Top PrimeWire Alternatives in 2020
Top PrimeWire Alternatives in 2020

Top PrimeWire Alternatives in 2020

Entertainment brings you closer to your family and friends. It is always a good idea to gather for a movie,and that in the comfort of your home. Talking aboutmusic, it brings pleasure to your soul. Music refreshes your mind, and when you feel good, you be good. Thus, entertainment is important for you!

What is PrimeWire?

PrimeWire is one of the best online media streaming sites to offer a free approach to the world of entertainment. It has been accepted by a fair amount of population for its distinguishable features.

To understand PrimeWire better: when you use your computer or any other device to get an access to the file which has been stored on another device, it is streaming. Since it involves a continuous streaming of data, it is referred as streaming.

So PrimeWire Is Streaming. Is it Safer than Torrenting?

As compared to torrenting, streaming is much more reliable source of entertainment, because it has a very low chance of containing a pirated content. Whereas, in torrenting, you are supposed to download a certain file which might as well harm your device along with getting you accused for violating the copyright rules and regulations set by the government.

How is Streaming Different from Torrenting?

It is like watching an event happening live versus recording it to watch it later. Streaming is less complicated and more reliable. Whereas, torrenting has been made not so easy to use.

Which one of them offers a Better Quality?

As far as it is about the quality, the users prefer the content with better quality. Being honest, Streaming has a slightly low quality, if compared to that of the torrenting. But, streaming is more convenient in other ways. A minor difference in the quality is better than being accused for the misuse of the internet.

Is PrimeWire Down?

Is  PrimeWire Down?
Is PrimeWire Down?

PrimeWire has become unusable. Instead of directing the users to the downloading links of the desired file, PrimeWire directs the users to various advertisements.

What is a Pirated Content?

Any content which has been copied from the original poster, without their consent is considered being a pirated content. Piracy violates the copyright terms and conditions. Pirated content is illegal. It can get you in serious trouble. Thus, try your best to avoid indulging in any activity related to the illegal world.

You can also say that any content which violates the terms and conditions of streaming set by the government is considered to be illegal. When the authority takers find out about the streaming of such content, the site is taken down. But, as per our faith, mirror sites are always waiting for an opportunity to make an appearance.

Is the Content on PrimeWire Pirated?

Yes, in most of the cases, the content has been pronounced to be pirated. Not every website can keep up with the standards set by the government regarding the copyright issue, because if they do so, they miss out on the latest content, resulting in the users losing their interest in it.

How can we use PrimeWire?

There are always mirror sites available for the servers which have been taken down due to any reason. The sites never really shutdown, because they always make a comeback with different names. PrimeWire is also accessible, similarly. All what you have to do is find a reliable mirror site. It is like the developers are in the seek of such an opportunity to create the mirror site of a banned original website.

What is a Mirror Site?

A mirror site is considered to be a replica of the original site, either to break the traffic or the better performance of the original site.

What is the Confusion about PrimeWire?

There has been a lot of confusion, lately. People are confused about what happened to PrimeWire. Some people believe that it has been taken down because of the copyright violation. Whereas, there are also people who believe that it hasn’t been taken down, yet instead, it has been faced with a certain type of error.

On a social media platform, a person who claimed to be a part of the original moderator team, in response to a tweet, said that they decided to shut down the PrimeWire site due to the owner’s greed.

His statement is quoted below to give you a better insight of the situation.

“It was the mobs that banded together and did this. Myself, Johnnie Rotten, Mags CR, and two others that want to remain nameless, decided to shut down PrimeWire. It was due to the owner and his greed.”

According to Reddit, a user questioned the policies in regard to the illegality. He asked, “How do streaming media sites like PrimeWire, stay up for so long without being ordered to shut down?”

Another Reddit user responded to his query by saying,

“The only government which can shut down a website is that of the country in which the website has been hosted.” He further added, “The website is in Antigua and Barbuda, and these both don't give a shit about the American copyright laws. Thus, PrimeWire is completely safe! Due to net neutrality laws, the American government cannot prevent people from accessing to the sites like this one.”

What is the Original URL of PrimeWire?

The original URL of PrimeWire is whereas, if you visit it now, it’d redirect you to

It would show a message on your screen, stating, “ PrimeWire is back and better than ever! We are working on rebuilding the database, so have patience.” Reportedly, there are more than just a version of this site. For example:

  • Primewire.ig
  • (unblocked)

What Might Have really Happened to PrimeWire?

When a website to host the pirated content gets reputed, it gets noticed by the authority takers. Usually, this act results in the shutdown of that site. Be it the entire website itself or selected content, it gets taken down by the government to prevent any violation regarding the copyright terms.

