State Farm Login Guide: Step by step & other discussions
State Farm Login Guide: Step by step & other discussions

State Farm Login Instructions & Issues Troubleshooting in 2019

State Farm is a pretty popular insurance company. Their headquarters are in Bloomington, Illinois but State Farm covers people all across the United States. Are you one of those people?

Cool. So maybe you're a customer of the State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, which owns all the other companies of State Farm, or maybe you're just looking to learn some things about the State Farm login process for fun. Whatever the reason, you're in the right place!

Why Getting a State Farm Login?

Why Getting a State Farm Login?
Why Getting a State Farm Login?

There are plenty of insurance and financial services companies around the world. What does State Farm claim to have that sets their companies above the rest?

1. Prevent accidents with 'Simple Insights' section

State Farm provides a section on their webpage that provides articles on how to avoid accidents. The firm claims they hope you will use these articles to "protect your family, cars, home and future" if you can.

Categories in this section are things like "articles around vehicle ownership experience," "credit, savings, checking, and loans tips," "insurance, maintenance, safety tips and more for your home," "tips for families" and many, many more. This wide variety of articles is sure to help you with any situation you may require advice about.

2. ‘Community Offers' section

State Farm has partnered with other merchants to give discounts to State Farm customers. By using the State Farm mobile app, customers can see what businesses around town have discounts for people registered with State Farm. Get discounts in the surrounding area depending on where you live.

3. Mobile App

This convenient State Farm mobile app gives State Farm customers their ‘Community Offers' discounts along with several other on-the-go insurance features. Because smartphones are more commonly used than computers nowadays, customers can have the insurance experience in the literal palm of their hands with this app.

4. ‘Neighborhood of Good '

State Farm values charity and wants to help their customers reach out into the community. The ‘Neighborhood of Good' feature of State Farm allows customers to search a cause that they would like to help outwith. Type your cause into the ‘I care about' section of the ‘Neighborhood of Good' State Farm page and add your zip code for a list of causes you can volunteer for.

5. State Farm is environmentally friendly

If you care about human impact on the environment, State Farm is for you. This insurance company has a ‘Green' mission statement that declares the company's commitment to finding solutions to reduce "company impacts and help build safer and greener communities."

State Farm has ‘green community,' ‘green facilities and operations,' ‘corporate green initiatives' and ‘green policies' listed as categories on their environmental programs page. Users can click on any of the links listed under those headers to read more about State Farm's commitment to the environment.

Some Background Convincing you to Make a State Farm Login

Some Background Convincing you to Make a State Farm Login
Some Background Convincing you to Make a State Farm Login

State Farm was created by a farmer, George Jacob "G.J." Mecherle, because he was interested in starting an automobile insurance company. That's how the company initially began —as an automobile insurance company—but it has since grown into a larger, more profitable network of companies. Mecherle made the company specific to vehicle insurance for farmers initially. Then, the company grew so that they could offer many other types of insurance. For example, today, State Farm has insurance for financial services, banking and other aspects of life.

According to their website, State Farm employs over 65,000 people. The company has over 19,000 independent contractors. There are around 83 million different policies being monitored by State Farm in the USA today (according to this source).

The process of logging in State Farm in 2019

The process of logging in State Farm in 2019
The process of logging in State Farm in 2019

Now that you know why you want to be a State Farm customer, here's how to register (or just login) to State Farm.

· Insurance Bill Pay State Farm Login

· State Farm Insurance My Accounts LogIn here

· RPX Statefarm Login here

Rookies Trying to Log in Only

1. Get there

If you're not a first timer, go to one of the specific links above. If you're a rooky, go to the general login link to StateFarm. Once you arrive, there should be a "Log in" button at the top right corner of your screen. Click that.

2. Sign up

Now you should be on the "Log in" page. Under the blue button that says, "Log in," there's a link to click that says, "Create an account." If you're truly a rookie with no prior accounts with State Farm, go ahead and click that link.

Fill out all of the financial information that pops up. If it freaks you out to put in your secret financial numbers, read the terms of agreement and privacy notices that State Farm provides to the public.

Just to be clear, you should be putting down your claim, insurance or credit card number and corresponding information along with your name (first and last) and date of birth. Next, hit the "continue" button.

You should write downyour user ID and password somewhere safe. Don't let anybody touch that information or you're in danger of identity and monetary theft.

How to sign in with Your StateFarm Login

1. Get there

Go to any of the links listed above or go to the general State Farm login link. Click the "Log In" button at the top right corner of your screen.

2. Log In YourStateFarm Account

I hope you took my tip seriously and wrote your user ID and password somewhere safe, because you need them again now. Enter your user ID and password and click the "Sign In" button.

If you're not too paranoid about someone accessing your State Farm account through your physical computer, feel free to check the "remember user ID" box to get your computer to automatically save your login information.

How to Log in State Farm on the App

1. Download the app

The State Farm app will pop up in the app store of your iPhone or iPad or the Google Play Store of your Android. Just search ‘State Farm.' Download the app when you find it.

2. Sign In

Open the app and enter that handy dandy user ID and password that I told you to write downand keep safe. Press the "Log In" button and use the app as you wish.

How to reset your State Farm Login

1. The Process

Go to the general State Farm login link. Press the "Log In" button at the top right corner of your screen.

2. Ask for a reset

There should be a link below the "Log In" button that says, "Forgot Password?". Click that button.

You should be directed to a page that asks for your user ID (which I told you to keep safe!) and your date of birth. Enter this information and press the "submit" button. You then should be allowed to reset your password.

How to figure out your Login ID

1. Initial Steps

If you've come this far and ignored my advice about putting your password and user ID in a safe place so you can remember them, you'll probably need to figure out both your user ID and your password. Well, here you go.

Go to the general State Farm login link. Click the Login button at the right corner of your screen. On the login page under the "Log In" button, click the "Forgot user ID?" link. You'll be redirected to a new page that will ask for your email.

2. Enter your email

Enter your email and you will be sent your user ID. If you still don't know your password, see the "how to reset your password" section above. Write down your ID and password so you don't lose this information a second time!

How to troubleshoot

Before calling to complain, ask yourself: what could I be forgetting? What could be going wrong?

Think about all the variables that you're entering. Can you register? If not, you might have your insurance or claim number wrong. Double, triple check these numbers!

If you can register but you can't sign in or things are just going wrong, it could be your computer. Don't fall for any online scams to fix your computer troubles. Turn your computer off for 15 seconds and then turn it back on. If that doesn't fix the problem, call your computer company for help. If that doesn't fix the problem… maybe it is State Farm. Let's look at options to get in contact with them.

The old-fashioned way

If you really can't figure out what's going wrong with your account, try calling an agent on the telephone. The help number is 888-559-1922. This always works if you're not a computer whiz because people will be on the other end to look at your problem and tell you what they think the issue is.

Here are some other ways you can contact State Farm:

· Customer Phone Service:
(800) 440-0998
(877) 734-8472
(800) 447-4930
(877) 734-2265
(800) 782-8332
(855) 272-2346

· Email:

· Mailing Address:

State Farm Insurance

One State Farm Plaza P.O. Box 588002 North Metro, GA 30029

Bloomington, Illinois 61710

United States

· Website contact: State Form Official Link

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