Best Music Player Apps You need to have for Android
Best Music Player Apps You need to have for Android

Best Music Player Apps You need to have for Android

Everybody loves a good song, more so they love a constant supply of amazing music. And what better way to fulfill your hearts desires than having that app that can bring it all to you. You do not need to go through the stress of looking for the MP3 version of music. Only to be disappointed by having another audio file downloaded instead of the one you wanted. Who else has had that problem? But even if you have been so blessed by the absence of this issue, we are about to bless your life even more by bringing music to your feet.

List of Best Music Player Apps for Android

Everything you want will be on that app. Are you ready? Here are 5 awesome music player apps that will change the music game for you .:

1. AIMP - App Link

Best music player apps you need to have for android: aimp
Best music player apps you need to have for android: aimp

AIMP is a trusted app. It has a constant rating of almost 5-star reviews. The app supports a lot of common music file types. This includes ape, mpga , mp3, wav , ogg , umx , mod, mp4, m4a, mpc . Getting down to the main deal, it provides you with features to enjoy your music. From the HTTP live streaming for any songs you may want online, to the top-notch equalizer. You can adjust the volume of the music, control playback speed. The app also has an internet radio and lyrics support. There are a lot of features that allow you to customize as much as possible while giving you the best experience. From your sound to the arrangement of your files to the control of your playlist. And who doesn't love a customizable app? You can also change the theme according to your taste, bookmark your favorite music. It is compatible with most devices except Xiaomi devices based on MIUI firmware. There is also a desktop version for laptops. It works excellently well, just like the mobile version. And they are both free!!

Features of AIMP:

· It supports several files

· It is highly customizable

· Has both desktop and mobile versions

2. MediaMonkey - App Link


MediaMonkey is for the person who loves to have a LOT of music in their library. The app helps you to manage large collections of songs. You can also have audiobooks, podcasts and watch videos on the app. It allows to organise songs according to the composer, genre, playlists, or album. MediaMonkey also has music adjusting features such as equalizer, reverb , bass boost and a good playback system. It has a desktop versions of the app too. You can sync all playlists, tracks, play history, bookmarks, lyrics and every info you might have on all your devices. There are a ton of other features you would enjoy from using this app. Plus it is highly customizable. Here is a video that gives more insight into the app and how you can use it.

3. jetAudioHD - App Link


jetAudioHD has been around for quite a while. The app is now fast becoming a favorite among Android users for a lot of reasons. It supports several digital music files such as wav , mp3, ogg , m4a, mppc , ape, mod and so much opus. The audio files are also of very high quality. You can enhance your own music using tools such as the Complete set equalizer, bass boost, AM3D Audio Enhancer, MIDI playback, and widgets. Plus, it allows a 10/20 bands graphic equalizer, crossfading , AGC and playback speed control. That's amazing! The app has a completely free, and a paid version. The paid one, also known as Plus version is for an affordable fee of $3.99 per month. Both are awesome. As usual, the Plus version has more features such as absence of annoying ads, a tag editor, pitch shifter, precise playback speed control, Grid mode for organised files and so much more. Apart from the already mentioned features, the Free, aka Basic version has a lot of features such as Volume Control, Crossfading , Repeat, Sleep Timer, search for music by artist song, playlists… the list is actually pretty long. That is how much you get alone from the free one. There are a few in -app purchases for sound effect plugins. Some plugins are only purchasable in the Plus Version.

Features of jetAudioHD :

· Supports a wide range of music files

· Has a full blown Audio Enhancer

· Has a lot of amazing features

4. Musicolet - App Link


This app is desirable. It is great for everyone who simply wants a great music player without being too extra. You have a completely off line experience, which means no ads!J It doesn't take up so much space on your device when installing, due to its small APK size. The User Interface has a simple, minimalistic design. It is great for fast navigation. You don't have to search far and wide to find your way around. The awesome features this app has are many and very interesting. You can create multiple queues- create one while listening to another. It is the only music android player that allows multiple queues . Isn't that awesome?? The tag editor allows you edit multiple songs at once!! You can organise your songs and rename folders directly from the app. It also allows easy folder browsing. It has a powerful equalizer perfect for Speakers and Headphones. You can always playback as much as you like. It connects with your earphone controls so you can pause/play, move to the next or previous song without ever touching your phone. Plus it supports offline embedded lyrics as an ID3 tag. The list is endless. The app plays the local music files that you have on your device as it doesn't use the internet to play your music. They also respect your privacy, when using the app. When you visit the link provided, you will see it was made with love and care for all who love music. It was then made completely free! No premium version nor in-app purchases. This video further explains all the features of Musicolet

5. PlayerPro Music Player - App Link

PlayerPro  music player
PlayerPro music player

PlayerPro is a new discovery in the music player app business. Although upcoming, it still provides all that you will need in a music player and more. The app has a beautiful interface that is very fast to use. Navigating around is easy too. It also has powerful audio configuration options. There is a ten-band equalizer, fifteen default presets , stereo widening, reverb effects, bass and volume control. It has a free professional DSP plugin that allows you to control the audio further. With a High-Res Audio, up to 32-bit, equalizer and even more presets , you will have the best effects for your earphones and headset. There is also a built in Android Auto you can use to listen to music while driving. This can also be gotten through the stand alone Android Auto App. You can also stream the music on TV.

The app allows you to browse and play your music according to artist , composers, genres or any form you want. You can also browse or play according to folders. It is very customizable too. You can change the album artwork, artist/composer pictures and genre illustrations to make your music library look more interesting. They can be selected from the app, your phone or the internet. You can also change the user interface of the app and customize the layout into Grid or List. Several Tags can be edited at once too.

Features of PlayerPro :

· Has a beautiful Interface

· Very Customizable

· Has a professional audio set

6. Phonograph Music Player - App Link

Phonograph music player
Phonograph music player

Phonograph is an open source music player app. It automatically downloads certain information about artists you listen to, such as their picture. You can do this by integrating the app. It is also customizable according to taste. There is a wide range of colors to choose from. The User interface colors will change to match the color you choose. You can easily edit the tags of music file you love. You can change the name, title, artist, album and so on. With a simple, lightweight user interface, there are no problems getting around. Navigation is very easy and fast. In addition to its unique features, it has the common ones all music players should have. Such as creating playlists, editing playlists, home screen, lock screen, playback controls, as well as controls for the go-to-actions. The app was made for continuous listening to music without any disturbance or interference.

Conclusion of Best Android Music Player Apps

So, here are some of the best music player apps for android . Most of them are free. The ones you pay for have very affordable pricing. Each has its own feature. They attend to various likes and concerns of different people. Some of them simply provide good music for your ears. They don't do too much, but what they do, they do well. Others are the grand masters of being extra with a LOT of amazing features. This would work well with you if you love to have a lot for your eyes to feast on. If not, then the simpler ones will be better for you. Hopefully, you find what you love here. We enjoyed compiling this for you. Thanks for staying with us again. See you next time. And have the best music experience!!

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