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Now that you are here, I’m sure that you either have a keen interest in buying a TIG welding machine or maybe to know how these machines work. You’ll come across unlimited choices, which is why it’s very difficult to choose a particular TIG welder. And according to me, it’s the sole reason behind buyers getting so confused. But, no worries! I’m here to help you out.

Here you’ll not only find honest reviews of various welders, but you’ll also get valuable information. I really hope that my website not only serves you with the list of top TIG welders but also act as a source of information so that you don’t have to spend unnecessary time surfing the Internet to find out what is not known to you.

If You Have Limited Research Time

The contexts in my website are usually organized and to the point, but some of you might not have very much time to go through all the reviews that I have provided here. For this, I have created a Comparison Table consisting of brief overviews of all the top-rated TIG welders. Here, the welders have been compared according to their category, performance and important features. However, if you have some spare time to go through the reviews of the welders individually, then please don’t hesitate to click on the review link.
There is another way for selecting the right TIG welder in no time. You can take a look at the best welders that I have chosen according to some aspects of price, power, and area. Simply click at my best picks that I have listed below;

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If you require neater and high-end welds, then a TIG welder is your ideal choice. However, to operate a TIG welder it needs more skill level than that of another type of welders. But, TIG welders are more versatile as they can be used for wider variations of metal type as well as thickness.
Whether price, features or power, I’m sure you know that TIG welders, like any other welder, come with a lot of variations and choices in all aspects, which somewhat makes choosing the right one among so many options a very difficult task. You can read ultimate buying guide to help you choose the most appropriate tool you require. Some of those considerations are given below;

  • Power Input: If you need a TIG welder for the small home or farm projects, then an 115V welder is just fine. For larger projects or professional weld, a 220V welder is good. In case you need a welder for the high precision industrial purpose, then you’ll need a TIG welder with the input power of 230V or more. Almost digital Tig welder included dual volt input.
  • Power or Amperage Range: It’s always best to choose a TIG welder that has the widest amperage range, available in your budget. A TIG welder with 5 to 230 amperage range will offer maximum welding flexibility on varieties of materials as well as thickness.As aluminum needs higher amperage to weld than that of stainless steel or mild steel, a TIG welder lower than 200 amps power is not applicable for the maximum thickness of aluminum. Remember that the wider is the amperage range of your TIG welder, the more varieties of metals can you weld without the need of purchasing different welders.
  • Metal Thickness: If you are likely to weld materials with 1/2 thickness, TIG welder is not at all a good welder for you. TIG welding works best for thin metals as they require precise heat control during the weld, which is possible only by using TIG welders. You’ll require about 1 amp per 0.001 inch of metal thickness or 40 amps per millimeter.
  • Duty Cycle: A TIG welder with 20% duty cycle is considered low, 40% to 50% is medium and 60% to 80% is considered high. Duty cycle depends on how many amps you require for the weld. For example, a 140A welder with 10% duty cycle will offer 30% duty cycle when used for 115A.
  • AC/DC Process: If you need to weld metals other than steel, you’ll require a TIG welder with both AC and DC options. Materials like aluminum and magnesium are soft and so they require AC output, whereas hard metals like stainless and copper need DC.
  • Type of Arc Start: There are usually two types of Arc Start, High-Frequency Start, and Scratch Start. The start is necessary in order to overcome the resistance of tungsten so that the current can flow through the work-piece. High-Frequency Start is good for welders with both AC and DC options. Scratch Arc Start is also good but tungsten might be contaminated in the weld. These days, Lift-Arc Start feature is also available that avoids the scratching in the electrode.

