Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator Codes in 2022

Looking for a way to make playing Bee Swarm Simulator more enjoyable? Here are all the Bee Swarm Simulator codes you will need to enhance your gameplay.

Al the codes listed here are all working as of May 2022. Using any of these codes in your game would award you several rewards and new items such as jelly beans, new bees among other things. Bee Swarm Simulator codes are also the quickest way to gain in-game currency with which you can level up faster with ease. Also, upgrades and cool looking pet bees can only be purchased with in-game currency.

Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator


This is one of the most played and popular games on Roblox. It is a simulator game where you have to farm bees to make honey. You are tasked with forming swarms of bees by hatching bee eggs and collecting pollen with your bees. The game has 42 different types of bees that you can control in the game.

NOTE : Of the 42 types of bees available in the game, you can only use 41 of them. The last bee, Bear bee, have to be bought using Robux from the game store.

The objective of the game is quite simple as the end goal is to make as much honey as you can. However, if you are looking to enjoy playing the game, then you need these Bee Swarm Simulator Codes.

Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator Codes

The codes on this list were all compiled from other lists across the internet. In other words, all you have to do is go through the list and find codes you believe will enrich your game.Also Read: Roblox Promo Codes for Robux 2022 – Free List, Tips & Guides

NOTE: Please note that you need to have Bee Swarm Simulator Club membership for some codes to work. This means that you have to subscribe to join the game’s community.

The codes are divided into different categories based on how important they are as well as their function.

A. Top 10 Working Bee Swarm Simulator Codes

1. LeftoversGumdrops (10x) Jelly Bean (1x), Pumpkin Patch Boost (3x), Strawberries (10x), Blueberries (10x), Pineapples (10x), Pumpkin patch Wins (3x)
2. ClubBeanMagic bean (1x), 2x Pineapple Patch Boost (200% increase in Pineapple Patch Pollen)
3. BeesBuzz123Cloud Vial (1x), Gumdrops (5x), Jelly Beans (3x)
4. FestiveFrogsOne Box-o-Frogs, 3x Bamboo Field Winds (comes with 60% increase in Bamboo Field Pollen, 30% increase in Bamboo field conversion), 3x Bamboo Field Boost (300% increase in Bamboo Field Pollen)
5. JollyJellyRoyal Jelly (1x), Strawberry Field Boost (3x), Micro-Converter (1x), Strawberry Field Winds (3x), Jelly Beans (1x)
6. ClubBasket2x Mushroom Field Boost (200% increase in Mushroom Field Pollen), 2x Sunflower Field Boost (200% increase in Sunflower Field Pollen), 2x Blue Flower Field Boost (200% increase in Blue Flower Field Pollen)
7. ClubConvertersMicro-Converter (10x)
8. GumdropsForScienceGumdrops (15x)
9. ClubCloudJelly Beans (1x), Micro-Converter (1x), Field Dice (1x), Cloud Vial (1x)
10. WaxTickets (5x), 5000 Honey

Not sure what some of the rewards do CLICK HERE to view their uses.

B. Codes to gain bonus Honey and Tickets

NOTE: Codes are written in bold letters while rewards are underlined.

  • Crawler – 5 Tickets
  • Roof – 5 Tickets
  • Cog – 5 Tickets
  • Bopmaster – 5 Tickets
  • 38217 – 5 Tickets
  • Buzz – up to 5000 bonus Honey
  • Connoisseur – 5 Tickets
  • Nectar – 5000 bonus Honey
  • Sure – 2500 bonus Honey, Dandelion Field Boost (3x)
  • Wink – 5 Tickets, Black Bear Morph, 7x Dandelion Field Boost, up to 5000 bonus Honey

C. Top 10 Codes for Boosters

i. 4MilMembersField Dice (4x), Royal Jelly (1x), Clover Field Winds (4x), Micro-Converter (4x), Clover Field Boost (1x), Mother Bear Morph
ii. MarshmallowMarshmallow Bee, Conversion Boost (1 Hour)
iii. 500milConversion Boost (1 hour), Field Dice (5x), Science Bear Morph, Wealth Clock (5x), Jelly Beans (5x), Stump Field Boost (2x), Gumdrops (5x), Bamboo Field Boost (3x)
iv. TeespringBamboo Field Winds (3x), Marshmallow Bee, Bamboo Field Boost (3x)
v. WikiAwardClockWealth Clock (5x)
vi. TornadoJelly Beans (3x), one Royal Jelly, Cloud Vial (1x)
vii. BeeMineRose Field Boost (3x), Strawberry (10x), one Royal Jelly, Conversion Boost (1Hour)
viii. TornadoGlitchCloud Road (1x), Dandelion Field Boost (3x), Coconuts (5x), Dandelion Field Winds (3x)
ix. AugustGlitter (1x), Conversion Boost (1 hour), Rose Field Boost (3x), Bamboo Field Boost (3x)
x. RebooootConversion boost (2 hours), Stump Field Boost, Wealth Clock, Spider field boost (4x)

