Best Tumblr Alternatives for Free in 2019
Best Tumblr Alternatives for Free in 2019

Best Tumblr Alternatives for Free in 2019

Whether or not you are one to keep up with all the new information sharing websites, you'd really be living under a rock if you haven't heard of Tumblr.

Why Looking for Best Tumblr Alternatives for Free in 2019

From a selection of the huge number of social networkingsites, Tumblr is considered one of the most successful platforms. Despite it being a blogging website wherein users write and share about things they are passionate about (i.e. their lives, their hobbies, and their favorite movies) Tumblr is famous for having amazing communities within itself that make it so wonderful.

Tumblr is owned by Yahoo! when they bought the platform back in 2013. Tumblr has since then become an incredibly diverse platform both in means of its content and its users. Its content only gets better day by day, every day when users can post pretty much whatever they feel like. As a user you can post pictures, gifs , animations and videos all in one post! This free range of multimedia is truly captivating to any onlooker scrolling through your blog.

List of Best Tumblr Alternatives for Free in 2019

Though this does sound quite enchanting, if you're in the mood of something a little different, you're in luck! We have carefully curated a list full of all Tumblr alternatives that may even be better than the original!

1. WordPress


Our list just would not be as amazing as we think it is if we didn't mention WordPress. This is without a doubt the most popular mention we have on this list and for good reason too. This website comes in 2 variations, the free CMS (content management system) that deals with open-script based format, and a freemium blogging platform that will get your blog up and running in a matter of seconds. The best thing about WordPress is that it is 100% customizable and you can make your blog truly reflect your personality in any way you want it to! It comes with a seemingly infinite number of themes and functionality enhancing plug-ins that it give it that personal touch. Not just this, but this website comes with all you could expect from an exceptional blogging website:

· Social network integration


· Custom tags/categories

· Multi-user support

In short, if you're looking for a great Tumblr alternative, WordPress should be your #1


· Very popular and reliable

· Top-notch administration features

· Robust support ensured, along with being fully scalable


· May get a little bit complicated (esp. if you are blogging with multiple scripts etc.)

· Web-based post editor may not be one of the best

Best suited for:

· Blogging beginners

· Corporations wanting customized design according to their brand

· Monetization focused blogs

2. Blogger


One of the easiest to operate blogging platforms out there! This website is owned by Google itself so you know that it is worth looking into, especially if you're interested in the Google ecosystem. This offers a very simple and easy web-based post editor so you can have as many blogs per account as you want. Blogger also offers many other options for its users so they can have access to things like options for viewing stats, traffic sources, and even monthly page views for their blogs. What is more is that this platform comes with Google's AdSense program so as to make its content easy to monetize. Also, the shared horror of all bloggers, the UI, has been finally updated and it now has been replaced by a beautiful Material Design language being used across the platform, making it one of the most aesthetically appealing alternatives. Last but not the least, even if you are a regular blogger, you can still enjoy all the features like posting via email, multi-user support (with permissions) and comments on your post.


· Owned by Google

· Very easy to setup and operate

· AdSense integrated for easy monetization


· Limited plugin support

· very restricted customizations, less to no themes

· not scalable

Best suited for:

· people looking for casual/occasional blogging

· people who would not like to spend on features like hosting, custom templates

3. Soup

Best Tumblr Alternatives for Free in 2019: Soup
Best Tumblr Alternatives for Free in 2019: Soup

A name not many people would find odd, but Soup is an exact reelection of Tumblr in both the interface design as well as features. This is what makes it a strong contender for a viable Tumblr alternative. Exactly like Tumblr, this offers its users the same multimedia items to post ( gifs , videos, etc.) This platform also directly imports any post from a multitude of other online platforms i.e. twitter, Facebook and lets you automatically post on any platform you're linked to. There are many groups which you can be a part of if you sign up to Soup, these groups can be centered around any topic, from video games to TV shows, you're sure to feel included!