Comparison table

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My Best Picks

Here are the best welders that I have selected among the top rated TIG welders that I would recommend to you;
[bestbx asin=”B00REX6USW” namep=”Best Overall – AHP AlphaTIG 200DX” onu=”” imgu=”” cont=”AHP AlphaTig 200X is a very powerful 200 amps TIG welder, which is good for both professionals and hobbyists. It offers you professional quality weld with very affordable pricing, allowing the wide range of welding opportunity. It gives long lasting power source along with IGBT technology, with performance on both 110V and 220V input power. This unit can weld up to 1/4 inch aluminum and 3/8 inch mild steel. AHP AlphaTig 200X comes with a 3-year complete warranty. It’s the best welder in all aspects in its class.”] [bestbx asin=”B00TEOZ7YW” namep=”Best for the Money – Lotos TIG140″ onu=”” imgu=”” cont=”If you need a powerful TIG welder at the lowest possible price, then Lotos TIG140 is your optimal choice. This is a compact inverter Lift-start TIG welder that is capable of DC TIG and DC Stick. It offers 140 amps power and this unit is ideal for applications where performance and portability are important. It can weld all types of ferrous metals like copper, steel, stainless steel and much more. Lotos TIG140 operates on either 120V or 240V input power and can be used almost everywhere.”] [bestbx asin=”B0081BEULK” namep=”Best under $2000 – Everlast PowerTig 250EX” onu=”” imgu=”” cont=”The Everlast PowerTig 250EX is a versatile TIG welder for both professionals and enthusiasts who are seeking an AC/DC TIG welder in this category. This unit is a true performer as it offers 250 amps of power in 240V power input, with 60% duty cycle. This versatile and powerful TIG welder comes with features like Stick function, Adjustable pulse, AC balance and much more. It’s capable of welding both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Everlast PowerTig 250EX comes with a 5-year warranty time.”] [bestbx asin=”B00AWU739O” namep=”Best under $1000 – Everlast powertig 185DV” onu=”” imgu=”” cont=”Everlast PowerTig 185 is simple, yet a very capable AC/DC TIG welder, perfect for any entry level welding enthusiast as well as for professionals. This tool has no pulse feature or any sort of complicated adjustment, hence making it very easy to use. It offers HF as well as Lift-start for better arc performance. Everlast PowerTig 185 serves 185 amps of power output and can operate on input power of 220V or 240V. It comes with 5 years warranty from Everlast.”] [bestbx asin=”B0081BF4JC” namep=”Best for Beginner – Everlast PowerARC 140″ onu=”” imgu=”” cont=”In case you are a beginner, looking for a TIG welder with maximum flexibility and performance, then Everlast PowerARC 140 is the right one for your need. This tiny IGBT inverter based welder features both DC TIG and Stick with Lift-start. It can operate on dual inputs of 120V and 240V and offers the maximum power output of 140 amps.”] [bestbx asin=”B00H2XF8VY” namep=”Best for Home Use – Everlast SuperUltra 205″ onu=”” imgu=”” cont=”Everlast SuperUltra 205 is the best TIG welder for home use. It’s capable of DC TIG, Stick and plasma cutting. Specially designed for entry-level users, this welder with plasma ability is for occasional plasma cutting chores. This unit can work on 120V or 240V input and serves power output of 200 amps.”] [bestbx asin=”B00F5NVGJ6″ namep=”Best for Auto Body – Miller Diversion 180″ onu=”” imgu=”” cont=”In case you are more of an Auto body welding enthusiast or professional, maybe Miller Diversion 180 is the right unit for you. It’s a 120/240V AC/DC TIG welder, featuring a single knob control that makes it the quickest and easiest to use and set up AC/DC TIG unit. This welder has the power output of 150 amps and duty cycle 150A @ 20%, capable of welding both aluminum and other ferrous metals. Miller Diversion 180 is one among the high-end TIG welders and it costs a little high.”] [bestbx asin=”B003UW93KS” namep=”Best Portable TIG Welder – Miller Maxstar 150STL” onu=”” imgu=”” cont=”The Maxstar 150STL only weighs 13.5lbs and it also comes with a shoulder strap for easy carry. This welding device has the capacity to weld steel alloys that range from .020in thin to 3/16in thick. It is equipped with the Miller’s Adaptive Hot Start Technology, which can help in preventing electrodes from sticking at the arc start. This is done by automatically boosting the output of the amp at the onset of the weld. It is equipped with the famous features of Miller’s and this is the multi-voltage plug, which will let you switch from 115 volts or 230 volts.”] [bestbx asin=”B00OBY3OMW” namep=”Best for Aluminum – Everlast PowerTig 255EXT” onu=”” imgu=”” cont=”If you are highly focused on welding aluminum materials mostly, then you can go for Everlast PowerTig 255EXT. This is a digital inverter-based AC/DC TIG welder with exceptional power and quality. What makes it best for aluminum welding are its features like AC pulse, hot start, and Arc force control. It can weld 25% more thick aluminum than other traditional welding machines. It operate on the input of 120/240V and offers maximum output power of 250 amps. This tool is perfect for those who wish to take their business to the next level. Its price rate is quite high, and it comes with a 5-year warranty period.”] [bestbx asin=”B00AD8E3B6″ namep=”Best Multi-process TIG Welder – Everlast PowerPro 256S” onu=”” imgu=”” cont=”Everlast PowerPro 256S offers the maximum power output of 250 amps for TIG and 200 amps for the stick. This welder can also be used as plasma cutter that offers up to 60 amps of power to cut metals. It is a good choice for who are looking for a powerful all-in-one welder that works on 220/240V power input. Due to its high performance and precise features, this welder costs a little high when compared to other TIG welders. It also comes with a warranty period of 5 years.”]

