Best Ways To Fix Event Id 41 On Windows 10 Pc In 2019
Best Ways To Fix Event Id 41 On Windows 10 Pc In 2019

Best Ways To Fix Event Id 41 On Windows 10 Pc In 2019

Best Ways to Repair Event ID 41 on Windows 10 PC in 2019 - Being a Windows user, you will end up with many errors and problems. While some of them can be ignored, there are others that you must solve if you want to continue using your computer. There are some errors that, when not fixed, can practically lock you out of your system. One of these is Event ID 41. It is an error associated with Windows startup and it must be fixed urgently. There are many ways to fix this error and you must do it as soon as possible.

You will not get rid of Event ID 41 until you fix it. It can happen any time. So, if you are working on something important, this error could ruin the whole task. Basically, Event ID 41 restarts your computer. You could be doing anything on your computer and it will unexpectedly shut down. There is no warning before the shut down so you might not even get time to save your work.

What does Event ID 41 Do?

Since Event ID 41 is connected to kernel power, it can cause unexpected shutdown of your computer. The system failure will make you lose anything you were working on. When the computer is being booted, it will do a routine check to see if the shutdown was proper or not. If the Windows did not shut down properly, you will see Event ID 41 error on your screen.

The appearance of this event shows that something prevented the computer from shutting down properly. There is no description of what the reason was. However, if you remember what you were doing on the computer before the shutdown happened, you might be able to know the cause.

Best Methods To Fix Event Id 41 On Windows 10 Pc In 2019

There are many ways to fix this error. You can start with one method. If it works for your system, then viola. If it does not, then you can proceed to trying out another method.

Sometimes, the issue might be due to interrupted power supply to the computer. In this case, you should get a UPS to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the system at all times. Also, check if the source is underpowered or the power supply fails from time to time. Fixing these issues could fix Event ID 41 error too.

Change URL Using the Registry Editor

ChangeURL Using the Registry Editor
Change URL Using the Registry Editor

Originally, this method is used for solving the Metadata Staging Failed issue. However, it can also be used to fix the Event ID 41. It was seen that when the Metadata Staging Failed error was resolved, the Event ID 41 was also fixed automatically.

· For this, you have to open the Run window by pressing Windows and R key at once.

· Then type in 'regedit' and click on Enter.

· This will open the Registry Editor.

· Here, you have to find the Device Meta Data Service URL .

· If you cannot find it manually, just click on Ctrl and F key. This will open the Find box.

· Type Device Meta Data Service URL in here and you will be able to find it.

· Replace the existing URL with:

After this, you can just close the Registry. In most cases, this solves the problem. However, if you encounter the problem again, you can use of the methods listed below.

Clean Boot the System

CleanBoot the System
Clean Boot the System

Sometimes, it is not possible to find out the cause for Event ID 41 . In this case, clean booting the system solves this error. When you clean boot the system, everything on the Windows is cleaned.

· For this, open the Run window by pressing Windows and R key at once.

· Then, type in 'msconfig' in the window that appears and press enter.

· A window will appear on your screen that says System Configuration. You will see a lot of options here.

· From these options, select General and then go on to selecting 'Selective Startup'.

· You will see that different boxes are checked. From these, uncheck the box that says 'Load startup items'.

· After this, go to the other tab labelled General and check the box that says 'Hide all Microsoft services'.

· Then, you have to select Disable All.

· By selecting this option, you will disable all services on your computer.

· Lastly, restart your computer.

When your computer starts again, you have to go to settings and then change them again. Bring them back to their original state. Now, you can use your computer normally. Since the whole system is clean booted, this method works for fixing the Event ID 41 error.

Update Audio Drivers

UpdateAudio Drivers
Update Audio Drivers

In some cases, updating the audio drivers on your computer can also solve the Event ID 41 error. If you have a corrupted audio card on your computer, this could be a reason for the error too.

· Press the Windows Key and choose Device Manager .

· When you expand it to the left, you will see options for game controllers, sound and videos.

· Click on this and on the Action tab.

· From here, choose Update Driver Software.

· You can search your computer for the driver software. Then, choose High Definition Audio Device Driver from the options you see.

· Click on Next and wait for the process to start.

· Once the drivers are updated, restart your computer.

If this does not fix the problem, then you must update other drivers. Go back to the list of drivers and see if there are yellow exclamation marks in front of any drivers. These are the ones that have not been updated in a long time. Update all of these drivers. It might solve the Event ID 41 error on your computer. You can either do this manually or get a program, such as Drivereasy, to automatically update all drivers on your computer.

Change the Power Settings

Changethe Power Settings
Change the Power Settings

As mentioned, Event ID 41 error is associated with power and shutdown of the system. Customizing the power settings can help remove this error. Windows 10 has a Power Plan feature where you can customize the settings. In this feature, you can control the consumption of power by your computer. You can also modify or customize advanced power settings in the system.

· Go to the Start menu.

· Search for Power options.

· Click on Power and Sleep settings.

· A window will open with different power settings. On the right side, you will see related settings.

· Click on Additional Power Settings, under this section.

· This will open more Power settings. Here, click on the 'Change when the computer sleep option.' This will be on the left side of the screen.

· This will open the window where you can change display and sleep settings for your computer.

· Here, click on 'Change advanced power settings'.

· Then, click on Hardware and then on 'Turn off hard disk after'.

· Set the 'Plugged in' and 'On battery' options to Never.

· If you do not see the Never option on your computer, just type in 0. This will automatically set the option to Never.

· Then, click on the 'Sleep' option and do the same here.

· Set both the aforementioned options to Never.

· When you click on 'Apply', the changes will be saved.

Changing the power settings prevents your computer from automatically shutting off while you are using it.

Repair Install Windows

RepairInstall Windows
Repair Install Windows

If everything fails at fixing the Event ID 41 error, then you might have to repair install windows. This method is used to upgrade any repair problems on your computer. It does not delete any data that is present on your computer. If you have some knowledge of computers, then you can do it yourself. However, if you are worried about messing up, you can let an expert do it.

Fix Hardware Issues

FixHardware Issues
Fix Hardware Issues

Sometimes, the problem might not be in the software but in the hardware. So, you have to let an expert look at your computer or find the problem yourself. There are many things that you can do.

First of all, you can turn your system off. Open the case and then take the GPU out. Reseat it back in place and then restart your computer. If this does not work, check the power supply that is giving power to the system's PSU. Check all the strips, electrical outlets and surge protectors. If there is some damage in them, then they are the reason for the error.

Sometimes, the PSU itself might be causing Event ID 41 error. Get another PSU that you already know works. If the system does not show Event ID 41 error with this other PSU, then your system's PSU has a problem.

If the cables are not connected properly, this could also be causing the error. Make sure that all cables are in their port. Also, check if any of the cables is loose. If it is, then fix it and start the system again.

One of these solutions must work for fixing the Event ID 41 error on your computer. When the error is gone, you can work comfortably again, without having to worry about losing your data or unsaved work.

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