Amazing Games Like Skyrim You Should Try in 2021

Skyrim is an action game with incredible animation, graphics, and characters. The amazing quests and concept of Skyrim won the heart of gamers.

Skyrim is one of the preferred action games that has its uniqueness, and it cannot be easily replaced with any other game similar to it.

It’s not an exaggeration to declare Skyrim as one of the most outstanding fantasy role-playing games in recent history.

After spending several hours completing all the DLC and other users created play modes in the game, usually, a gamer will desire to try on another game other than Skyrim. However, there may be a desire to still stay within the category of the game, where they can experience the pleasures, adventure, treasure, and entertainment.

So, there are some other games other than Skyrim that you can try on.

Summary of Games Like Skyrim You Should Try in 2021

The table below gives a summary details of the games listed above:

GamesDate releasedPlatformDeveloper
Middle Earth: Shadow of MordorSept 30, 2014Xbox one, Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 3.Monolith Production
The elder scroll III: MorrowindMay 1, 2002Microsoft windows, Xbox.Bethesda studio
Assassin Creed OriginsOctober 27, 2017Microsoft windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox one.Ubisoft Montreal
Dragon age: InquisitionNovember 18, 2014Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox OneBioware
Dark Messiah of Might and magic.October 24, 2006Microsoft windows, Xbox 360Arkane studio
Middle east; shadow of warOctober 10, 2017Microsoft windows, playstation 4, Xbox oneMonolith Production
Ryse: Son of RomeNovember 22, 2013Microsoft Windows, Xbox OneCrytek
Dark Soul IIMarch 11, 2014PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft WindowsFromSoftware
Age of ConanMay 20, 2018Microsoft windowsFuncom

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Best Skyrim Alternatives to Play in 2021

Below is a list of games that are similar to Skyrim, which you should try out.

1. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle-earth:Shadow of Mordor
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor is an action game that was created by Monolith Productions.


  • The story of the game is scripted from the two most prominent novels titled “The Lord of the rings” and “The Hobbit.” that was directed by Peter Jackson
  • The plotting and graphics are from the films also.
  • The characters of play in the games are adventurous.
  • The story of the game is based around the major protagonist named Talion . He was killed by the black hand of Sauron. His dead spirit pledges to revenge the antagonist Sauron .
  • You, as a player, will control the Talion character. You will get addicted to the game, as it is a drama game that comes with amazing graphics, twists, quest, and turns.

2. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The ElderScrolls III: Morrowind
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

The game is similar to Skyrim, and it has a remarkable storyline, plot, and graphics.


  • The game was created by Bethesda Game Studios in 2002, and it has since then been evaluated as one of the top games in the action play category.
  • The design of the game only allows for one player.
  • The game is a journey into an open-world experience.
  • The storyline of the game is based around the tribunal who possesses a divine nature struggling and fighting a once close ally turn antagonist.
  • It is supported by Microsoft Windows and Xbox platforms.

3. Assassin Creed Origins

Assassin Creed Origins
Assassin Creed Origins

Assassin Creed Origins is an action/adventure game held in Egypt close to the end of the Ptolemaic period (49-47 BC).


  • You will play the game as a third person, where you will need to finalize quests to continue through the story.
  • Also, to accomplish the stated objectives, you will need to earn a point that will boost your experience and get new skills.
  • You are free to wander around the open world either on a boat, camelback, horseback, or foot once you’re outside the quest.
  • You will have to battle with strong characters, and if you defeat them, you have the chance to collect varieties of weapons and get exclusive features and the ability to enhance your game character.

4. Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition

This game is an open-world action game that files under the RPG section.


  • It is a power-packed, super plot, and action-based game, the reason why it falls as one of the games similar to Skyrim.
  • The game has a protagonist who has tremendous abilities to block off the breaches from where evil souls and demons enter into the world with the sole objective of destroying the world.
  • You will be the one controlling the protagonist in the game. And your duty will be to block off the demons and evil souls from coming into the world by sealing off the breaches.
  • The storyline is fun, full of actions, and quests.

5. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

DarkMessiah of Might and Magic
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic was a game that was released about eleven years ago.Also Read: Best Credit Monitoring Services of 2021


  • It still maintains its position as one of the most loved action games.
  • It is a full power-packed action game.
  • The story of the game is remarkable. Sareth is the protagonist’s name. And you will be charged with the responsibility of controlling Sareth.
  • The game is filled with amazing quests and a magical environment.
  • Sareth, which is now you, will need to improve his abilities and skills for him to defeat his enemies.
  • “The Skull of Shadow” is a powerful artefact to be retrieved. And Sareth, who is an apprentice of the magic art having gone through physical training in the act of war, is sent to accompany an expedition in the city of Stonehelm.
  • It is a very intriguing story that never disappoints.

6. Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Middle-earth: Shadow ofWar
Middle-earth: Shadow of War

This game is a sequel to the famous Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.


  • It is a remarkable game that you should try out if you are out searching or clamouring for great Skyrim alternatives.
  • J.R.R Tolkien creates the game.
  • It is an adventurous game that fills it, players, with the graphics of monsters and magic.
  • The game continues the story in the shadow of Mordor, which puts the player in the position of Talion that still possesses the spirit of the Celebrimbor lord.
  • The gameplay style of this game is not so different when compared to the shadow of Mordor.
  • Once you get behind the enemy line, you will make use of your skills and strategies to turn Mordor against the dark lord Sauron in this epic game that comprises of things like witches, elves, and dwarfs.
  • The game aims to conquer fortresses that are filled with enemies.

7. Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome
Ryse: Son of Rome

The game is another good alternative to Skyrim.


  • The game is an action/adventure type. Though, it is more of historical fiction than a fantasy game.
  • It is a third-person action game where you will be slashing and hacking your way to conquering your enemies.
  • It has a similar play pattern with God of War.
  • You will be able to improve your character, unlock additional moves, and place points into attributes.
  • You will take on the role of a protagonist whose name is Marius Titus, who is a soldier going to be sent to Egypt in the post of Alexandria for duty.
  • The game storylines are that the character family were killed during the invasion of a barbarian. He then swears to revenge his family, wandering the street in the cape as a vigilante.
  • It also has a multiplayer feature.

8. Dark Souls II

Dark Souls II
Dark Souls II

Dark Souls II is yet another alternative to a game like Skyrim.


  • The game maintains the comparable features with its previous version (Dark Souls I), though with some enhancement of the graphics and plays.
  • The enemies to defeat are fiercer in this version as they can destroy the player with only some hits, which makes the game quite challenging.
  • The storyline you are to play as on Dark Souls II is that you, as the protagonist, is cursed never to die. So you are to embark on a quest to break the curse as you face a series of challenges along your path.
  • The game has a customization mode that provides armors and weapons that are suitable for the player pattern.
  • It has a multiplayer operation that allows advanced interaction online to bring about competitive and cooperative gameplay.

9. Age of Conan

Age of Conan
Age of Conan

Age of Conan is an action and online game.Also Read: Best Legal Cartoon Streaming Sites in 2021 – Free & Paid Cartoon Sites Online


  • The game characters are registered to an exclusive user account on a particular service online.
  • As a player, once you create an account, a game character is designed for you, and you cannot use it to play elsewhere on the server.
  • The game is a low fantasy that is linked to the ancient historical world of the Hyborian Age.
  • The battle consist of striking a target from various angles from slashing down from right to left, hacking down against the head, and many more.
  • The game allows you to experience a real-time combat play that is interesting.


Listed above are the games that are similar to Skyrim.

You can try out any of these games and have the kind of experience similar to Skyrim.

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