Best Putlocker Alternatives in 2019
Best Putlocker Alternatives in 2019

Best Putlocker Alternatives in 2019

Best Putlocker Alternatives in 2019 - Almost every one of us has watched a movie online. This is the era of the internet. We tend to perform all our activities online, whether they are good or bad without knowing the consequences. Same is the case with watching movies online. You might get together with your friends and decide to watch a video online without actually knowing whether the site that you are using is legal and safe or not. If you frequently watch movies, then you most probably use Putlocker. Since its launch is has become quite popular among the online streamers. But the question is, is it safe and legal to use? Let us discuss it in detail below.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is an online streaming platform that holds more than 5000 media files. It includes TV Shows, Movies and Music. The best thing about the site is that it is free. But that is also the reason why it attracts so much unwanted attention from the authorities.

Instead of hosting files itself, Putlocker acts as a search engine for media files. Users can search for different media files such as movies, and the platform allows you to access the media files that are hosted on some other server.

You might have noticed this while streaming on Putlocker. The website offers you different servers to watch from. This means that it isn’t hosting the content itself but is allowing you to stream content that is hosted elsewhere.

This whole setup sounds excellent for the viewers because they get to watch movies and TV Shows for free. But at the same time , it is terrible for film studios because it rips them off of their profit. The only problem with sites like Putlocker is that they stream content that isn’t owned by them. Plus they don't even have the permission to stream that content as it originally belongs to someone else. This leads to a breach of copyright laws that can cause problems.

The changes in the domain of Putlocker

The changes in the domain of Putlocker
The changes in the domain of Putlocker

Many countries consider sites like Putlocker to be in breach of copyright laws. Thus the users can face repercussions as well . Although in most states, the person who uploads a copyrighted file suffers from legal issues. But there are also cases in which the users might be apprehended as well . Thus one needs to be careful.

We have noticed that since its launch it has gained a lot of popularity around the globe, but all of it wasn’t good. The site started as in the United Kingdom in 2012. It became popular in a short time. This was because of a similar website ‘Mega upload’ which was shut down because of alleged copyright infringement. Since Putlocker was the only trusted site at the time; thus, it replaced ‘Mega upload.’ Over time it became one of the most visited websites in the world by 2016. Although the site owner hoped of all the attention to be good, that wasn’t the case. The site also gained the attention of media houses, film studios and of course the legal authorities. This was when the issue began with the domains and the URLs that have the users confused.

Over the years many legal authorities around the globe have tried to shut down Putlocker due to copyright claims by media houses and Film Studios. But the site keeps coming back with different domains in different regions of the world. After it started to get the attention from the authorities, the site owners shifted from to , but that didn’t last long.

The UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit was the first to shut it down in June 2014. But it came back with a new URL putlocker .is, which was an Icelandic domain. This domain worked wonders for at least two years until the site was reported to the Office of the United States Trade Representative by a trade body called the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in October 2016. Due to this, the site was shut down and started to show an error message to the users.

But within a short period, the site came back into action. But it started to redirect users to , but maybe it wasn’t meant to last. The site was shut down again when a case was brought up by the Belgian Entertainment Association, and the Tribunal d’arrondissement of Luxembourg ruled in favor of the entertainment house.

After that the site putlocker .is begin working again, but it started to forward the users to scam sites. Since then, there have been no active cases against the site. The only functioning putlocker URLs are and putlockerhd .is. So use them if you want to watch something on Putlocker.

Problems with Putlocker

The question regarding Putlocker is whether it is safe to use or not . It has been shut down so many times since its launch which has left the users a bit confused. The only problem with Putlocker is that the Studios and Media houses find it breaching the copyright laws. But according to the copyright laws in the US and EU, no legal violation has occurred if the media files can’t be copied , perceived, or communicated. This suggests that the person watching the content isn’t breaking any laws. But the person who uploaded the files is subject to copyright laws. Same is the case with Putlocker. Since it doesn’t host any of the content itself; thus, the site itself isn’t breaching any copyright laws. This makes it pretty much legal to use.

Apart from the legal issues, there are several security issues as well that sites like Putlocker can present. Thus it is essential for the users to be at least aware of these threats. Users should also take appropriate precautions against them. Some of the significant security threats that you should know about are;

1. Malware

The most important security threat that users need to be aware of is malware . The thing about putlocker is that it doesn’t host any of the content itself. It just acts as a streaming platform that gives you access to media files that are hosted on another server. This means that it is not responsible for any malware that you might download while streaming.

