Top Kickass Torrents Alternatives in 2019
Top Kickass Torrents Alternatives in 2019

Top Kickass Torrents Alternatives in 2019

In this era we live in, if you are not downloading or uploading, you are regarded as a millennial and nonconformist. It has become a tradition to have something to do with the internet, and everything is going digital. 

The Path Leading to the Invention of Kickass Torrents (KAT)

Digital files are things we can’t do with, for example;

  • You send or receive a document from your friends.
  • You download or stream movies to watch.
  • You upload pictures to Facebook and Instagram.
  • You submit a passport photograph on your school portal.
  • You send a voice note to your mum on WhatsApp.
The Path Leading to the Invention of Kickass Torrents (KAT)
The Path Leading to the Invention of Kickass Torrents (KAT)

There are one thousand and one ways we relate with digital data every day, and transacting the data means either you are uploading or you are downloading. Tradition way of transacting file is the client-server method.

1. The file you want to download is located on the central server

2. Then you being the client will send a specific request to the server

3. The server determines the file

4. And the downloading process starts.

If you notice, everything depends on the central server. And once something happens to the central server, the whole downloading process is down. Over the years as technology advance, and there is more data to throw around, digital files increase in size and the traditional way of transacting file is no more efficient. There is a need for a method that is more reliable and faster. Thus, people devised a faster way to download. That is how Torrent came into existence.

The Technology Powering Kickass Torrents | KAT

Torrent is a peer-to-peer method of transmitting data from one computer to another. The major advantage of Torrent over the traditional way of transferring files is that it is a decentralized system, meaning it is not dependent on a single server. The responsibility is shared.

How does Torrent work?

Think of Torrent this way:

· Ten students were grouped and asked to do a project that has ten sections. And each of the students is to submit a complete project with the same contents in all the ten sections.

· Each of the students knows a section which others do not know.

· If all the students are to depend on their own, the contents of their project won't be the same, and the whole group will fail.

· However, if each of the shares what he/she has and collect what he/she lacks from others, they will all have a completed and uniform project.

· Furthermore, the time taking will be lesser compared to when each student is independent.

The Technology Powering Kickass Torrents | KAT
The Technology Powering Kickass Torrents | KAT

The illustration above is the basic principle of how Torrent works. When I want to download a file via the Torrent method, I’ll look for the .torrent file of what I want to download. Then I will load the Torrent into a Torrent client which connects to my device to the tracker. The primary function of the tracker is to find other devices around the world with a similar goal of downloading the same file and connect me to them; the tracker also monitors the progress of the torrents. The .torrent file discussed earlier contains instructions on how to create the file. And after I have been successfully connected with other devices, every device will have its share of instruction on which bit to create. As each device is creating its share of the bits, it is also sharing what it has created to others. Thus in less time, every device has the bits required to make up the file. This principle is what makes Torrent fast and reliable.

List of Top Kickass Torrents Alternatives in 2019

To initiate a Torrenting process, you need three things which are; your device, a torrent client, and the .torrent file. A Torrent website provides the .torrent file and the tracker server. Thus you cannot download via Torrent method without dealing with a Torrent website first. There are thousands of Torrent website available on the internet, and KissAss was once one of the best. Sadly and due to some copyright issues, the site was seized by the US government, and the owner is currently serving jail time. However, there are several alternatives to KiskAss Torrent, and this article will bring you closer to the best alternative Torrent websites, hope you find a good use for them.

1. Internet Archive

If you need access to unlimited Torrent downloading, then you should check out the Internet Archive. On this Torrent website, you will find more than 20 million contents. The contents range from movies to games, books, software, and more. You will even find an archived copy of other Torrent websites. So what else are you looking for in a Torrent website?

The site uses the BitTorrent network and is compatible with any BitTorrent client. The website can also work with other Torrents Clients as well; the recommended clients are Vuze, Transmission, and uTorrent. Access Internet Archive via

2. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay (TPB) is probably the second most popular Torrenting website. Do not mind the name, not all the contents on the website are illegal or pirated. And the founders even denied hosting pirated contents; they claim their site is mainly for a search-and-find purpose for pirated contents. Anyway, they have been arrested and questioned many times and still come out unscathed. TPB is the perfect alternative to KissAss Torrent.

The Pirate Bay has always been the target of ISP blocking, so the website switches domain a lot. Finding the site after domain switch is easy, use any search engine like Google to search, and you will find the new domain address in the search results.

The Pirate Bay hosts varieties of contents like movies, software, documents, etc. current domain address is


After KickAss Torrent went down, many other websites tried to emulate but failed woefully. is one of the few that came close to emulating KickAss Torrents. The site is a clone of KickAss in terms of appearance and some of its functionality. focuses on Entertainment, the popular categories of Torrent files you will find on the website include movies, games, music, and TV. The site is so minimalistic, and you can quickly find files with the Search bar. A close look at this website will convince you the owner of the original KickAss Torrent owns too, but no, the owners of are good copycats. You can access via

Before you head over to the site, know that the website has some virus and opens a lot of unsolicited advertisement pages. So, be prepared.

