackBlaze is more secured when compared with CrashPlan. You can also use their app on your mobile. Hence, you can access your files from anywhere in the world.

The only disadvantage of using BackBlaze is that there is no local backup option. You can’t take back up your files in your different laptop or external HDD. Still, it is a great alternative to CrashPlan . They offer various features like continuous backups and versioning.

Let’s talk about the restoration process now. BackBlaze provides you three different methods for restoring your data. But, first, you need to login into their website. You can download all your files as a ZIP or RAR file. If you don’t want to download ZIP files, then you can request a hard drive or USB (up to 128 GB). They will deliver the HDD or flash drive to your home. You need to return the hard drive or flash drive within 30 days. After returning, you can claim your refund.

Key Features:

• The product is cheaper when compared to other cloud solutions.

• You can use BackBlaze on any platform.

• Unlimited backup feature.

Platforms Supported: iOS, Android, macOS , Windows

Pricing: Free 15 day trial, 50$ /year after that.

2. Carbonite - Alternative Url


CrashPlan was a customer-focused company. They gave top priority to their users. Thus, they extended every user plan for 60 -day. They have also suggested their users switch to Carbonite. Even CrashPlan think that Carbonite is a perfect alternative of CrashPlan. Carbonite is very easy to use service . You can take full back up of your data by using their backup wizard. They have already fine-tuned the recommended settings for their users. If you are an advanced user, then you can customize the settings. Once you have set the settings, you can take a backup of your files. CrashPlan had a very complicated process for taking back up. Thus, most people didn’t like it. Compare to CrashPlan, it is easy to take back up in Carbonite.

Carbonite is very similar to CrashPlan in terms of features. You will get unlimited backup storage just like CrashPlan. Thus, you can back up all your data. They will also provide continuous backup protection to your files. You can also take back up in your external hard disk. This feature was missing in BackBlaze . Carbonite also takes back up of your settings. Thus, you easily configure it in any new computer or laptop.

Carbonite also provides excellent security features. They are using 128-bit AES encryption to encrypt your files. CrashPlan used to provide 448-bit encryption to their users. But, you can personally set the encryption key. You can use 256-bit encryption to protect your data. All your files will remain encrypted in Carbonite servers. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your data getting leaked.

Lastly , we are going to talk about the restoration process. Carbonite is better than CrashPlan when it comes to restoration. You can restore your data on unlimited computers. They also provide a special service called Bare Metal Restore. You don’t need to install any operating system or software to restore your files. This feature allows you to restore files without downloading any software. Thus, this feature will save you a lot of time.

Key Features:

• You can back up any type of file.

• Unlimited storage is available.

• You can take back up in your external hard drive.

Platforms Supported: macOS , Windows

Pricing: Free for 15 days, 59. 99$ /year after that.

3. IDrive - Alternative Site


IDrive is one of the best backup solutions available in the market. You can also back up your mobile device by using this software. This feature is missing in most of the cloud solutions including CrashPlan. All the files that you will back up are completely secure. IDrive will provide every file with a unique encryption key. Even if some of your files got leaked, the other files will remain the same. Hackers can’t use the same encryption key to unlock all other files. IDrive is also fast when compared with CrashPlan.

IDrive is also very similar to CrashPlan . It provides features like backup scheduler, local backup, shipped restore and seed loading. Seed loading is a unique feature provided by IDrive . You can back up your files in external HDD and ship it to IDrive . These features come in handy when you have a very slow internet connection. But, your data must be at least 100 GB in size. This feature is free for personal users. But, you can only avail it one time per year.

Shipped restore is another very cool feature. In this, you can request for your files from IDrive . You need to pay $99.50 per request. IDrive also protects your file by using 256-bit encryption. It is good enough to protect your files from hackers.

Key Features:

• You can backup your iOS or Android devices.

• You can back up your files from many sources.

• No limit on-device backup.

Platforms Supported: macOS , Windows, iOS, Android

Pricing: Free, 52. 12$ /year for Personal Plan.

4. Duplicati - Alternative Website


Duplicati is my personal favorite on this list. I love it because it is open -source software. You can access its source code on GitHub. Thus, it is completely free. You don’t need to pay for using their services.

However, this doesn’t mean that Duplicate lacks in features. More and more coders are contributing to this open-source project. Thus, Duplicati offers a lot of cool features. They also offer two different levels of security. You can either encrypt your files with 256-bit encryption or use a GNU Privacy Guard. Just like CrashPlan , you can also schedule your backups in Duplicati . Thus, you can specify the days of the month when you want it to take back up.

Duplicati uses standard protocols like WebDAV , SSH, and FTP. Most of the popular services like Google Drive, HubIC , and Mega use the same protocols. Duplicati provides a lot of features to its users. It also allows you to choose the storage type. It also lets you create a separate password and username for your backup. You can also configure your HTTP requests. It also allows you to exclude hidden files and specific file types.