The safety of the media content isn’t provided by Putlocker. You have to make sure on your own that the server you are using is safe. There are times when unknown files will begin to download on their own in the background while you stream. You might not even know about the downloading. It is essential that you take precautions against malware which can destroy your entire hard drive.

2. Mirror Sites

You will be surprised to find out how many hackers and scammers on the internet are waiting for you to fall prey to their traps. Since Putlocker has been forced to change URLs a couple of times ; thus, users find it hard to figure out which one is the official working site at present.

There are several mirror sites to putlocker . They will gather your personal information and force you to download malicious software and malware. Such sites have been set up by hackers who exploit the putlocker users by tricking them into thinking that it is the official putlocker site.

In most cases the sites look exactly like the original Putlocker website. It will also allow you to stream content but will download malware on your device without your knowledge. Thus you need to be sure that you are using the official site.

Make sure that you are using the official Putlocker site that is working at the moment. You can go to the previous working site as well , and it will automatically redirect you to the new one. You can also do your research and find out which one is the official site to stay on the safe side.

3. Pop-Ups

Since putlocker allows you to stream content for free thus, there has to be a way for the owners to make a profit of their own as well .

The most common complaint about putlocker is that it comes with several pop-up ads. But that is how the site makes money, so you have to deal with it if you want to enjoy free streaming.

The only problem is that sometimes pop-ups can be quite annoying. They can also lead to adult sites or unsafe sites which cause problems for several users. Since there is no way to streaming without the pop-ups; thus, a pop-up blocker is the only thing that can save you from the pop-ups.

4. Forced redirecting

Many users have also complained about the forced redirecting by Putlocker to unsafe and inappropriate sites. But since that is how the site makes money; thus, there isn’t a way to avoid them. The sole purpose of putlocker is to allow you to access external data. Thus redirecting to external sites is common and expected.

Having your usual security software running at all times is essential. It will probably stop the potentially dangerous sites from opening. Even though your security software will do the trick but in case if it doesn’t work, always make sure to close all the unknown tabs while you are streaming. Don’t let any website run in the background that you don’t know about.

5. Unnecessary downloading

Many users have reported unnecessary downloading with putlocker . According to the users, at times, putlocker has forced them to download content. There have been cases as well in which the user wasn’t even aware of the download.

It is essential to make sure that you don’t download any content from Putlocker. By downloading the streaming content, you will be breaching copyright laws. Thus legal actions can be taken against you. The thing is that you download more than just the content itself. Along with the content, you also download malware that might be harmful to your device. So avoid any downloads with putlocker because none of them are safe for you.

Security Tools to use with Putlocker

Putlocker is one of the best sites to stream online media content for free. But with free access, several threats come your way as well . You need to take care of them if you don’t want to end up in jail. You could also lose all your hard drive data or get scammed by the hackers out there due to malware.

There are several security issues that putlocker users have to face while streaming. But we have discussed most of them above. Since we all need to use putlocker , thus, the best way to avoid threats is to take security precautions.

There are many security tools that you can use to protect yourself from the threats. So let us look at some of them in detail .

1. Anti-Virus Software:

It is essential to have a working anti-virus whether you are using putlocker or not. An anti-virus is a software that protects you from downloading any harmful content from the internet. It is must -have software for every internet user. Sites like putlocker come with several threats that you might not even know about. But a running anti-virus in the background will protect you from any harmful content that might try to pass through the firewalls.

There are different anti-virus software available in the market that you can buy. We advise that you get your hands on reputed software that is widely used and trusted by several individuals. It might cost you more, but in the long run, you will advantage from it. Make sure to regularly upgrade it as well to ensure the safety of your software and hardware.

The most-reported problem with putlocker is the unwanted ads that just pop up out of nowhere. Apart from being annoying, these ads can also be harmful. They can destroy your software and hardware. The best to avoid all the havoc with pop-up ads is to get an ad-blocker. It will automatically block most of the pop-up ads and give you a peace of mind.

Even if it misses a few ads, you can always close them on your own. Plus with the anti-virus software running in the background, you won’t have to worry about it much. Anti-virus will automatically get rid of the unwanted downloads.