D. Other useful Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator Codes

CODESAlso Read: Free Xbox Live Codes no Surveys 2022REWARDS
i. Discord100kPine Tree Forest Boost (3x), Gumdrops (3x), Spider Field Boost (3x), Rose Field Boost (3x), Jelly Beans (3x), Tickets (3x), one Marshmallow Bee Buff, Moon Charm (3x)
ii. WikiHonorOne Royal Jelly, One Stinger, Inspire (5x), Strawberry Field Boost (3x), Gumdrops (10x), Pineapple (10x)
iii. Gumaden10TOne cloud vial, Pepper Patch Boost (3x), Coconut Field Boost (1x), Blue Flower Field Boost (2x), Pineapple (15x), Blue Flower Field winds (3x), Pepper Patch Winds (3x), Coconut Field Winds (3x),
iv. SecretProfileCodeOne Glue Buff, One Ant Pass, One Oil, Enzymes Buff, One Shocked Bee Jelly
v. 300MVisitsSunflower Field Boost (2x), Royal Jelly (1x), Treat (10x), one Wealth Clock, Rose Field Boost (2x)
vi. WindyRebootOne each of Jelly Beans, Cloud Vial, Micro Converter, and Field Dice
vii. BreezeMicro Converters (3x), Mushroom Field Boost (3x), Sunflower Seed (20x), Magic Bean (1x), Dandelion Field Boost (3x), Cactus Field Boost (2x)
viii. BloxyboostMushroom Field Boost (5x), Tickets (5x), Conversations Boost (1 Hour)
ix. 2MFavoritesTicket (5x), Royal Jelly (1x), Baby Love (1x), Strawberry (5x), Haste+, Black Bear Morph, Blueberry (5x), Sunflower Field Boost (5x), Wealth Clock (5x)
x. MoreTimeWealth Clock (3x), Jelly Beans (3x), Micro-Converter (5x), Moon Charm (20x), Pumpkin Patch Boost (3x), Clover Field Boost (3x) and Stump Field Boost (1x)
xi. BloxyCelebrationConversion Boost (6 Hours), One baby love, one magic bean, Ticket (5x), Mountain top field boost (3x), Clover field boost (5x)
xii. BeeDay2019Conversion Boost (30 min), Pumpkin Patch Boost (4x), Strawberry (1x), Gumdrops (1x), Micro-Converter (1x), Field Dice (1x), Bumble Bee Jelly (1x), Sunflower seed (1x), Pumpkin Patch Boost (4x), Mother Bear Morph (3x), Pineapple (1x), Blueberry (1x)
xiii. ValentineRose Field Capacity Boost (1x), Baby love, One Red Extract Buff, Strawberry (25x), Rose Field Boost (3x)
xiv. MarketPollen Boost (1x), Sunflower Field Market Boost, Bitter berries (10x), Pineapple Patch Market Boost
xv. BigBagTemporarily increases bag capacity to hold more pollen for 48 hours
xvi. BuoyantBlueberries (15x), Capacity Code, Blue Flower Field Boost (1x), Blue Flower Field Market Boost (1x), Blue Extract (1x)
xvii. 500milConversion Boost (1 hr), Gumdrops (5x), Jelly beans (5x), Bamboo field Boost (3x), Stump field Boost (2x), Wealth Clock (5x), Field Dice (5x)
xviii. BlackBearMythicWealth Clock (1x), Black Bear Morph, Cactus Field Boost (1x), Clover Field Boost (1x)
xix. CublyBitterberries (10x), Micro converter (1x), Bumblebee Jelly (1x)


– Gumdrops: This covers all the flowers in any field you are standing in goo.Also Read: Best Minecraft Mods to Change or Enhance Your Gameplay in 2022

– Goo: Goo grants you additional honey which you can harvest alongside pollen with your bees

– JellyBeans: These spawns buff granting beans on all flowers close to where it is used.

– Magic Bean: This spawns a random sprout wherever you are standing.

– Box-o-frogs: When used, three (3x) frogs that last for 3 minutes are summoned.

– Cloud Vial: This vial covers any field closest to you in the cloud. The cloud lasts for about three minutes.

– Micro-Converter: This item automatically converts all the Pollen collected in your bag to Honey.

How to redeem these codes in Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator

If you are already familiar with Bee Swarm Simulator codes, you do not have to read this section. However, in case you are new to the game and don’t know how to get all the rewards of the codes mentioned above, below are the set of instructions to follow:

1. Launch the game like you usually do from the Roblox website games dashboard. Click the Gear icon located at the left-hand corner of your screen

2. A list of options will appear in a dropdown dialogue box. Select Promo Codes.

3. Copy and paste any of the codes you wish to redeem its rewards in the box that says Enter Code.

4. Lastly, click Redeem

NOTE: All the codes listed above are not case sensitive. However, codes can only be redeemed once. Hence, only redeem the code when you need it.


Be all the above are codes that you can use while playing the Bee Swarm Simulator game. These reward codes are frequently uploaded by the developers of the game. In other words, they are not illegal to use. A good way to stay current with the latest codes is by following the various social media account of the developers. Here are the links to some of their social media accounts:

– Discord

– Twitter

You can also regularly check the Roblox page of the developers as they also post updated information on the page.

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