Key Features:

• This software is completely open-source and free.

• Supports most of the platforms.

• It provides you with many good features.

Platforms Supported: Linux, macOS , Windows

Pricing: Free.

5. SpiderOakOne - Alternative Link


SpiderOakOne may sound confusing to you. But, it is good software when it comes to cloud solutions. Their motto is “No Knowledge” which means that they don’t store any information about your data. They use end-to-end encryption technology to make sure that your data is safe. For power users, then use SHA-256 encryption technology to encrypt your data. They also assign different keys to all your files. Thus, your data will never get leaked.

You can also two -factor authentication security in your account. This feature was also available in CrashPlan . This software also provides various features like automatic backup and versioning. It lets you schedule all your future backups. They have a very important feature called “SpiderOak Hive”. You can create a new folder on your laptop and copy your files in this folder. This folded will be accessible from all your devices. Thus, you can access the files of this folder from anywhere in the world. But, this software lacks important features like in-place restoration and administrator controls.

Key Features:

• You can backup all your devices.

• They provide good upload speed to their users.

• This software offers private and end-to-end encryption.

Platforms Supported: macOS , Windows, iOS, Android, Linux

Pricing: Free for 21 days, 5. 00$ /month after that.

6. Acronis TrueImage - Alternative Url

Acronis TrueImage
Acronis TrueImage

If you have 500 Megabyte space in your hard disk, then you can try this software. Acronis True Image is very different from CrashPlan . You need to download their complete software to use their services. But, it has a very simple user interface. Everything is self-explanatory. Thus, even a new user can easily use this software.

Acronis True Image also offers various features. You can take a backup of all your devices. It also allows you to take automatic backups, scheduled backups and do file versioning. You can also use this device to backup your social media data or mobile devices. It allows you to take back up in their cloud, local folder or external hard disk. This feature was missing in CrashPlan .

Acronis True Image is not limited to backing up your data only. It offers various other tools. You can clone your disk using this software. It also offers tools like Parallel Access and Universal Restore. But, the most useful tool is the Rescue Media Builder. You can use this tool to back up your whole system in the form of an ISO file. This ISO file can restore your computer if it crashes.

Key Features:

• Simple user interface.

• Provide many different tools.

• Supports mobile platforms also .

Platforms Supported: macOS , Windows, iOS, Android

Pricing: Free for 30 days, 49. 99$ /year after that.

7. ElephantDrive - Alternative Site


ElephantDrive is another great cloud solution service. If you are low on budget , then this cloud solution is perfect for you. Most users don’t have much data to back up. Thus, ElephantDrive gives free 2GB storage to its users. If you have more data, then you can upgrade your plan.

It is also one of the simplest data backup services. You can copy and paste files to “ MyElephantDrive ” folder. You can easily find this folder on your computer. ElephantDrive will back up all the files of this folder. There are two different folders. All the files in the “Backup” folder will be uploaded on their server. If you want to access your files from a different computer, then you need to copy them in the “Everywhere” folder. These files will be accessible from other computers that are using the same account.

ElephantDrive offers various features like web access, file versioning, and automatic backups. They also use 256-bit encryption to encrypt your files. You can also access your files from a different computer. They store all your files in different data facilities. Thus, you can restore your data even if one of their facilities loses all the data. You can also use this service on Linux. This service can also work on iOS, Network Attached Storages, and Android.


• Supports most of the operating system.

• If you have less data, then you can their free 2GB storage.

• Simple user-interface.

Platforms Supported: macOS , Windows, iOS, Android, NAS, and Linux

Pricing: Free for 2 GB, after that you can buy the Pro version for $9.95/month.

8. Resilio Sync - Alternative App

Resilio  Sync
Resilio Sync

This service is very different when compared with CrashPlan. It is actually a cloud sharing service. But, still, it is capable of being a CrashPlan alternative. If you want to back up some of your files only, then this service is perfect for you. After creating your account, you will get a synchronization key. You can use this key to access your files from any device.

Resilio Sync is fast when compared to other alternatives. It provides various features to its users like versioning control. They also offer an advanced service called “Sync Home”. This service is free for 14 days. It provides various features like one-time stand, selective sync and linking all your devices. It also allows you to control the bandwidth allocation. If you want to use this service, then you need to pay $59.99 for the pro version. The paid version only requires a one-time payment. But, still many users consider it to an expensive option.


• It has a simple user interface.

• Perfect for people who have fewer files to backup .

• Runs on most of the operating systems.

Platforms Supported: macOS , Windows, iOS, Android, NAS.

Pricing: Free for 14 days, Pro version for $59.99.

Conclusion of Alternatives to CrashPlan in 2020

There are many cloud solutions available in the market. But, still, most people are not using them. The cloud computing technology is becoming cheaper now. Thus, more and more people have started looking for cloud solutions.

We have tried to cover the best cloud solutions in this article. You can use these services to back up your data. Even small or large businesses can use these services.

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