· exactly mirrors Tumblr in its features and layout

· pretty good customization capabilities, with CSS custom editing

· Automatic posting via email


· Looks a tad bit unpolished

· Little to nothing in way of monetization

· No custom plugins, ad-support free tier

Best suited for:

· Bloggers of the younger age demographic looking for simple blog formats and simple reposting of other content

4. Medium:


Another very popular alternative on our list, this website was founded by the CEO and ex-chairman of Twitter . This website has very quickly risen to be at the very top of its opponents by being utterly unique. Medium is considered different from its peers because it mainly focuses on quality of content, rather than the sheer quantity of it. This proves to be a great place for more mature users who would like better content like better worded blogs. Medium offers its users a minimalistic text editor, has features like:

· Sharing links

· Keyboard shortcuts

· Ability to set visibility

· Custom tags for posts

And many more. You could even import posts from other platforms, follow your favorite authors and tags! This makes it perfect if you're looking to widen your horizons with some good writing!


· Rich in quality content

· Private/public posts that can be altered whenever

· Built-in stats for when you wish to check your audiences engagements on your posts


· No customization available

· No Google analytics support

Best suited for:

· Serious authors looking for serious audience

· People focused on interactive driven by posts

5. Mastodon


While all the previous alternatives resembled Tumblr in one way or another, Mastodon is a lot like Twitter. This is because it mostly is carried by making posts, following people of your liking and getting followed. That's also, now that we think about it a lot like Tumblr, so they're both pretty similar. Mastodon is definitely a bloggers heaven you have to check out for yourself. This website already has a pretty big user-base and it's completely open-source. The interface may not resemble Tumblr much, we would agree but it does more or less the same features. There are hotkeys available here as well so you can create new posts that much easily!


· Huge community of users

· Different dedicated servers for different types of content

· Non-algorithmic feed, ad-free


· May be a little confusing when you first start

Best suited for:

· Individuals who want to experience and ad-free social media network

6. Posthaven


If you have questions as to why Tumblr is now basically Yahoo! 2.0 or if Tumblr is going to be going through major renovations, why not try something that you know is going to be there forever? Posthaven is a great blogging service that actually has a pledge, on their actual website, which states that this platform is never to be sold or acquired to/by anyone, ever. If that's not staying true to your roots, we don't know what is. This website is still quite young, so we can't really predict whether they will abide by what they've pledged so fingers crossed.

Talking about the features this offers, users can get perks like password-protected blogs, posts with document , text and video formats.


· Guaranteed to give you the same quality of service

· Minimal design

· Permanent posted links, even when users stop paying for subscription


· Little to no information on website

· Nothing about monetization

· Offers no trial account

Best suited for:

· People who don't mind paying for a simple, reliable service

· Users wanting to support an upcoming platform

7. Ghost


This alternative is an open source blogging platform. It was specifically developed to make writing, publishing content and blogging a breeze. Ghost is also extremely high-speed in functionality because it is based on the Node.js run time environment. This website is also, like WordPress, available in 2 variations. One being hosted by the web-server package ($19/month) and the other being self-hosted ($5-10/month). Ghost is considered to be in active development which means that it has features such as:

· Post analytics

· Developer tools in the pipeline

· Third party apps

If you are one who is interested in very high-speed and extremely responsive blogging websites then you should totally checkout Ghost!


· Powerful dashboard, very responsive and fast

· Preview as you type and real time automatic formatting

· Direct code injection, collaborative postings


· Payment plans not really that affordable

· Website still under developments and updates

Best suited for:

· People who care for easy set ups and usage

· People who don't bother with formatting all that much

8. Typepad


Regardless of not being as popular as some other mentions on this list, Typepad has been mentioned by name by huge names like ABC, MSNBC and even the BBC because Typepad hosts their blogs. This alternative definitely falls under the easier to use side as getting started is a breeze. There are also so many amazing built-in tools that will help you manage your blog that much better. Typepad also is one of those rare platforms which promote their own blogs to their beginner users and that adds up to more chances of gathering traffic! Typepad does of course offer a trial but the downside is you may have to provide payment information to access it.


· Map custom domains

· Can import content from WordPress

· Reliable and established


· Is a paid service, and services offered aren't very different from free alternatives

· May not be as extendible as WordPress

Best suitable for:

· Bloggers and people alike looking for an established platform

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