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Steam is a digital platform that makes available collections of video games. It was launched in the year 2003 (September) by the Valve Corporation.

As of 2018, about 9,000 games were made available on Steam along with thousands of other products. But, all of these are not free, you will have to bear some cost on the platform if you are a user so that you can enjoy them.


  • Steam remains the leader in the market of digital games sales. They are evaluated to surpass 75% of the market space.
  • You can, with ease acquire almost every gaming software or game you desire. Steam has about 30,000 games available on its platform, which you can play anytime and anywhere.
  • Steam allows uploading of games on their platform from third-party publishers. It makes the platform grow to become the largest digital distribution platform for gaming on computers.
  • It has a wallet that enables purchases on the platform. And this brings about the Steam gift card.
  • If you are a gamer, you would have realized the cost of games on your spending list, because buying them can be very expensive, as new games are coming into the market every day. And this is why you have to seek for an alternative in getting your gaming packages, and that makes free Steam gift cards valuable.
  • You can redeem your free Steam codes to get free Steam money in your wallet, which you can use to buy your chosen items and games. It is also good to know that it is not easy to acquire these Steam codes, but there are stepwise methods that you can take to get these codes, and that can help you save some money on gaming expenses.

How to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes

1. Swagbucks – Free Gift Link


Swagbucks is a popular website that has been around for almost ten years.Also Read: Best Free Movie Streaming Sites in 2022


  • On this platform, you can redeem and earn free Steam codes.
  • It hosts various processes that you can receive gift cards. You can trade these gift cards for free without verification codes.
  • You can generate lots of free Steam codes on Swagbucks by completing surveys and other ideas that are distinct on the platform.
  • You can accomplish simple tasks such as completing surveys, online shopping, and watching videos to earn points. You can trade these points to get gift cards for retailers like Amazon.
  • By simply signing up on Swagbucks, you will be given $10 for free.

2. GrabPoints – Free Gift Link


GrabPoints is also an incredible platform to earn money.


  • This website offers you the opportunity to watch videos, engage in offer walls, download applications, complete offers, refer friends and take paid surveys.
  • You can receive payments for answering questions, downloading stuff, watch TV, and test applications.
  • You earn points in exchange for performing these activities. So, once you get sufficient ones, they can be exchanged for Steam codes.
  • This platform is well established and active on social media.

3. Rakuten – Free Gift Link


Rakuten is another platform that offers bonus money that you can exchange for a gift card.


  • This website enables access on the app and desktop by users to obtain cashback on what they have bought.
  • Sometimes, this site operates packages that enable up to 12% cashback, and are also distinct by offering a $10 bonus to new member who sign up.
  • You can download the application as a user to be able to log in at ease.
  • As you make purchases after logging in unto your account on Rakuten, you then can start earning points for free.
  • The $10 bonus you get should be enough to enable you to redeem for free game cards.
  • You can also choose to withdraw in gift cards, cash, and to your account through PayPal.

4. MyPoints – Free Gift Link


MyPoints is another site that has been around for over 20 years.


  • They provide more than just taking surveys, and along with a simple user interface.
  • You can receive enough points for an activation code to play games on Steam.
  • You can also get paid on this site for shopping.
  • Users can obtain gift cards in exchange for submitting consumer feedback details.
  • You will also earn $5 when you take your first five surveys.
  • You can trade the points for Steam credits at any time.

5. InstaGC – Free Gift Link


InstaGC is a leading website that provides a quick and straightforward way to earn points for the current and best games


  • InstaGC is a good alternative for you if you’re looking for a legit platform that pays on points.
  • The platform allows you to get free points by watching videos, completing surveys, shopping online and also browsing the internet.
  • There are about numerous gift cards to select. And Steam gift cards is just one of the options on this website.
  • Although, it might take time on this site before you can get the codes. But, still, it remains a good alternative when you need cash.
  • It enables you to withdraw your earnings as low as $1.
  • You can also redeem to the Steam wallet for merchandise and games.

6. PrizeRebel – Free Gift Link


PrizeRebel is an online surveys website that compensates you when you complete surveys and questionnaires.Also Read: Best Minecraft Mods to Change or Enhance Your Gameplay in 2022


  • It has about 8 million users and has paid about seventeen million dollars to its users.
  • The site offers an easy way to get started with your points earning pursuits.
  • Fill in your details which include email, name and password when you click the sign-up button.
  • You will receive a link to validate your account. And from there, you can access the site to make some money.
  • There are different ways in which you can earn points. Watching videos, signing up for offers and taking surveys are some of the means of earning points.
  • You will earn points in exchange for finalizing these surveys. Once you are okay with the points accumulated, you can then convert to Steam gift cards and codes.
  • Every information on the site is simple to read and understand.
  • It might take some times before you complete the surveys to earn the free Steam wallet codes. But, the tasks are simple, and the advantages are free games and dream codes.
  • Aside from Steam, this website also provides many gifts such as free PSN cards, Netflix gift cards, amazon gift cards, and many more.

7. BeFrugal – Free Gift Link


BeFrugal is also a cashback and an online voucher site.


  • They provide services that resent an excellent chance to receive cash and get free Steam codes.
  • There is a bonus of $10 for new signups.
  • You will be paid up to about 40% cashback at stores of about five thousand.
  • You can additionally get free games if you shop in the right place.

8. Amazon Gift Cards – Free Gift Link

Amazon Gift Cards
Amazon Gift Cards

Majority of the sites we’ve listed above, you have to earn cash from them, and then use it to get Steam codes or gift cards. But the Amazon gift cards provide an easy route to do this as you can redeem gift cards from the funds in your Amazon wallet and use it to get your Steam codes.

You can also request Amazon gift cards for Christmas, birthday, or other ceremonial giftings.

Below Is A List Of Other Platforms You Can Earn To Get Free Steam


Below is a table that shows the steps you can take to redeem your Steam gift card.

STEP 1Register or Log into your account on Steam
STEP 2At the top right corner of your PC, search and click your username.
STEP 3Click the “Account Details”
STEP 4Locate and click “Add Funds to your site wallet” which is on the right side of your PC.
STEP 5Click the link with “Redeem a Steam wallet code”
STEP 6Enter the code and click redeem to obtain the credit and start buying your desired items and games.

Can I Gift someone Money on Steam?

The Steam wallet does not enable users to transfer money between each other. But, they allow users to send Steam cards by enabling users to specify an amount between $5 to $100 and send to other users.Also Read: Amazing Games Like Skyrim You Should Try in 2022

Although, there are few restrictions on how users can send the digital Steam gift cards, which include;

  • Minimum of about three days of friendship with the user.
  • You also can not send Steam gift cards using other gift cards to another user.

You can fund Steam cards through Bitcoin, credit cards or PayPal.

Can Steam Codes Be Converted into Cash?

Can these Steam codes be turned into cash? No! You cannot convert a Steam code to money on the Steam site. But, several users prefer to trade their codes with other people they trust for money.

Furthermore, there are some other platforms on these gaming websites that enables users to broadcast unused codes so that potential buyers can buy them, though part of the percentage of the transaction goes to the platform.


The information provided above is simple to obtain these codes for free. All you have to do is follow procedures such as create an account or sign up, take survey tasks and others.

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