How to Get Free Grammarly Premium 2019
 How to Get Free Grammarly Premium 2019

 How to Get Free Grammarly Premium 2019

How to Get Free Grammarly Premium 2019 - Grammarly is the very useful online platform that helps to correct the grammatical errors that many people including you and I do in whatever they are writing. And, because this is a very common fault, it is no one’s surprise that there are so many people trying to getGrammarly Premium 2019. Grammarly Premium of course must give its members something that’s better than what is being offered by the free version.

Why Writers Trying to Get Free Grammarly Premium 2019

It is well known everywhere that there are a lot of people who not only need to write in English, but need to do it in a proper way . As it being a language of the West, English is often used as the common language of communication worldwide. There are bloggers, content writers and even authors who do not come from native English speaking countries but have to work in the English language in order to extend their content to a wider audience.

Before letting you in to too much about how you can get your hands on Grammarly Premium 2019, let us focus on how exactly this device (the website itself) works. This ingenious innovation works wonders for all those working in the writing field and especially, in the English language category. This was originally created and developed by Grammarly Inc. themselves and was released to the public in 2009. They of course have a very large number of members belonging to their website.

This grammar checking online police was first available for only browser extensions back in its initial days. Today, one can enjoy

Grammarly without any prior or subsequent hassle because it is available for browser extensions for

  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Android
  • iOS

Yes. This means that Grammarly does indeed have apps in both the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store.

Best Ways of How to Get Free Grammarly Premium 2019

Best Ways of How to Get Free Grammarly Premium 2019
Best Ways of How to Get Free Grammarly Premium 2019

While being on the subject of its app, it is apparently a very popular one to begin with. So popular in fact, that it has reached a million downloads thus far without of the box ratings. Of course you will be given access to a free account which is still outrageously helpful in your content but the Premium version obviously gives you with both a far better experience and more useful features. If you are still on board with enjoying Grammarly’s Premium version that comes with all these perks, for absolutely free, these are the steps you can take to get your Premium membership today:

1. Refer and Earn

To achieve this you do need to make a brand new account on their official website. This is very convenient and easy because all you really need to do is spread the word about this life hack-worthy website to your chums, your colleagues even your grandma and you will be able to enjoy the perks of this website for longer. For one’s information,

simply referring Grammarly to your acquaintances can grant you access to the website for a whole week for free! So, ring up your mom, your old friends from college, anyone, really and tell them about this amazing grammar checking website that will help you keep your Premium membership for longer and help them in their lives as well . To do this just follow along the steps written below:

  • Create your Grammarly account on their website
  • Get the Grammarly browser extension for your preferred browser for compatibility
  • After adding the extension , simply log in to the account
  • Enter the extension, find ‘Invite and earn’ option. This will enable you to get your friends acquainted and ready to use Grammarly
  • This step can be done by simply sharing the affiliate link with your family for friends. Just ask them to make a new account and you’ll get your whole week of free access!
Refer and Earn
Refer and Earn

2. Bloggers get free access

Calling all bloggers out there! This is your chance of getting your free Grammarly Premium 2019.

What the hip bloggers could do to get this membership is to make sure that their blog and all its contents has at least, a good ranking. It’s even better for bloggers who have a

large following, as the saying goes: the more the merrier! For this type of membership follow the steps below:

  • Go to theGrammarly Premium option on the website. Select that option
  • What you will need to do is to send an email to the Grammarly official team, requesting them to give you a sponsored post related to the website and then keep using the website for a few days. The email will have to contain a formal request for a sponsorship and for you to gain access to the website for free
  • If the official team approves, you will receive a username and password which will provide you access to your free Premium account
  • Pull it together, you’re almost there. You are then required to write a detailed review (#protip: use the website to help with any and all grammar problems) about Grammarly and post it on your blog
  • Remember to send the article that you’ve written to the official team for reviewing. This will help you get your free Premium membership. All those features for just one post? What a steal!

Here is another extension that you can have in your browser of choice that enable you to get a free Premium account. This is also another simple way that you can do if you do not wish to pay the monthly membership charge:

  • First, you need the extension that is there to help you get the free access. For Chrome, for example, just go to the web store and write 'edit this cookie'. Search and find the extension (it’s not that hard) and add the extension to the browser
  • After adding on the extension, go to and search for Grammarly
  • You will shortly be seeing a ‘show cookie’ option. Click on that and you will see characters popping up. These, you will need to copy
  • Go back to the Grammarly extension, here you will also see the ‘edit this cookie’ option. Click on this and choose the icon for the recycle bin which is there to take separate the pre-existing cookies there
  • Paste the characters you copied before when you clicked on the import button
  • On the bottom of the page, you will now be greeted with a green check sign appear, click on this
  • Your page needs to be refreshed and when it does, voila ! Enjoy your free Grammarly Premium membership

4. Join their giveaway!

Lucky for you there are many, many websites out there giving away free Grammarly premium memberships. Be sure to follow their given set of rules. Doing this, you have a chance to win a free membership! These giveaways can be found on blogs and on websites. A good tip here is to find popular blogs and websites that do giveaways like these. Good luck!

5. Buy shared accounts

A little off topic because you do actually spend a little amount of money while getting this account. But, the price is of the original costs way more than these shared accounts. You can find these online on websites that deal with and sell shared accounts. Just a single account can easily cater to 3-4 people. This can also be your chance to get features only available on the Premium version with a cheaper price. A win win situation!

Best Features of Grammarly Premium for Free

Now that we have covered how to get this membership, let’s talk about what features are included in the membership. The original free version obviously gives you the very feature that drew you to this website. In basic terms: to check your spelling and grammar , of course . But, the Premium version give you unlimited access to all that is amazing about this website.

As mentioned before, the Premium version does offer the average user more. It is also a paid service. Put 2 and 2 together and no wonder so many people want a free access to the Premium version to get these exclusive features. But what is in the Premium version? What makes it so great? Why should you even get a membership in the first place? Read below and find out for yourself:

1. Amazing at checking your spelling and grammar

This is available to all users using the original version or the Premium version. But then again, this is the most basic thing offered so it’s not really that big of a big deal, you may think. Little do you know that the Premium version has so much more than this!

2. Advanced checks

A Premium exclusive feature. Here, the website itself will check for sentence structure, context, and punctuation and of course, grammar. Isn’t that convenient? All the elements of your content scanned to perfection with just a click of a button.

3. Vocabulary suggestions

This includes a wide variety of suggestions that will help you find the right word. One must never overlook the importance of a good sentence to really nail a point with. With the right vocabulary suggested by this feature, you are sure to win any and all arguments you might be phrasing in your writing.

4. Checking writing style

This tool can help direct your tone of writing on a more specific genre or even a writing style. This will guide your writing style to the right kind of arrangement helping you get the genre you want in your content.

5. Plagiarism detection

As if the last points weren’t enough to convince you, here comes the deal breaker. Writers everywhere can agree that plagiarism is the one thing they’re terrified of. Intentional or not. This is very complicated as even a sentence or two of your own can be similar to anyone else’s content. This would qualify for plagiarism.

So, to make sure your work is plagiarism free, use this tool. This is sure to help improve your content. Grammarly has the ability to compare your work to anyone else’s from 8 billion+ websites. That’s a lot of websites that your content can stay safe from!

Conclusion of Best Methods for Free Grammarly Premium 2019

Do yourself a favor. Treat yourself to Grammarly. You know now of all the ways you can score a free Premium membership and the free account is great too. It is a

guarantee that Grammarly is the best thing that you can use to improve your content, your brand and your writing.

Have fun creating great content!

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