After the action has been taken against that certain website, people start to develop the alternative websites. These alternative websites capitalize on almost all of the search traffic related to the original website.


Let’s take an example of PrimeWire here. It easily gets six-figure searches per month. Similarly, the duplicate websites are desperate to tap into this crowded stream for ad revenue.

According to Reddit, it doesn’t matter for whatever reason the site might have been taken down or heavily modified, thus anyone who’d visit the site would be redirected to the bulk of advertisement (s). Mostly, it happens because of the desire of the developers to earn money by serving ads. It doesn’t matter if the website has been pronounced fatally compromised, making money is all what they want.

What are the Alternative Websites for PrimeWire?

What are the Alternative Websites for PrimeWire?
What are the Alternative Websites for PrimeWire?

Don’t worry! We have always got your back! To make the navigation easy for you, we have mentioned the best alternative sites for PrimeWire below.

PrimeWire Alternative


A faster and better website for watching online movies, and that with no registration.

If you are into TV shows and series, this website is totally for the one for you! You can get an access to the entertainment for absolutelyfree!

Watch un-cut and unedited Hollywood movies here on Crackle. It has all the genres covered for you!

Free movies in HD quality are available on FMovies. You will not regret making this choice!

Watch your favorite movies on the Go! You don’t have to download any extra stuff in orderto enjoy your favorite movies, because they have it all figured out for you!

If you want to have a great experience, consider this site, and you would love your decision.

GoStream is by far the best! It is better than the streaming of 123movies, and even GoMovies. Not to mention that you can watch any movie here without dowloading any extras. Who doesn’t like it easy?

Watch movies, series, TV shows for absolutely free, without any registration.

Download your favorite entertaining content, and don’t miss out on the chance of a remarkable gathering with your loved ones!

When it comes to the instant streaming of content, this website tops the list. You can always trust it when it comes to a safe navigation.

Here, you can get more than 5000 movies to download. Not just movies, but there is also a fair range of games available for you to have fun with. Go, make the most of it!


This is also one of the best online free streaming of movies you like.

Full length feature films are available here for you to watch. If you want to experience something good, consider this alternative website of PrimeWire.

It is by far the best link for online streaming of movies if you are a tablet or a smartphone user.

This is also a registration free website to take advantage of. If you are a true entertainment lover, you are going to love the experience!

There is a great range of movies available on this site. There are more than 12000 movies waiting for you to choose from them! Hurry up!

This site allows you to watch your favorite movies for free.

Enjoy 1080 pixels supported movies!

This alternative website has a stock of more than 9000 movies to watch for free!


Watch Hollywood, and Hindi-dubbed Tollywood movies by navigating to this website.

Watch movies online with great quality, without worrying about the registration. Best of luck!

Get ready to experience a whole new world of entertainment!

Watch documentaries, and TV shows for free!

Everything for free, really?

If we talk about Reddit or some other certain forums, usually, people tend to advocate for all media being free. It is important for us to know that without a profit incentive, the creators are not much interested in creating the content on demand.

Too often, people take keen interest in figuring out the legitimacy of a certain content. Usually while doing this, they forget about the idea ofreplication and mirror sites. It does not matter how much you appreciate the legal actions taken against the copyright violation, there are always going to be the alternative sites, waiting to get you introduced to them.

Anyway, the argument on the respective forums is not reaching its end, anytime soon.

Are these Alternative Websites Illegal to use?

The website itself is not illegal, but the content it shares to the public might be pirated. Since piracy is illegal, it can get the developers in danger.

Using the Proxy Server

Proxy servers are supposed to help the users to navigate to the banned websites. But, not everyone finds it easy to use a proxy server. The access also gets limited, usually.

Are these Alternative Websites a Threat to your Privacy?

As much as downloading any file for free or live streaming your desired content might excite your interest, it can also invade your privacy. There is always a chance of your IP address to get approached by the developers or any other party. Believe me, you don’t want that!

How to Protect your Important Information?

You can always use a good VPN server to avoid such risks of your data being stolen. All what you have to do is choose a reliable and authentic VPN server, as there are usually a lot of scams in regard to VPN server downloading. A good VPN server would take care of the rest! And, you can surf safely.

What is a VPN Service Provider?

It is usually one of the paid services which are used to protect you networking, allowing you a safe access to the world of entertainment.

Are VPN Services Legal to Use?

In the United States, using a VPN server is 100% legal. But, if you carry out any illegal activity while using the 100% legal VPN server, it would be considered as an illegal activity, anyway.

Why should you make a VPN service an Important Part of your Browsing?

· By using a secure private network, VPN reroutes all the traffic.