Additional Information

If you are interested in knowing more about purchasing a TIG welder, here is some more information;

Size and Weight

Select the size of the welder according to the room you can accommodate. If you have the large room and you need not have to frequently move the tool around, then size and weight don’t really matter. However, if you require a TIG welder mostly for outdoor work or for rental use, weight and size are quite important to be considered. In this case, select a welder that weighs less than 50 pounds.

Functions and Special Features

Many high-end welders come with some special function and features that can highly affect the performance of your welder;

  • Multiple input voltage ability allows the welder to be efficiently operated in two or more input powers.
  • The multi-functional featured welder can be used for other welding processes other than TIG welding.
  • Easy use controls for the novice users so that the non-experts can also operate the welder despite having low operation skill.
  • AC balance control feature that allows the user to have more control over the weld when welding metals like aluminum or magnesium.
  • Heat control features for maintaining the arc and for cooling the weld.

Additional Parts and Accessories

Buy other additional parts and accessories for your TIG welder along with it so that you can opt for some discounts.

  • Torch: various types of torches are available for TIG welders; for example, Water-cooled TIG torch and Air-cooled TIG torch for better performance.
  • Foot pedal: Although most of the manufacturers provide it with the unit, but some doesn’t. Food petal is important for controlling the device in some inaccessible positions.
  • Welding helmet: For protection against UV rays and sparks, welding helmet is necessary. Different types of helmets are available. To know more, please check the welding helmet buying guide.
  • Safety equipment: Heat resistant cotton outfit and gloves are a must buy. For more information, check the reviews provided by me.
  • Welding Mask: This equipment is very important for protection from harmful gas and fumes.

Price & Warranty

Always go for the device that meets your budget limit. High-end tools are not always the best. You can find the best on any budget if you know your requirements.
Almost all the welder manufacturers provide certain warranty period to ensure the safety of your investment. I highly recommend you to consider the warranty period while purchasing a TIG welder. To know more about the warranty offered by different brands, you can check out the reviews.


I have created this website not because I’m into any Welder business, but the reason behind is something more important. I know how it’s truly like being disappointed with one’s purchase, after investing so much in a wrong unit. I have myself come across this situation. Then I decided to do some research on welders so that I can choose the right one next time. Earlier, I only thought of myself that I would be able to choose the right tool, but slowly as I learned more, it made me realize that I could do something more.
And finally, I decided to share my knowledge with other welding enthusiasts like you so that you won’t have to face the problems like I did. I hope that my website will not only help you to choose the most suitable TIG welder but also provide other important information that you must know.
I have tried to keep things simple, honest and straight to the point so that you can easily understand the context in my pages. Hope you enjoy reading, and find what you are looking for.

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    • You can easily find in the Amazon, Northern Tool, Home Depot. If looking for a used machine then you can visit Ebay or Craigslist. I recommend Amazon, where you can get the fastest shipping.

  3. You have the old Everlast powertig 250ex up there . The New one is 1/2 digital. IMO the best for the money also . Ive used many red and blue machines at work and this is just as good a product as them . Longevity , parts and customer service I cant comment on.
    I had a chance to use over the coarse of a year the Eastwood ACDC tig 200, ahp 200 , the NEW Powertig 250EX , CKs MT200 and HTPs 221 . I own the Eastwood and the power tig , my local Air gas gave me a demonstration of there CK machine another family member owns the AHP and a local freind of a 4x4ing forum owns the HTP. I was lucky enough to use them all for about 45 mins each one.
    The new PowerTig 250EX beat them all hands down . the use of quick conect small watercooled torches duty cycle ease of use pules 2t 4t amp rating consumables package foot pedal customer reviews and price .
    You may want to look into the new odel I think it will blow you away. I was just tig welding .020 sheetmetal with .030 filler wire few hours ago stacking pin head dimes . Its low end is something else.

      • Or MAYBE he’s just an average American handyman, unpretentious, unconcerned, and in a hurry to convey his obvious experience, without any need to worry about your academic (albeit racist) criticism. I actually know both a Russian and a Chinese friend who are better at grammar than most Americans. Probably because their education system is better than ours. Do YOU have the ability to write in Russian or Chinese? Just food for thought…

  4. Great site, can you do a review on all the Australian welder brands also. Many of the ones you have here are not available to our local market

  5. Thank you, I don’t do much welding any more, but since I am now retired I will have a lot of time on my hands to do some of the things I have wanted to do for a while. I have the old stand by gas big buzz box and a Harbor Freight wire feed (never again). So anything that you can recommend I would be very appreciative , also don’t want to spend too much money, but like I said I have the wire feed didn’t spend very much there and I see what I got. Some of their stuff is good, I have an air compressor that is always plugged in of theirs.
    Anyway thanks again

  6. I had a Syncrowave 250 from the early 90’s and it did everything I needed, unfortunately someone stole my whole setup….I’m starting to look at what else is a suitable choice. What would be your recommendation?


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