4. 1337x

1337x is an opportunist, the site has been around for a long time but used KickAss downfall to make its name known. Though the site is not as popular as the original KickAss Torrent or The Pirate Bay, still manages to get a position in the 400 most visited website throughout the world. The user experience on this website is excellent; the design is visually appealing, and the site features minimal advertisements. Sometimes you will not see any advertisement at all.

Navigating the site is easy, and all categories are available on the home page. These are the available categories;

· Movies

· TV

· Games

· Music.

· Applications and software.

· Anime.

· Documentaries.

· XXX and others.

1337x use multiple proxies to evade ISP blocking, so any of these four domains will take you to the 1337x website:





5. Rarbg

Rarbg is another website that used the opportunity of KickAss unavailability to build its popularity, the site receives hundred thousands of traffics, and its popularity is still growing by the day. Presently, Rarbg is not supported in all countries. But if your country is not supported, you can use one from various Rarbg mirrors or use a VPN.

The website features multiple categories such as

· Movie

· TV shows.

· Games.

· Music.

· Software.

· Trailers.

· XXX.

This Wiki page; displays the list of countries where Rarbg is restricted. Access Rarbg via

6. YTS

YTS initially used the .ag domain extension but has now moved to .lt. At first, people frowned at this Torrent website for highjacking the domain name. Whoever runs is smart because while the original YTS is down, he/she buy a domain that is similar to it. So that when search engines are looking for the keyword YTS, the new YTS will always appear in the search result. And as expected, the idea worked, and is one of the most popular Torrent websites in the world.

YTS focused on movies, and it is the number one Torrent site for downloading movies via torrent download. The video quality of movies is great; 720p, 1080p, and 3D. Top trending movies are Shazam, Pet Sematary, Captain Marvel, and Dumbo. They are all 2019 movies. YTS is located

7. Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrents is another Torrent website for movie freaks; you will find more than 1,000 different movies on the website. The movies span across different categories such as comedy, drama, action sci-fi, and a lot more.

The website design may look a bit outdated, but what it lacks in appearance, it has in contents. Public Domain Torrents work with all BitTorrent clients. You can identify trending movies with activities; the number of leechers and seeders determines the activity. Ready to access Public Domain Torrents? Visit

8. LimeTorrent

It shouldn’t be surprising if you haven’t heard about LimeTorrent; the website is a brand new Torrent website. At this rate at which LimeTorrent’s popularity is growing, it may soon be one of the top three Torrent websites.

Recently, ISPs have been restricting users from accessing LimeTorrent, that is why there are multiple proxies from which you can access LimeTorrent:





9. BitLord

Just in case you need a Torrent website that you can recommend to the whole family, including the kids. BitLord is the family-friendly Torrent website you are looking for. BitLord is not a Torrent site because it does not host its contents. BitLord is more like a search engine that would scrape other Torrent sites for what you need. While searching, it makes sure to filter out illegal, religious and adult contents. This is the reason why it is suitable for everyone in the family, even for kids.

Bitlord has loads of features that enhance user experience:

  • You can stream media contents directly instead of downloading them.
  • You can add a comment on Torrents.
  • You can make a playlist from your downloaded files.
  • You can add search results to download later.
  • You can do a lot more.

You can access BitLord via

10. Legit Torrent

Legit Torrent is precisely what the name implies; all Torrents contents hosted on this website are legal contents. Out of all Torrent websites mentioned on this list, this is the only Torrent website you should use if you want to go the legal way. Though before you get too excited, the content on the site is limited, there are thousands of contents you can browse. Navigate to to access Legit Torrent.

Dangers of Torrenting

It will be improper to show you the good side of Torrenting and not show you the bad side of it. There are two major problems with Torrenting.

· One, the pirating issue; more than 75% of Torrent files uploaded are pirated contents obtained by illegal means. So in a country like the United States and other advanced countries, Torrenting these illegal files is a punishable crime. It doesn’t matter if you are the owner of the website or a mere user, you will be penalized if caught. Beware.

· Two, Vulnerability; while Torrenting, you have opened the door for anything to come in, which might be a virus. This is why you must have a powerful antivirus and only download from trusted Torrent websites. Furthermore, connecting to a tracker leaks your IP, if only all your activities are being monitored by government agencies alone. But some other unknown people may have access to your data and actives; they may not have good intentions for you.

Conclusion of Best Kickass Torrents Websites in 2019

Torrenting is the best method to download or upload large files. It is fast, consistent, and reliable. The websites listed above are the best source for your torrent files. Do not use the KAT torrent technology to commit any illegal activity such as sharing copyrighted materials. If your local law does not allow to, you will be prosecuted by your authority. Proceed with caution.

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