· The data is encrypted, and the IP address is hidden.

· Your online activity does not get tracked.

Why you should choose the Best VPN Server?

· If the chosen VPN server is not good enough, your internet connection will be influenced.

· Paid VPN servers might not be affordable for every user.

· As much as the idea ofusing a free VPN excites one’s interests, free VPNs might get you in trouble. Many users have reported that their personal information was stolen and sold to the third parties.

· The bandwidth limit often exceeds.

Which VPN Server you shall use?

Following are the links which would help you in navigating to the best VPN service providers. We have also mentioned the price for you, just to make it easy for you to make the most of the earlier mentioned alternative sites for PrimeWire.



$12.95 per month

$10.95 per month

$9.95 per month

$2.99 per month

$5.41 per month

$1.99 per month

What are the Features Supported by the Mentioned VPN Servers?


· All the major platforms are supported by it.

· It is not bandwidth limited.

· It supports unlimited server switches.

· 99.99% uptime.

· Includes best-in-class encryption.

· Enable 3 simultaneous connections.

· Allows 30- days money back guarantee.

· Enables split tunneling.

· Zero-knowledge DNS.


· Serves the users with a neat member’s area layout.

· Be it severs, live chats, invoices, it places all the important things intuitively.

· You can always take the safety measures if you don’t want to provide your personal information.

· Gives you an extensive insight into your previous activities.

· If you need any sort of help, the setup guides are always available.

· It doesn’t cap your bandwidth, while giving you the access to streaming a fairly wide range of geo-restricted services.


· Provides IPV6 protection.

· The bandwidth has no boundaries.

· The speed is limitless.

· Enables multiple VPN protocol.

· There are no logs.

· Enables you to do surfing, anonymously.

· Enables port forward.


· Your payments are safeguarded. You can do online transactions without any worry.

· Your confidential information is always protected from the third parties.

· There are no boundaries for the access to the internet, and thus, the companies which are willing to test-drive the server’s products can surf anonymously.

· The identity or the location of the field researcher is not revealed.

· The online experience is going to be a very secure one.

· It has user-friendly and smart apps to keep up with the protection of the Android and IOS devices.

· The robustness of encryption is guaranteed.

· Wi-Fi protection is enabled

· There are no logs.

· Since, the ad blocking is enabled, there won’t be any ad to show up on your device’s screen, irritating you.

· The conversations and transactions which you make are going to be secured, if you are a user of the respective VPN provider.

· You can take full advantage of lower rate shopping by using CyberGhost.

· It supports various devices, without any limitation.

· It provides an enormous platform for various customer types, such as freelancers, large enterprises, and etc.

· The deployment is on premise.


· The performance is solid.

· There are various advanced features.

· Supports live chats with a limitless speed.

· It offers good security speed.

· It is ranked #2 out of 78 VPNs.

· It is fairly easy to use if compared to other service providers.

· P2P and torrenting is allowed.

· The no logging policy is very strict.

· It unblocks Netflix USA.

· There are 800+ servers in 50 countries.

How are you helped by us?

We always care about you! We want to let you have an insight of what you are getting yourself into. If you would face any inconvenience while trying to get an access to the entertainment, it would be a shame on us. We always want you to choose the best!

That is why we have sorted out the important things for you to know, so that you would not have to waste your precious time on any irrelevant website.

We have mentioned the best alternative sites for the users of PrimeWire. To make it even easier, we have also made a list of the best VPN service providers.

Now, you have tomake the most of it! Use this information as a tool against all the scams which try nothing less than harming your browsing and limiting your access.

Conclusion of Best PrimeWire Alternatives in 2020

All the researched made regarding the availability of PrimeWire, it won’t be false to say that the original site has been taken down.

This shutdown of an entertainment supporting website has resulted in the disappointment of many people. Nevertheless, the youth is still trying to get access to such an alternative website which would work in similarity with the original website.

To sort this matter out for you, we have arranged a list of almost 25 alternative websites, 20 of which are definitely working with a good status. Thus, all what you have to do is believe in us!

We welcome you to the new world of free entertainment! We played our role of guiding you to the best. Now, it is on you to make the most of it.

Best of luck!

Why do we need your Feedback?

The valuable feedback provided by you, will help us in making important decisions. Mostly, people think that their review is not valued or considered, but that is never the case when you are with us. Together, we are a family! Every member of this family is equally respectable for us.

Why you should share this PrimeWire Discusions and Alternatives?

Just like you liked being helped out by us, others would, too. It is never a bad idea to benefit others with your knowledge. Share the link of this article and help your friends in getting an easy approach to the world of entertainment.

If you like it, share it!

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