3. Pop-Up Blocker:

Similar to ad-blocker there is something called a pop-up blocker as well . You might have noticed that every time you click somewhere on the putlocker website, a pop-up window appears on your screen. In most cases, multiple pop-up windows open. In most cases, they contain harmful and disturbing content.

The best way to avoid it all is to run a pop-up blocker in the background. It will automatically keep the pop-ups at the minimum. It will keep your experience secure and less annoying on putlocker and other sites like this.

4. VPN

A Virtual Private Network encrypts your data and redirects all your traffic to an external server. This makes it practically impossible for any more to decode the data and trace it back to you.

Every time you connect to a website, it will automatically get its hand on your IP addresses. This means that if you are doing something illegal or unlawful, then the authorities can easily trace the IP address back to you.

By now, we all know that there is always a legal threat that comes with using putlocker along with the malware and the other malicious software. Well, the best way to protect yourself of all these threats is to make sure that you are always running a VPN in the background with accessing sites like VPN.

The thing about VPN is that your service provider will know that you are running a VPN but won’t be able to track your online steps once it is on. So even if you accidentally do something illegal on the internet, no one will be able to track it back to you.

Not only the authorities but even the hackers can’t even get their hands on your data while you are using a VPN. They won’t be able to access your IP Address and all your data will encode, which will be useless for anyone who tries to use it.

Best Alternatives to Putlocker in 2019

If you believe that putlocker is the only free streaming website on the internet, then you are wrong. Putlocker is just one site that has gained attention. Apart from it, the internet is filled with streaming sites. Even the site owners know that it is the best way to make a lot of money. So let us look at some of the best alternatives to putlocker that you can use.

1. Los Movies

Los Movies
Los Movies

Los Movies is another great online free streaming site that has a 2000 page long catalog. This means that you can easily find the movie that you are looking for on this amazing website. You can use different refine options to search for the movie that you are looking for. You can also search the movie by name as well .

The only problem with the site is that it comes with several pop-up ads. This means every wrong click will bombard you with pop-ups that can be quite annoying. The best way to avoid them is by using a dedicated ad-blocker or pop-blocker.

2. Popcornflix


If you want a site to look for movies and watch them on the same platform, then Popcornflix is the best site for you. The site has so much to offer to the users. The best thing is that it is free. This means that you won’t have to spend any money on streaming media online anymore. Plus, it doesn't ask you to sign up for accounts on different websites as well .

The site has a vast catalog of movies to offer from different genera. You can directly search for the movie by name. If you are not sure about the name, then you can scroll through the catalog. There is quite a variety available. You can choose the movie that you want to watch and hit play. The best thing about the site is that it offers the latest movies as well . You won't have to go to the cinema anymore to watch the latest videos. You can watch them online on this fantastic website.

3. Watch Online Series

Watch OnlineSeries
Watch Online Series

Not everyone is a fan of movies. Some of us love TV Shows more than movies. But it is quite hard to catch up on them with the busy schedules. Not to worry anymore because Watch Online Series is the best site to watch all your favorite TV shows for free.

Although the site comes with many ads, you can always take care of that with a dedicated ad-blocker, apart from that, the website works wonders. It gives you access many mirror servers for each episode so that you can view it from the best link possible.

4. 123Movies


If you are looking for a versatile online streaming site, then 123Movies is your best option. The site is best for people who aren’t restricted to only movies or TV Shows. It has more than that to offer to the users. You can also watch your favorite cartoons, anime, Asian Dramas, and so much more on the site — this which makes it a great alternative to Putlocker.

Just like all the other streaming sites, 123Movies doesn’t host the content itself. It stores it on different web hosts. The site only allows you access to those sites. This makes it legal, but still, it is better if you use a VPN service to keep yourself protected.

Conclusion of Free Best Putlocker Alternatives in 2019

There is no simple answer whether Putlocker is safe and legal. It all depends on the country that you live in and the security precautions that you are taking to keep the threat to the lowest. We have discussed everything that we knew about the site above. We believe that Putlocker is safe to use if you have all the security tools up and running. You can use Putlocker or alternative sites to stream for free. Remember, each site comes with a threat, but luckily, you got tools to protect yourself. Stream media content online on these fantastic free sites but use security tools to stay on the safe side.

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