Free Xbox Live Codes no Surveys 2021

If you are an Xbox freak and looking for ways to get free Xbox live codes, then this guide is for you! In this guide, we will tell you the ways of getting new Xbox live gold codes for free!

But, before stepping into the mains, let’s discuss why it is important to get Xbox live gold codes. This way, you will be getting a better insight into it.

What is the Xbox?

Xbox is a video gaming brand that has been introduced by the worldwide reputed software company “Microsoft.” The video gaming lovers are served with 3 game consoles, sixth, seventh, and eighth-generation, respectively.

On Xbox, you can play the games introduced by Microsoft itself. One of the perks of having an Xbox is that it enables you to connect it with your television, or any other display media.

What is Xbox Live Gold?

Xbox Live Gold is a premium version of Xbox Live. It is a service that is available on Xbox One and Xbox 360. If you are a user of Xbox One, then you need to know that it is necessary to get at least one Xbox Live Gold per console. It’s a must!

Xbox Live Gold enables you to:

Get Access to Multiplayer Online:

By using Xbox Live Gold, you can play online games in multiplayer mode. You can ask any of your best friends and family to come and join you as your co-player. It’s super fun!Also Read: I Need Money Now for Free and Fast 2021

Discount on Digital Titles at Deals with Gold:

“Deals with Gold” refers to a service that is included with the subscription of Xbox Live Gold. This service includes weekly discount offers on Xbox 360 and Xbox One of your desired titles, add-ons, or whatever extras you like in the Microsoft Store. The deals that you’d be availing of will lead you to savings that range between 50% to 75% off.

Quicker Access to Demos and Betas

Xbox Live Gold will also enable you to get quicker-than-ever access to demos and betas of various games.

Free Games at Games with Gold

“Game with Gold” is also a program that is included in the subscription of Xbox Live Gold. This program will let you pick from hand-selected titles as many as you want, and that for absolutely free! Microsoft claims that these offers cost up to $700.

How much does Xbox Live Gold Cost?

This is a very important thing to know so that you’d know why you should use the codes that we have in store for you.

The current packages offered by Xbox Live Gold are:

1.One month: $9.99

2.Three months: $24.99

3.One year: $59.99

This is a considerable amount of money that you might not want to spend on buying just some extras from the Microsoft Store.

This is why we came up with the idea of introducing you to as many reliable and effective codes as possible. By using these codes, you can get free live gold on Xbox, but with some techniques.

Let’s begin with the codes!

List Free Xbox Live Trial Codes no Surveys 2021

1. HCY4F-8TQY3-P32B9-P9FTB-VB97B

2. VB97W-2Y2JK-6FCQ4-3P4PH-D66MQ



5. MTYVW-7WW94-9K92F-M2PRD-82KB3






11. T98HK-QD69P-D7CFK-6KPW4-QV2X3



14. G3H34-4JGMR-362DX-TRDMJ-2WB3Y


4 Legit Methods to Get Free Xbox Live Codes

1. Create a New Xbox Account

One of the easiest ways to get free Xbox live gold is to create a new account and get a free trial period. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

· Create a new Xbox account after navigating to the official website of MS.

· Once done, click on “Gold – 1-month free trial.”

· Complete a series of simple steps such as your basic intro, personal credentials, etc.

· Submit your credit card number, and other details for online transactions, correctly.

· Make sure that you entered all the reliable information. You’re done!

However, there are a few things that you should take care of. Microsoft has set the maximum limit of creating new accounts to 3 per console. Which means that you can apply this method only thrice per console.

Also, don’t forget to cancel the trial on the 30th day. Otherwise, Microsoft will start charging you for a paid membership.

2. Go to Reddit for Help

If you’re an Xbox enthusiast, unable to find tips and tricks to master the Xbox experience, then you should stop worrying, because Reddit has got your back!

Reddit values the needs and demands of gamers, and this is why it has dedicated a whole separate lot to Xbox enthusiasts. This domain is the subreddit where you can find lots of giveaways and tips on how to master the Xbox features like a pro!

We have also mentioned some of the best subreddit links below:






3. Visit


You should also keep with this website now and then. This is because you may succeed in finding new codes. However, this opportunity doesn’t come to you every time. You’d have to keep up with visiting the domain every once in a while. Believe us; you don’t want to miss out on it!Also Read: Service Host SuperFetch: What Is It and Ways To Disable It in 2021

You can consider as a code generator. But, don’t worry! It’s not a scam! Your safety is our priority!

Websites for Free Xbox Live Codes

We chose the best working and safe websites for you where you can find unlimited yet reliable Xbox live codes for free! Keep reading this guide for all the information that you need to know!

1. Points2Shop

Because this website has been serving its users for more than 10 years now, it is 100% legit and reliable. The best part about this website is that no credit card detail is required. After navigating to the website, you’re just a sign-up away!

Not just that, but by watching a few advertisements, you can earn new points every time! Isn’t that amazing? Visit the website now!

2. PrizeRebel

Talking about trustworthy websites, PrizeRebel is also a name to be mentioned! Just like the above one, PrizeRebel also allows its users to access the codes by just signing up on the main domain. Once you have a considerable amount of points, you can redeem for Xbox live codes pretty much anytime.

3. Rewards1

Just like the previous ones, you only have to get your email address verified, and then you’re eligible to surf the interface like a member. You can find as many codes as you like. However, some tasks might need points. You can earn these points by watching short videos, reading newsletters, etc. Such easy verbs can give you lots of money in the form of points that you can later use to benefit your Xbox life!

4. SwagBucks

Similar to the previous one, Swagbucks is also a very trustworthy website where you can earn points by even exchanging goods with your fellows. Once you have enough points, you’re all set to achieve your target! The videos that you’d be asked to watch are pretty short, and so are the articles and other tasks. So, don’t worry about spending a lot of time on these surveys, because it is going to take a minimum of it!

How to be Aware of the Scam?

Before trusting a website with all your heart, it is very important to learn the basic technology behind how such domains work. There is no possible thing such as “Xbox Live Gold Codes for Free without Surveys.” So, if you ever see any such advertisement, just run! Run as far away as you can! Because, you don’t want to fall for scams and fraud that are going to hack your device, and misuse it as a third party. You don’t want that to happen! Believe us!

What usually happens is that people are so desperate to come across some magical codes that would help them in proceeding to the next levels for free, that they fall for almost every other offer that claims to generate the codes immediately. However, this is not possible! A survey is a must for you to get access granted to the free Xbox live gold codes. Here’s the reality that no one is going to do that for free! You will be directed to new tabs one-by-one. A process will be shown on your screen claiming that the server is busy is cracking the codes and fetching the files. Then, a blurry code will be displayed, asking you to fulfil their requirements to reveal the full code. This is exactly where it begins! You get click-baited, and that with your consent!Also Read: What Is The Router Default Ip Address


The purpose of preparing this guide is to elaborate and demonstrate the basics of Xbox. Not just that, but we have also mentioned the codes that you can use to get the Xbox Live Gold for free. With the hope that you found it helpful, we wish you all the best in your gaming journey on Xbox. To make it more remarkable, don’t forget to apply the methods that we just told you about! Share it with your friends and family, too.

Happy Gaming!

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